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Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Aiming for the Moon
By: Joe Rizzo
You can say what you want about wearable technology, but they are aiming higher than ever. We know that there are great uses for 3D printing technology here on earth. Probably the first that anybody really heard about this was when someone printed a … - 09/20/2014

Next-generation Space Suits Benefit from 3D Printing
By: Casey Houser
What started out as a very expensive hobby, 3D printing has quickly moved through its growing pains and has become an option for businesses to reliably create products consumers can use every day. The technology has built everything from toys to guns… - 09/18/2014

Beyond Verbal Clues Wearable Tech in on Tone of Voice
By: Steve Anderson
Tone of voice can be a very valuable tool in determining mood, and both content and context of speech. A warm compliment turns into a scathing insult with the right shift in tone and inflection, and some people even have a tough time picking one from… - 09/18/2014

US Customs and Border Protection Now Testing Body Cameras
By: Maurice Nagle
The wearable space has been experiencing explosive growth, from Samsung and Apple's battle over who has the best "accessories" to Intel and Fossil creating fashion-forward wearable technology. And now, wearable tech is making its way into law enforce… - 09/18/2014

Latest Appmethod Release Supports IoT and Wearables
By: Michael Guta
Unlike the devices of the past, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we will experience and interact with everything around our environment. The IoT is going to connect streetlights, parking meters, automobiles, our workplace and homes wi… - 09/18/2014

More Connection, More Problems: Higher Connectivity Comes With a Price
By: Steve Anderson
A quick look at the technology environment in which we all currently live suggests some critical points. Every day, it seems as though something new has emerged that can connect to something else, either to a separate device or the Internet outright.… - 09/16/2014

Hurting for Workout Motivation? The Jabra Sport Pulse Can Help
By: Steve Anderson
One of the toughest parts about any kind of workout-cardio, strength training, even just a semi-regular brisk walk-is that it can be tough to repeat the process often. After all, there's not much of a reason to it, is there? The scenery doesn't chang… - 09/15/2014

Apple Might Be Going After Celebrity iWatch Endorsements
By: Oliver VanDervoort
A story broken by 9to5Mac claims Apple is getting ready to team up with a number of sports celebrities in order to test and possibly market new iWatch. - 09/15/2014

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