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Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook
By: Joe Rizzo
We have seen that the concept of bring your own device (BYOD) to work has created the need for companies to develop policies for their use. Augmented reality devices, smartwatches and a variety of other wearable devices have given us a new acronym, B… - 04/25/2015

Will Enterprises Get Hooked on Wearables?
By: Stefania Viscusi
Wearable tech is not just the latest buzz that's happening around the Apple Watch or Google Glass. The wearable tech market is growing rapidly across numerous industries from healthcare to retail. One area where it's becoming a strong contender is in… - 04/23/2015

AOL Debuts Three Apps for Apple Watch
By: Wearable Tech News
Today AOL announced the debut of three innovative apps built for the Apple Watch, including Pip, the newly redesigned The Huffington Post app, and the AOL app. Available on April 24, the inventive and simplified apps will include the following featur… - 04/22/2015

With Launch of Trulia for Apple Watch Finding the Right Home is Fun and Fast
By: Wearable Tech News
Smartwatches in general are predicted to grow in popularity over the next several years. Global smartwatch shipments are forecast to surge over 500 percent from 4.6 million units in 2014 to 28.1 million units in 2015, according to Strategy Analytics … - 04/22/2015

Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator Taps 3 New Early-Stage Companies
By: Wearable Tech News
The Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator is designed to explore big ideas like these - and others, such as cybersecurity, big data, mobile, robotics, wearables, payments, and infrastructure - with innovators outside Wells Fargo and financial services for … - 04/22/2015

Only 18 Percent of U.S. Consumers Plan to Purchase a Wearable Device, Despite Brisk Apple Watch Pre-Sales
By: Wearable Tech News
According to findings released today from Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG, www.carlisleandgallagher.com), a business and technology consulting firm exclusively focused on the financial services industry, U.S. consumers are in no rush to pur… - 04/22/2015

Microsoft Releases Updated Version of OneDrive for Apple Watch
By: Christopher Mohr
Microsoft announced recently that it had released an update for its OneDrive cloud storage app, version 5.3, which will allow Apple Watch users to view and delete photos directly from the device. The latest release is a sign of some interesting devel… - 04/21/2015

Facebook Sees More Than Just a Gaming Device in Oculus Rift
By: Oliver VanDervoort
While the Oculus Rift is mostly being viewed as a video game device, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to think it can be quite a bit more than that. If there is anyone the public should listen to on this kind of thing, it's the man whose company sp… - 04/21/2015

Android Wear to Receive Updated UI and Gesture Control
By: Casey Houser
A recent industry blog post shows off some of the new features that could be coming to Android Wear - the version of Android made specifically for smartwatches and other wearables. - 04/20/2015

Thumbnails: the Trackpads of Tomorrow
By: Dominick Sorrentino
NailO is also engineered for personalization. Users can attach surface art of their choice to the trackpad, giving the function some form-an integral part of any wearable device, and one that many innovators might not be giving enough attention. In i… - 04/20/2015

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