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ERI CEO Urges Consumers to "Look to the Future" With Their Apple Watches
By: Wearable Tech News
In the CNBC piece, experts warn that as wearable devices go more mainstream, they will likely be targeted by hackers. Even though the Apple Watch won't be available until next month, security researchers are described in the story as already trying t… - 03/26/2015

Wearable Tech and the Password
By: TMCnet Special Guest
Now that we are into 2015, things have really moved on, and almost every technology company is producing some kind of Smartwatch. But does it really need to be a dumb device that simply relays messages from your phone? - 03/26/2015

Kenneth Cole Launches Kenneth Cole Connect™ Fashion Smart Watch
By: Wearable Tech News
Kenneth Cole Connect's assortment of men's and women's smart watches was introduced in March at Baselworld, the international watch and jewelry trade show. Highlights included a photo booth where visitors showed off their favorite Kenneth Cole Connec… - 03/26/2015

Leap Motion Teams Up with OSVR to Bring Hand Tracking to the Headset
By: Joe Rizzo
Virtual reality headsets are being used in various industries that include construction, emergency rescue and hospitals, but its greatest use takes place in the gaming world. Virtual reality has the ability to put a player, or gamer right into the he… - 03/26/2015

Apple's Dependency Issue: Why the Apple Watch and Apple Pay Need Each Other to Succeed
By: TMCnet Special Guest
By now the Internet has had a few days to digest and dissect all the information revealed at Apple's keynote this weekend. The Apple Watch has been the subject of a cavalcade of articles weighing its merits and contemplating it as a fashion choice. W… - 03/26/2015

Desert Valley Medical Center First to Use Leaf Healthcare Patient Wearable Technology in its ED as Part of Hospital-wide Deployment
By: Wearable Tech News
Clinical studies have shown that Leaf's novel, wearable patient sensor can help medical professionals' efforts to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers. One study found that using Leaf sensor increased compliance with hospital turn protocols - a … - 03/26/2015

Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch by Bulgari Locks Away Your Top-secret Data
By: Dominick Sorrentino
Nothing says "secret agent" like a chic watch that can store sensitive information. While Bulgari, Italian jewelry and luxury good brand, hasn't suited up for the smartwatch race, they did announce the Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch at BaselWorld 20… - 03/25/2015

Wearable Fitness Market to Have Benefits All Around
By: Stefania Viscusi
Wearable tech is a market that's set to flourish as new devices and gadgets that make our lives better, and easier, are introduced. The applications and possibilities for what is being offered and developed are seemingly endless. Perhaps nowhere howe… - 03/25/2015

Spree SmartCap Takes New Honor as TMC's 2015 Wearable Product of the Year
By: Steve Anderson
The Spree SmartCap has already won its share of honors. It landed Sports Illustrated's nod for a "Best in Show" product at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event, and it's also been on the receiving end of several great reviews. Now, it's got… - 03/25/2015

Samsung and TeleHealth Services Announce Completion of New Patient Care Solution to Cut Costs of Interactive Patient Engagement Solutions in Half
By: Wearable Tech News
The new SmarTigr patient engagement solution dramatically lowers the cost of hospital patient interactive systems while expanding both clinical and non-clinical applications available including electronic whiteboards, patient portal registration, int… - 03/25/2015

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