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The Auto Industry Loves Smart Watches
Automakers and the industry's technology manufactures had a clear message at this year's Consumer Electronics Show: future cars will be controlled via smart watches. It's an interesting position given the relative newness of the wearables industry, b… - 01/09/2015

Smartwatches Aren't Smartphones, But They Aren't Smart Enough to Know It
It comes as no surprise the so-called smartwatch market is following its predecessor, with the number of smartwatches increasing regularly. Without question, the highest profile market entry was the long-awaited iWatch… I mean, Apple Watch. And Samsu… - 10/24/2014

Where the Wearable Device Action is: The Workplace
Corporate and industrial applications - rather than much-publicized consumer applications - will be the initial drivers of the wearable device market. In the enterprise space, compelling applications for wearable devices are coalescing. In the consum… - 09/23/2014

The Business of Wearable Computing: An Interview with Brand Finance
I recently caught up with Edgar Baum, Managing Director North America with Brand Finance, the world's leading brand valuation and strategy consultancy. - 08/21/2014

Could HP Have the Smartwatch to Rule Them All?
Depending on how hard it is for you to make a decision, you could be walking into smartwatch heaven or hell in a few months largely because we'll all be up to our assets in the damn things. Currently, most successful products are focused on exercise.… - 08/04/2014

Wearable Tech: The Dawning of the Age of Digital Utilitarianism
This past week was TMC's third Wearable Tech Expo event at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. For three days, starting with an intriguing day at our co-located FAST (Fitness & Sports Wearable Technology) conference, attendees were treated to t… - 07/28/2014

We're on the Brink of a Wearable Tech Tipping Point - But Will the A&D Industry Embrace It?
Will wearable devices be the next widely adopted form of consumer technology? 'Wearable tech' was the talk of CES 2014, the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow in Las Vegas in January, and Gartner has predicted that the mark… - 07/24/2014

Smartwatch Wars: Samsung is Better than LG, But Wait to Buy
It is easy to get excited about new technology and rush out to buy the latest gadget. This month, new smartwatches started showing up from both LG and Samsung and, on spec, the Samsung is better (with one caveat). But you'd be better off waiting unti… - 07/08/2014

Emotiv Claims Its Brainwave Scanner Allows People to Control Wheelchairs with Their Minds
Neuro-technology and brainwave scanning device maker Emotiv is looking for a few good minds. The company is one of a small handful of vendors that focus on brainwave scanning software and hardware. Others include established vendor NeuroSky and start… - 02/03/2014

$2.6 Billion GPS Fitness Device Market Losing Market Share to Smart Mobile Devices and Wearable Technology Products
The long time players in the GPS and location services market - in particular Garmin, TomTom and Magellen - have also provided over the last several years a variety of devices and GPS-enabled watches that rely on GPS to provide such things as mapping… - 02/03/2014

Life-Changing Wearable Tech: Argus II Retinal Prosthesis Finally Brings Light of Day to Patients
Back in March of 2013, we first covered Second Sight's Argus II Bionic Eye, which we referred to then as wearable technology of the third kind - a wearable tech platform with the ability to deliver serious medical benefits and truly life-altering pos… - 01/30/2014

Google's Contact Lens for Diabetes - a Lesson in Real Wearable Tech Revenue Generation
The other day we came across a very interesting analysis of Google's recently announced plans to create a contact lens that would be able to deliver minute by minute hands-off measurements of glucose levels in diabetes patients. A key thing to unders… - 01/21/2014

Losing 5,000 Intel Jobs - Blame Mobility and Wearable Technology
The story from Intel today - in particular the part of the story that notes Intel will shed 5,000 jobs in 2014, is one that encompasses past, present and future. For those of us living in the moment it certainly will not be a happy moment to either l… - 01/20/2014

Wearable Technology Market Will Ship at Least 10 Million Units in 2014, 100+ Million by 2020
Deloitte has released an interesting set of predictions for 2014, and first and foremost among them is some very good news indeed for the overall wearable technology market. - 01/15/2014

Smartwatches Are Hot, So Should We Be Surprised Use of Smartwatches is Only at 1 Percent?
According to a study released today by TNS, a global research consultancy that is owned by Kantar, one of the world's largest information and consultancy groups, smartwatches and most other wearable technology gadgets are a lot better known than they… - 01/13/2014

