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Is Microsoft Next For Augmented Reality? New Patent Suggests Yes
By: Steve Anderson
Smart glasses are a major part of the picture when it comes to wearable tech. Yes, the wrist is pretty much king of the field right now, but wearable tech that slides over a user's eyes and may or may not connect to a smartphone is gaining plenty of … - 07/30/2014

Would You Continue to Wear a Wearable Device if it Saves Your Life?
By: Joe Rizzo
I think that it is safe to say that everything has a life expectancy, much like people themselves. No matter how popular a device, fad, location, or just about anything can be, there always seems to come a point when we decide that it was great while… - 07/28/2014

'Smartshoes' Set to Expand Wearable Tech Market
By: Melissa Warten
People always talk the talk about how far technology has come, but when are we going to walk the walk? Apparently, we can do that sooner rather than later, with new wearable tech that within months will quite literally be at our feet. - 07/28/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
By: Joe Rizzo
If you take a look at a lot the wearable devices that are out on the market today such as the multitude of wristbands, smartwatches and eyewear, the first thing that you should notice is they all have a curve to them. One thing that has always gotten… - 07/26/2014

Wearable Tech Expo Experiences the 'Augumenta' Reality
By: Maurice Nagle
Augumenta's story begins fifteen years back, 1999 to be exact, when Tero Aaltonen filed for a patent to prove he had a great idea-smart glasses with a platform offering greater ability for interaction. The technology did not exist yet to build Aalton… - 07/25/2014

Shocking: New Wearable Bracelet to Change Behavior, Not Just Track It
By: Stefania Viscusi
For some of us, getting in those sixty minutes each day can seem like torture and we will make every excuse we can think of, not to walk into the fitness establishment's doors. - 07/25/2014

Look Mom, No Hands
By: Maurice Nagle
UbiTech NYC (formerly Glass NYC) is one of the largest communities of Glass users, designers and developers in the world. The group has embraced the interoperability of the technologies of life. It features individuals working on interesting products… - 07/24/2014

Force Illusions Offer a New Means to Interact With Wearables
By: Steve Anderson
While wearable technology is certainly catching on in its own right, there are some who look at the whole thing and see a certain level of similarity with everything being offered. Most wearable devices go on the wrist, most have a screen display, mo… - 07/24/2014

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