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Wearable Device Security: Are You Scared?
By: Stefania Viscusi
Technological advancements have continued to create a world where quite anything is possible. Some of the latest technologies in the consumer space include smart devices that do everything from measure our fitness and health, to understanding when to… - 08/04/2015

A Router You Can Wear? It's Now Possible
By: Steve Anderson
Most everyone, at one time or another, has run into an issue where having communications in the field is vital, but unavailable. Having to fall back to a location where communications are active in order to carry out those parts of the day can cost t… - 08/03/2015

Can Wearable Tech Provide an Answer for Infertility Issues?
By: Stefania Viscusi
Having a baby, I've been told, is one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences in a person's life. For the many women who struggle with infertility issues the possibility that this experience might not be one they will ever get to have-is to… - 08/03/2015

Medical Care Alert Launches New Emergency Pendant
By: Casey Houser
Medical Care Alert, a manufacturer of wearable medical alert products for senior citizens, recently announced the launch of its HOME & AWAY ELITE pendant. - 08/03/2015

Google Glass 2.0: This Time It's for Businesses
By: Michael Guta
Google Glass! What exactly went wrong with this device? The answer of course depends on who you ask, because there are two camps with polar opposite views of this technology. The camp that liked it, really liked it and they showed their enthusiasm by… - 08/03/2015

Wearables Go Back to School
By: Tara Seals
Wearables are a hot topic at the moment: from smartwatches to heart monitors, the applications for this category of the Internet of Things have been making headlines. And increasingly, wearables targeting the education vertical are gaining a higher p… - 07/29/2015

Maxim Integrated & NVIDIA Get Together for a Better Driving Experience
By: Steve Anderson
Driving is one of those things that's often regarded as a necessity; we drive to work, to accomplish our various errands, and the like. But it's not often regarded as something we do for fun or to relax, and that's kind of a shame. Maxim Integrated P… - 07/29/2015

Jewelbots Friends Bracelets Teach Girls to Code
By: David Delony
With every new technology, it seems that the youth are the first to see its potential: the Internet, social networking, smartphones, and now wearable devices. Jewelbots are a series of electronic friendship bracelets that are intended that not only g… - 07/28/2015

Vuzix Announces Prescription Smart Glasses
By: David Delony
Vuzix has announced that its M100 Smart Glasses are now available in a prescription format. - 07/28/2015

Lycos' Wearable Devices Make the Jump to iOS
By: Steve Anderson
It wasn't so long ago when we first heard about new wearable devices from Lycos, which once had been primarily known for its search engine. This pair of devices-the Lycos Life Band and the Lycos Life Ring-were set to offer some unique new features to… - 07/28/2015

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