Razer's Nabu - A Fabulous New Hybrid Smartwatch and Activity Tracker Shows Up at CES 2014
The other day we took a look at what Sony has up its sleeves on the wearable tech front. In noting Sony's SmartWatch 2 and new SmartBand products we wistfully noted that we would like to get our hands on a combined activity tracker and smartwatch. We… - 01/08/2014

Sony's New Keys to Owning the Wearable Tech Space? The Core, SmartBand and LifeLog
Sony is certainly no stranger to the wearable tech space. In fact one might be tempted to label Sony a pioneer in the space, having had a shipping wearable device in hand for several years already. If you are wondering about this we are of course ref… - 01/07/2014

Wonder Woman, Xena and the Next Generation of Wearable Tech
The next category of wearable technology will be based upon the accessory form factors for female action heroes. It sounds crazy, but we should see new products that look - and maybe feel - like Wonder Woman's golden bracelets and Xena's gauntlets. - 01/07/2014

Consumer Electronics Show 2014 - Market Opportunities in Wearable Technologies
This week the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place in Las Vegas, and the show will be awash in endless permutations of wearable technology (WT). Last week we provided a 2014 predictions and perspectives in wearable tech that strongly … - 01/06/2014

Is Wearable Technology for Real, Really? Here Are Some Answers for 2014
Several weeks ago, TMC held its West Coast Wearable Tech Conference and Expo in Los Angeles. It was packed with attendees keenly interested in the business of wearable tech, packed with companies looking for their ten minutes in the spotlight at our … - 01/01/2014

Pro Sports, Fitness, Wearable Tech - A Match Made in Heaven
After roughly five months of planning, conference program development and the assembly and organization of the best of the best speakers, thought leaders, pioneers and experts on wearable technology, we held our second Wearable Technology Conference … - 12/16/2013

Philippe Kahn Kicks Off Wearable Tech Expo 2013 LA
Industry visionary and serial entrepreneur Philippe Khan, CEO of Fullpower, kicked off Wearable Tech Expo 2013 Los Angeles and began by explaining that the wearable market needs to focus on being seamless - whether we are talking about sleep sensors … - 12/10/2013

Vuzix Smart Glasses Far Better Than Google Glass But…
Vuzix has been particularly active at the Wearable Tech Expo happening this week with a number of impressive announcements. One is its soon to be released M100. What makes the M100 better than Google Glass is that it is in final form and far cheaper … - 12/10/2013

Qualcomm's Toq Smartwatch - It's Not about the Smartwatch, It's about the Magical Display
Back in 2009 - 2010, which seems to us unequivocally ancient as far as looking back in time relative to today's wearable technology world, Qualcomm first showed off its new Mirasol display technology. Mirasol is quite interesting because it doesn't u… - 12/03/2013

Sony's New SmartWig Patent - Dumbest Wearable Tech Ever or Brilliant Medical Idea?
Leave it to Engadget to unearth yet another kooky tech product! This time around they've managed to uncover a new Sony patent filing that looks to endow wigs with the ability to pair up via Bluetooth with smartphones or other Bluetooth devices. - 11/26/2013

Jawbone's New Wristband UP24 - Always Connected, Always Motivated
Several days ago, Jawbone announced new software and a new hardware option for its UP wearable tech fitness system - which is comprised of Jawbone's fitness tracking wristband, app and data services. - 11/20/2013

Pivothead Wearable Imaging Launches Next Generation SMART Eyewear and New IndieGoGo Campaign
Pivothead Wearable Imaging - a Gold Sponsor for TMC's upcoming Sport and Fitness Tech (FAST) Conference and upcoming Wearable Tech Conference - and the developer of a very cool video-cam smart glasses device and platform, the Pivothead Eyewear, is in… - 11/14/2013

New Apple Patent Application Emerges - It is All a Wearable Tech Vision
When Apple finally delivers either its first piece of real wearable technology or, as may prove to be likely, it delivers not only wearable tech but also a grander scheme for how wearable tech will work within Apple's larger vision of the future, it … - 11/07/2013

