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Lenovo Debuts Smart Watch with Second Screen
By: David Delony
The use of a second screen is an interesting concept, but it still remains to be seen whether customers will actually want or need one. People usually glance at a watch before putting it back down again. Lenovo said it wanted to make using its watch … - 05/28/2015

TV 'At Hand' via illico App for the Apple Watch
By: Christopher Mohr
Videotron announced recently that it had released illico, a new app, available free of charge, for the Apple Watch. With illico, users can control their viewing experience without using a traditional remote device and easily view more content on dema… - 05/28/2015

Verizon Flowchart Leads Readers to the Right Fitness Tracker
By: Casey Houser
With all the new wearables appearing in the fitness market, it can be hard to decide which one is the right fit. Luckily for those people who are still on the fence, Verizon Wireless has posted an infographic that can lead prospective tech-fitness bu… - 05/27/2015

Can We Build an Eye? Google Impact Challenge Pushes Tech for Disabilities
By: Steve Anderson
Google is offering up $20 million in Google.org grants, targeting nonprofits that put new technologies to work in improving independence for those with disabilities. That's a great step, but the Google Impact Challenge takes it farther, opening a cal… - 05/27/2015

New Wearable Glucose Monitor Readies TV Rollout
By: Casey Houser
Echo Therapeutics, the medical device company that manufactures a continuous glucose monitoring system, will soon see that system highlighted on several paid television programs across the globe. - 05/27/2015

Is Your Technology Giving Too Much Information Away?
By: Steve Anderson
Whether it's finding locations, providing weather information, or any of a host of other functions, some out there would just as soon go naked as go without a smartphone. - 05/27/2015

Why the Death of the Smartphone is Inevitable
By: Steve Anderson
At first blush, that sounds like an unthinkable concept. The smartphone is so deeply ingrained in our lives that "there's an app for that" has become a catch phrase for life itself. Moreover, the smartphone hasn't even seen its tenth birthday yet; ho… - 05/26/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Vuzix, FOVE, CrowdOptic, Ringly
By: Joe Rizzo
While most people tend to associate augmented reality headsets as being part of their gaming tools, we are beginning to see many more uses for smart glasses. Possibly one of the industries that can see the greatest benefit is in healthcare. Octovis' … - 05/23/2015

M100 Smart Glasses by Vuzix Play Important Part in Octovis' Portable Telemedicine Platform
By: Joe Rizzo
Today, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), many aspects of a patient's care can be monitored from any location. Octovis is a company that believes that telemedicine could be the single-most important opportunity there is to change the face of hea… - 05/21/2015

FOVE Headset Offers a New Look at Virtual Reality
By: Steve Anderson
The Oculus Rift may have started the fire, but there are plenty of folks looking to get into the virtual reality (VR) market. We heard about one such entry, the Dlodlo, not too long ago, and now another one is making the rounds in the midst of a Kick… - 05/21/2015

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