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Wheelings & Dealings: Series B Funding Rakes in $24 Million for Avegant
By: Joe Rizzo
Earlier this week, Avegant announced that it has completed a round of Series B funding in which it raised $24 million. Chinese mobile gaming company Lian Luo led the round, along with the Bunting Family Fund. Intel Capital and NHN Investments, who or… - 08/28/2015

More Android Wear Devices Hit the Market
By: David Delony
While the Apple Watch may have grabbed the tech headlines, Android device makers are following suit with a series of smart watches based on Android Wear, according to CNET. - 08/27/2015

Microsoft Patent Uses Electric Shock for Email Notification
By: Steve Anderson
Anyone who's ever been in the middle of a meeting and missed a phone's vibration-based notice of an incoming text or email may find some use for this electrifying, new innovation. A Microsoft patent will deliver "electrical stimuli to the skin of a u… - 08/26/2015

New Wearable Device Can Keep You Safe from Harm, or Worse
By: Dominick Sorrentino
In addition to undeniable cool factor of wearable tech-think spy-like smartwatches, shirts and sports bras that can measure heart rate, clothes with built-in air conditioning, and much more-this space has plenty of room for noble and potentially life… - 08/25/2015

Identiv, Chronicled Develop SmartLabels Counterfeit Protection
By: Casey Houser
Global security technology company Identiv recently announced that it has been working with Chronicled, an organization that tracks authenticity of brand name shoes, to develop wearable sensors for counterfeit protection. - 08/24/2015

Swatch's Expansion Programs Carry On, New Devices to Follow
By: Steve Anderson
Children of the 1980s and 1990s might remember Swatch as a goofy but fun wristwatch brand popularized by a short-lived Fox television series. But in recent years, Swatch has modified its public persona and brought out a variety of new tools to take a… - 08/24/2015

Ralph Lauren Puts Sensors in Your Polo for $295
By: Steve Anderson
There has been word, for quite some time, that Ralph Lauren would one day be stepping into the wearable technology arena by combining that Ralph Lauren fashion sense with tech innovation. That crossroads appears to have come to pass, as pricing and a… - 08/21/2015

Misfit & Speedo Release the Speedo Shine Swim Tracker
By: Steve Anderson
Back in late February, when the world started to seem like it might have a temperature setting other than "cold," we had a look at the Misfit Shine, and found it to be a versatile, capable device, even if it was a bit hard to actually get started wit… - 08/19/2015

Apple Watch on Pace to Close 2015 with 68 Percent of Smartwatch Market
By: Steve Anderson
Wearable technology had long been a part of the technology market as we knew it, but the idea of wearable tech for regular users really hadn't sunk in until the Apple Watch made its appearance. Now, a new report from Tractica suggests that the Apple … - 08/19/2015

Researchers Perfecting Tough, Flexible Transistor
By: Oliver VanDervoort
When it comes to wearable tech, it appears that new devices are being produced every day. One new piece of technology that is gaining some much deserved attention is a new stretchable and durable piece of electronics that researchers say could be fit… - 08/18/2015

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