The New adidas Smart Run Smartwatch - It's Very Cool but the miCoach Platform is the Secret Sauce
The new adidas smartwatch, its Smart Run - slated to arrive for purchase on November 1, 2013, is a very impressive runner's tool. We caught up with Paul Gaudio recently to dig deeper into its key differntiators and value propositions. It's very cool. - 10/31/2013

Is Microsoft Testing Eyewear Similar to Google Glass? Yes - But it is Hardly a Surprise
Microsoft missed the boat on mobile computing, it missed the boat on tablets, and a long time ago it almost missed the boat on the Web and Internet. That latter tidbit may seem odd to those who aren't Microsoft historians, but when Netscape first cam… - 10/24/2013

New Nike+ FuelBand SE Announced Today at NikeFuel Forum Live Event
About 18 months after Nike announced the original Nike FuelBand, at a live event in downtown New York City this morning Nike followed it up by getting the word out on its new Nike+ FuelBand SE, along with new and updated capabilities to its Nike+ eco… - 10/15/2013

Apple, LG, Samsung - The Next Golden Age of Curved Display Mobility
Coming on the heels of our speculation yesterday day about curved screen iPad minis, both LG and Samsung are now making a lot of noise about upcoming new smartphones that are likely to feature curved display screens as part of their design makeup. - 10/03/2013

Will the Wave of New Wearable Products Change Product Development?
The buzz around wearable technology has been escalating the past several months. In fact, wearable technology has moved beyond product concepts to actual products worn by consumers. - 10/02/2013

Will Samsung's Mad Dash Approach to Product Development Kill the Galaxy Gear before it Launches?
Just last week we took note of the rather significant differences between how Apple and Samsung operate. We noted that we consider Apple a long term and long distance marathoner and we likened Samsung to taking the "mad dash" approach to product deve… - 09/17/2013

Apple's New M7 Motion Co-Processor and Apple's Wearable Tech Marathon vs. Samsung's Mad Dash
Last Tuesday, Samsung unveiled both its new Galaxy Note 3 hybrid phone/tablet and the really new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Out intrepid colleague Rachel Ramsey hit up the Samsung event held in New York City that day, and provided the relevant d… - 09/12/2013

Samsung's Galaxy Gear Sparks Mainstream Movement Toward Wearable Technology
I was in Times Square for the live webcast of Samsung Unpacked, Episode 2, where I also had the opportunity to go hands-on with Samsung's move into wearable technology - the Galaxy Gear. Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that is powered by Android and can … - 09/04/2013

Jamming for Google Glass -- Where is the App for That?
For readers familiar with my interest in wearable technology and my belief that we have entered what I have called "The Age of Awareness," you know I am a non-apologetic fan of the possibilities the embedding communications in literally everything we… - 08/23/2013

Is D-Day for Samsung's Smartwatch Arriving on September 4, 2013?
When the company's Galaxy S4 was announced, Samsung began a "Samsung Unpacked 2013" campaign, along with a subhead that read "Episode 1." And now Samsung has announced that Samsung Unpacked 2013 "Episode 2" is headed our way, both at the IFA Technolo… - 08/06/2013

Eye Wonders - Wireless Contact Lens Displays and Zoomable Contacts
Nanotechnology, microelectronics and our ongoing ability to make electronics ever smaller are leading us to all sorts of cool wearable tech. Most of that technology is currently wearable in some form or fashion though smart fabrics, under the skin se… - 08/02/2013

From Wearable Technology to adidas to M2M
Since late last year, we've had a major focus on the wearable technology space. As the conference chair for TMC's Wearable Technology Expo and Conference, we've had the uniquely interesting challenge of assembling a world class collection of wearable… - 07/29/2013

Can Wearable Technology Save Dell?
When Michael Dell, his M&A partners and Dell's board first announced their plans to buy up Dell and take it private, we were - and we remain - significantly skeptical on many fronts. We haven't followed every bit of maneuvering the interested parties… - 07/09/2013

The State of the Art in Wearable Tech - The New $10B to $50B Market That Impacts All of Us
Wearable technology (WT) isn't simply about gadgets. Sure, today you might think of Nike's Fuelband or Jawbone's UP or Pebble's smartwatch or any of today's new fashion-centric wearable tech outfits as being state of the art. In some ways, yes, these… - 06/25/2013

