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Tracey E. Schelmetic is a TMCnet contributing editor.


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Glove Prototype Provides Mobile Communications Capabilities for the Blind-Deaf 06/27/2013
It's Not Steve Austin Yet, But the Global Bionics Marketplace is Ready for Its Debut 05/24/2013
'Bliss' Wearable Device Helps Wearers Control Stress 05/22/2013
Wearable Technology Can Determine if You're Getting Enough Exercise 05/20/2013
European Scientists Develop Thermal Invisibility Cloak 05/14/2013
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop Text Input for Tiny Touchscreens 05/02/2013
Where Mobile Payment and Wearable Technologies Meet 04/30/2013
Google's Schmidt Says Google Glasses Users Will Need to Follow Common-Sense Etiquette 04/26/2013
Google Ventures Partners with Two Technology VC Firms for Google Glass Ecosystem 04/15/2013
UK Sees a Place for Itself in Wearable Fitness Monitoring Technology Industry 04/10/2013
Cornell Scientists Build a New Ear Using 3D Printing 02/22/2013
Is Touchscreen Clothing in the Near Future? 02/19/2013
Jawbone Acquires Two Companies to Further Healthcare App Development 02/06/2013
The Battle of the Futuristic Personal Gadget: Smart Glasses or Smart Watches? 01/22/2013

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