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Breathalyzer Watch Measures Intoxication, Gives B.A.C Readout
By: Kyle Piscioniere
The watch is actually a bit of a marvel, given how well it's been optimized for drunken (ab)use. The sturdy, stainless steel band/case seem durable enough to take a beating, and they house an extra-large screen with backlit, negative space LED number… - 10/01/2015

Smart Shirt Plans to Minimize Back Pain, Improve Posture
By: Kyle Piscioniere
Adela Health's TruPosture, "a safe and natural way to improve your posture," wants to eliminate office back pain. TruPosture is a slim, high tech vest that aims to fix a user's spine and improve their back strength in just a few weeks. - 09/30/2015

Android Wear Joins Apple Watch with Skype Capability
By: Andrew Bindelglass
It looks like video chatting while on the go is about to get a little easier for Android Watch users. Microsoft announced yesterday that the latest update to their Android Skype software, version 6.4, will include an app making Skype compatible with … - 09/30/2015

The Quest to Lower BMI: Pay Attention to Performance, Not Calories
By: Kerri McMaster
Insurers love to understand a constituent's body mass index (BMI), or a measure of an individual's body fat, because it serves as a key indicator of someone's likelihood of developing certain chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, … - 09/30/2015

Vector Watch Available for Preorder
By: Andrew Bindelglass
It's been almost 7 months since Vector introduced their Vector Smartwatch, a classy, understated, high end answer to the large touchscreen-sporting smart watches like the Apple Watch. It seems that Vector is ready to ramp up their large scale product… - 09/30/2015

Want a Cheaper, Simpler Health Patch? It Could Be Ready Soon
By: Steve Anderson
New word from the University of Texas at Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering suggests that one breed of healthcare wearable-a flexible patch-could be closer to ready than expected. - 09/29/2015

Safe and Strong: How Fitness Tech Benefits Pro and Amateur Athletes
By: Anna Johansson
Most of us know that if you want to be a top athlete, you also need excellent form. The great athlete with their own approach to the sport rarely goes as far as the athlete whose technique hits every mark. And it's not just that great technique impro… - 09/29/2015

Timex Launches Stylish Watch with Activity Tracking Features
By: Clayton Hamshar
Connecting to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, the device tracks daily activity such as the number of steps taken, distance covered and calories burned and displays these stats directly on the watch dial. The associated app takes this data and provide… - 09/24/2015

Looking for Wearable Tech Growth? Look to the Millennials
By: Steve Anderson
Wearable technology, to some, may still seem like the kind of technological development still stuck in the niche phase. Some might look at the market and consider it strictly the province of the fitness tracker, with a few sidebars for things like he… - 09/23/2015

Humon Wearable for Targeted Training
By: Andrew Bindelglass
One of the most exciting things about the new developments in wearable technologies in recent years is how the technology could be used to create more efficient, effective, and smart methods for athletic training methods by giving us more detailed in… - 09/23/2015

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