Ultra-Slim and Truly Curvable Glass from Corning Arrives - Is a Cool New Apple Product Not Far Behind?
There have been a great many rumors over the last few months that Apple is working on a new device that will put to use flexible glass. When we say "flexible glass," we do not mean some sort of plastic that may look like glass but in fact isn't. We s… - 06/18/2013

Apple's Electronic Devices with Eye Gaze Detection Capabilities: Hey, for an iWatch?
The headline for this story is the title of a just filed Apple patent application. The patent application was filed on May 30, 2013 and goes into a fair amount of detail on what exactly Apple might have up its sleeve. What is intriguing is that with … - 06/05/2013

Did Apple Board Member Bill Campbell Hint at an Apple Smart Watch Recently?
Over the last few weeks we've been gearing up to take a dive into what Apple might deliver in the future in terms of wearable technology. Sure, the mythical iWatch may perhaps become less mythical, but our interest is in the larger theme of wearable … - 04/29/2013

Google Glass Apps Start to Appear: What's Next, Sports?
The Internet was abuzz with the news that The New York Times (NYT) already is out with an app for Google Glass. Downloadable now, the app will allow those lucky few who are the first to get a pair of the augmented reality glasses the ability to not o… - 04/29/2013

Google Glass Mirror API Released for Developers, Hardware Specs Also Released
It seems sometimes that things are perhaps too much Google Glass, perhaps too much all the time. We admit this may be the case, but then, a lot of folks - especially developers - are interested these days, so we do sometimes get into a Google Glass l… - 04/16/2013

The Inner Workings of Google Glass in Print and Pictures
The Google Glass project has certainly been an interesting adventure to date. For some folks, what the system does isn't particularly special - we've seen a variety of different technologies deliver on various pieces of it. For others, the hardwar… - 04/11/2013

VEA Buddy - A Smart Watch That is Almost Already Real
Amidst all the talk these days of Google, Apple and Samsung - let's call them the "big three" - fighting it out for the seemingly new category of "smart watches" and with all of the fighting taking place solely in the minds and sensationalistic headl… - 03/27/2013

UCLA Researchers Deliver Truly Bendable Super Lightweight Batteries
Many of us are by now familiar with the idea of bendable smartphone displays. Samsung and Nokia are both on the leading edge of developing such displays, and in their own right, they are certainly at the cutting edge. One thing you always notice abou… - 03/18/2013

Oculus Rift: The Death of Reality
Oculus Rift is a new head mounted 3D headset which was presented at South by Southwest and provided one of the most realistic affordable experiences in gaming. Call it a better machine eye interface, far closer to tapping into the optical nerve than … - 03/12/2013

Bionics: Wearable Tech Encounters of the Third Kind
Thanks to the efforts of major companies such as Nike and numerous startups, a groundswell of health- , fitness- and wellness-oriented consumer wearable technology and real wearable products has recently emerged. In addition to health and fitness… - 03/08/2013

The iWatch: Cool Idea But Will You Want One?
The rumored iWatch from Apple sounds to me like it could be a cool idea. Having the critical parts of your smartphone available on your wrist could be handy if you are exercising, driving, or even eating (assuming you don't dump your drink on your la… - 03/05/2013

Wearable Computing Devices Will Exceed 485 Million in Annual Shipments by 2018
If it wasn't already clear to you, the wearable technology marketplace is nearing that magical tipping point where a market moves from hype and/or novelty to mainstream reality. Wearable technology may in fact have already crossed the tipping point a… - 02/21/2013

Are You Excited? I Can See - Literally
The Netherlands has officially stepped up in the wearable technology space. It's one thing to make garments interactive with technology and social media, but it's another thing entirely to create clothing that can physically read and transmit your em… - 02/06/2013

Zenneck Waves Keep Wearable Tech Wireless Communications 'Close to the Vest'
Typically, when people talk of wearable technology today, they tend to refer to a single device that a user might wear - a watch, or a monitor/sensor of some sort, usually something that is bulky enough to sport a transmitting radio of some kind - "t… - 02/05/2013

Wearable Technology - The Next Mobility Market is Booming!
The wearable technology market is still in the early stage of evolution, but it has demonstrated significant growth and adoption in various end user market segments, in particular fitness, wellness, healthcare generally and medical monitoring more sp… - 01/22/2013

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