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Android Wear to Receive Updated UI and Gesture Control
By: Casey Houser
A recent industry blog post shows off some of the new features that could be coming to Android Wear - the version of Android made specifically for smartwatches and other wearables. - 04/20/2015

Thumbnails: the Trackpads of Tomorrow
By: Dominick Sorrentino
NailO is also engineered for personalization. Users can attach surface art of their choice to the trackpad, giving the function some form-an integral part of any wearable device, and one that many innovators might not be giving enough attention. In i… - 04/20/2015

Android Wear Devices Function When Away From Smartphone
By: David Delony
While smart watches are becoming hot tech products in the wake of the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple's main competitor, Google, is responding with Android Wear, according to Wired magazine. - 04/20/2015

Immersion Streamlines Haptics with Instinctive Alerts
By: David Delony
Haptic feedback is one of the hottest topics in wearables, and Immersion Corporation is trying to make it more relevant by eliminating unnecessary and distracting notifications, according to eWeek. - 04/20/2015

Vuzix Wearable Display Options Land Pair of New Patents
By: Steve Anderson
In technology spaces, one of the biggest things to watch in terms of the future is patents. Normally, people like to watch Apple patents as Apple comes out with some real barn-burners, but other companies have some noteworthy patents as well. Vuzix, … - 04/20/2015

Five Wearable Favorites for 2015
By: Dominick Sorrentino
Smart wireless devices are no longer limited to phones. Everything from smart glasses, to wristbands, to watches have all been given the smart title, and they're changing the way people live, work and play. According to a recent study by Juniper Rese… - 04/20/2015

Glide Brings First Video Messaging App to Apple Watch
By: Oliver VanDervoort
There is little doubt that the Apple Watch is going to be changing the way the mobile device market will move forward. Companies are trying to make sure that when the face of the mobile market changes, they are right there in the thick of it. Such is… - 04/20/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: BMW, Apple, Jawbone
By: Joe Rizzo
Maybe it is due to the fact that the Apple Watch went on sale yesterday, but it seems that ever since it was announced that most of the wearable news has revolved around smartwatches. With this in mind, are advertisers and marketers drawing into the … - 04/18/2015

iOS Wearables, Smart Home Hardware Top Event Listings
By: Steve Anderson
Major electronic shows are constantly appearing as electronics manufacturers attempt to draw interest in upcoming product lines. From the Consumer Electronics Show to the Wearable Tech Expo, a host of events emerge to show off the best in new technol… - 04/16/2015

The Apple Watch Wasn't the iWatch for One Strange Reason
By: Steve Anderson
Back when the Apple Watch was beginning to enter the long, strange process of going from rumor to reality, it had its share of speculation about just what the thing was going to be called. Naturally, many figured that Apple would follow the naming co… - 04/15/2015

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