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Apple Watch, Lumo Lift May be Hot Ticket Wearables this Holiday
By: Steve Anderson
With Black Friday afoot and the holiday shopping season poised to start - though for many it's already begun - industry analysts are speculating about the winners and losers of the season. Argus Insights' new report on the wearable tech market shows … - 11/25/2015

Trident Leveraging Data from Wearables into Marketing Campaign
By: Andrew Bindelglass
Trident, the company largely known for its popular selections of chewing gum, has launched a new marketing campaign this holiday season through a partnership with Strap, a startup that tracks data from wearable technologies for marketing and analysis… - 11/24/2015

Millennials Set to Spur Smartwatch Banking
By: Steve Anderson
It would be easy to say that the smartwatch has only really changed the fitness industry, but a new report from Juniper Research suggests that, just by 2017, smartwatches will be a major part of the banking industry thanks to changes in millennial ba… - 11/24/2015

The Future of Fitness Wearables: Moving Beyond the Watch
By: Kyle Piscioniere
The sports wearable market is set to explode, with future revenues as big as any offensive tackle: Juniper Research has predicted $10 billion in hardware revenues projected over the next five years. That's up from $3.3 billion this year. - 11/17/2015

Fossil Agrees to Buy Misfit, Gains Big Advantages
By: Steve Anderson
It wasn't so long ago when we reviewed the Misfit Shine and found it largely palatable with a few slight missteps. Fossil Group, meanwhile, must have seen the same impressive package we did, because it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire t… - 11/13/2015

One Human Rights Group's Look at Police Body Cameras
By: Steve Anderson
The increased call for police accountability has many departments looking to wearable cameras as a gauge of officer ethics and future liability. A new report from Upturn and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights shows that not all body … - 11/11/2015

Giving Robots and Amputees a Sense of Touch
By: Kayla Matthews
In the movies, we always see AI systems and robots that are eerily close to human form. Even though, in reality, it's a long way off, the world of technology makes advancements every day that put us so much closer to that happening. - 11/09/2015

Roar for Good Presents Athena, the Real-Life Panic Button
By: Steve Anderson
Wearable tech has done some amazing things, and now Roar for Good's newest project, the Athena, is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. The device will make life a little safer for those most at risk. - 11/05/2015

Lumo Gains $10 Million in Series B
By: Casey Houser
Fitness application and sensor developer Lumo Bodytech entered the market a few years ago with Lumo Lift, a collection of wearable sensors that help users improve their posture. From there, it moved to Lumo Back, for back posture, and into the presen… - 11/04/2015

BuzzClip Uses Sound to Give Blind People a New Kind of Sight
By: Steve Anderson
The idea of using sound as a kind of sight goes back a long way, from sonar to that nifty smartphone sonar surveillance in The Dark Knight. Now, the idea is intersecting with wearable tech in the form of BuzzClip, a tool which provides a kind of ultr… - 11/03/2015

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