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Jewelbots Friends Bracelets Teach Girls to Code
By: David Delony
With every new technology, it seems that the youth are the first to see its potential: the Internet, social networking, smartphones, and now wearable devices. Jewelbots are a series of electronic friendship bracelets that are intended that not only g… - 07/28/2015

Vuzix Announces Prescription Smart Glasses
By: David Delony
Vuzix has announced that its M100 Smart Glasses are now available in a prescription format. - 07/28/2015

Lycos' Wearable Devices Make the Jump to iOS
By: Steve Anderson
It wasn't so long ago when we first heard about new wearable devices from Lycos, which once had been primarily known for its search engine. This pair of devices-the Lycos Life Band and the Lycos Life Ring-were set to offer some unique new features to… - 07/28/2015

Nike Settles FuelBand Lawsuit, Will Give Partial Refund
By: Andrew Bindelglass
Nike and Apple have reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit that claims that the Nike FuelBand, a wearable fitness tracker that was developed in conjunction with Apple, does not perform as advertised. - 07/28/2015

Best Buy to Become First Non-Apple Retailer to Sell Apple Watch
By: Andrew Bindelglass
It has been in a series of small steps, but the Apple Watch is slowly becoming more accessible to buyers. Originally, when the Watch debuted in April, customers could only purchase it online through Apple. Last month, Apple began to also stock and se… - 07/28/2015

Contrast Optical Has Something New in Head-Mounted Displays
By: Steve Anderson
The head-mounted display (HMD) has been an object of technological desire since at least the late 1980s, where popular futurist tale "Back to the Future 2" showed us a future involving head-mounted televisions at the dinner table. But the current cro… - 07/27/2015

$500 Billion in Purchases Will be Paid for with Wearable Devices by 2020
By: Dominick Sorrentino
Any innovation that drives a smoother process at the point of sale (POS) is a godsend these days. Take for example, mobile payment systems that are employed during holiday rush at some of your favorite stores. Cashiers may walk along a growing line a… - 07/27/2015

Apple Watch Takes Big Chunk of Second Quarter Global Smartwatch Market Share
By: Steve Anderson
There were some who thought that the Apple Watch would prove to be a pricey boondoggle, but a new report from Strategy Analytics says that, in some ways, the Apple Watch was actually a huge success. Indeed, for the second quarter of 2015, the Apple W… - 07/23/2015

App Developers Focus Efforts on Devices from Trusted Brands
By: Steve Anderson
There's an old saying often given to budding writers: write what you know. The suggestion essentially calls on the newcomers to focus on those areas in which there's already a certain level of expertise. This old platitude doesn't seem to be limited … - 07/23/2015

Are Customers Satisfied with the Apple Watch?
By: Andrew Bindelglass
Ever since its reveal last September, the Apple Watch has enjoyed an incredible hype factor. Apple fans and casual users alike were incredibly curious about the wealth of features and potential connectivity the Apple Watch could offer. It's now been … - 07/20/2015

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