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Kuai Represents the First Ever Multisport Headset with Biometrics Tracking
By: Steve Anderson
Fitness trackers are absolutely everywhere in the wearable tech market, so when a new one emerges, it's actually a good sign for innovation. Why? Because in order to compete in such a saturated market, it means any new arrivals have to have a new com… - 06/30/2015

University of Tokyo Researchers Create Stretchable, Conductive Ink
By: Casey Houser
Readers here know all about wearables: fitness watches, motion-sensing arm bands, and smart glasses. Those are all great, but what if the next wearable was actually a part of the clothing people wear every day? Researchers at the University of Tokyo … - 06/29/2015

Intel Buys Its Own Smart Glass Company
By: Michael Guta
While many have professed the demise of Google Glass, Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, told the Wall Street Journal the company is making Glass ready for users; that could be corporate speak for anything. And while Google, which started the s… - 06/26/2015

Why Wearable Companies Need to be More Narrow-Minded
By: Wearable Tech World Special Guest
Another key issue that is addressed by Recon's specific use case is battery life. Recon claims to have six hours of battery life on its device. This would not be nearly enough for a general purpose device (think Apple Watch). Since Recon is specifica… - 06/26/2015

Interested in a $16,163 Apple Watch? Check Taiwan
By: Steve Anderson
What keeps people from buying an Apple Watch? For some, it's the lack of value associated with it, or the "I wouldn't use it anyway" mentality. For others, it's the price tag involved. But in Taiwan, consumers are about to see the full force of an Ap… - 06/25/2015

Google Shows Off a New Health-Tracking Wristband System
By: Steve Anderson
Google X is an unfamiliar part of Google for many; more specifically, it's the research arm of Google, one that's responsible for a great many unusual and innovative applications. Google X has previously had a hand in the self-driving car project and… - 06/24/2015

Can Wearable Technology Improve Airplane Construction?
By: Steve Anderson
We've seen wearable technology do a lot of things. It's given us a wonderful heads-up replacement for the GPS, it's brought Minecraft to life via Microsoft's HoloLens, and it's given us a host of options for keeping fit with fitness trackers. But now… - 06/23/2015

Wearsafe Tag is Wearable Tech with a Different Aim
By: Oliver VanDervoort
Wearable tech is only getting more popular as we move further into the 21st century. While there are plenty of people in North America that love their wearable devices, the trend is by no means an American one. Popularity for wearables is growing on … - 06/23/2015

The Birth of VR: The Next Big Thing or the Next 3D?
By: Rob Enderle
There is no doubt that VR and its AR variant will transform how we see the world, and industries ranging from gaming to healthcare, but only if all of the elements are in place. This time it looks like we are close in hardware but the acceptable leve… - 06/23/2015

Jabra Launches Wireless Earbuds Geared Toward Cross Training
By: Andrew Bindelglass
Jabra, one of the industry's leading audio manufacturers, announced the release of the Jabra Sport Coach, the first wireless headphones aimed specifically at users who want music and online coaching for cross training. - 06/23/2015

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