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Oliver has been writing for over four years and in that time has written for two major technological blogs. Oliver has covered everything from politics to entertainment to technology but continues to come back to gadgetry and the all things technical.

Latest Articles

Wearable Tech Market To Cross 560M Devices Shipped Annually By 2021 03/09/2016
Big Changes Ahead for the Google Glass Development Team 09/18/2015
Somnology Developing a Comprehensive Sleep Tracking Wearable 09/18/2015
Researchers Perfecting Tough, Flexible Transistor 08/18/2015
Wearsafe Tag is Wearable Tech with a Different Aim 06/23/2015
Wearable Tech Becoming a Bigger Focus for the Enterprise 06/18/2015
Quantum Interface Launches New Interface with Predictive Navigation 06/12/2015
Lycos Launches Wearable Devices 06/05/2015
Drip Brings Dropcam Images to Your Apple Watch 06/05/2015
Qualcomm Working With Google On Project Tango 06/04/2015
Wearable Technology in UK Gaining Popularity 06/02/2015
ABI Research Gets Look Inside Apple Watch 05/04/2015
Facebook Sees More Than Just a Gaming Device in Oculus Rift 04/21/2015
Glide Brings First Video Messaging App to Apple Watch 04/20/2015
Advicy Drive Looks to Reduce Drowsy Driving Accidents 04/09/2015
Olio Joining the Smartwatch World 03/30/2015
Will.i.am's Wearable Tech Startup Hires Tech Veteran Phil Molyneaux as COO 03/02/2015
Apple Watch Suppliers Reportedly Producing Nearly Six Million Units In First Quarter 02/18/2015
Apple Watch Expected to Boost Mobile Charging Market Big Time 01/22/2015
Comings & Goings: Google Taps Tony Faddell as New Glass Project Head 01/19/2015
Under Armour Unveils Fitness Tracking Mobile App 01/13/2015
Barclays Announces Electronic Glove That Allows You to Pay for Purchases 12/23/2014
Those Planning on Purchasing Wearable Tech Numbers One in Five 12/12/2014
Strap Gets Funding for Wearable Device Analytics 12/05/2014
Apple Releases WatchKit for Developers 11/20/2014
Wearable Tech Turning to the Fashion World for Pointers 11/17/2014
Apple and Nike Reportedly Teaming Up on New Wearable Device 10/29/2014
Student Makes Wearable Tech That Runs On Your Pulse 10/23/2014
Research: Digital Health Market to Hit $3 Billion Value by 2019 10/14/2014
Endomondo Updates App For Android Wear 10/13/2014
Dubai Police Now Using Google Glass 10/07/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Augmate Looking to Take Next Steps in Smart Eyewear with Big Cash Infusion 09/22/2014
Google Glass Showing Big Time Potential in Surgical Theater 09/22/2014
Keynote Understands Need for Developers to Have Better Testing of Mobile Apps 09/22/2014
Apple Might Be Going After Celebrity iWatch Endorsements 09/15/2014
AT&T Now Offering Martian Notifier Smartwatch 09/04/2014
LG Expected to Announce New Circular Smart Watch 08/25/2014
Google Updates Glass Operating System 08/25/2014
Moto 360 Smartwatch Appears Ahead of Official Rollout 08/18/2014
LG Launches Headphones with Built-In Heart Rate Monitors 08/05/2014
Google Glass Banned in UK Movie Theaters 07/01/2014
Robot Exoskeletons Helping Paraplegics Walk 07/01/2014
Apple's iWatch Could Come in a Variety of Styles 06/23/2014
Google Shows Off Features of Android Wear 06/23/2014
Google Announces First 'Glass At Work' Partners 06/20/2014
Crowd Optic Teaming Up With Philadelphia Eagles 06/02/2014
HTC Rumored to be Launching Android-based Smartwatch 06/02/2014
Samsung Working On Its Own Virtual Reality Headset 05/27/2014
LeapBand: Wearable Tech for Kids 05/02/2014
Google Partners with Luxottica To Make Google Glass Cooler 04/17/2014
Samsung Scientists Claim Graphene Breakthrough 04/07/2014
Intel Acquires Basis Science, a Wearable Tech Company 04/07/2014
Pebble Advising Users Not to Update Smartphone App to v2.1 04/01/2014
GTX Announces Bluetooth SmartSoles 03/10/2014
Theatro Enters Wearable Tech Market with New R&D Facility 03/03/2014
Intel Getting into the Wearable Tech Market as an Investor 01/16/2014
LG Lifeband Touch Leaked Online 01/02/2014
Blushing Bride Captures Wedding Using Google Glass 01/02/2014
Stay Focused: Google Prescription Glasses Coming in January? 12/12/2013
Ticketed Google Glass Wearer Underlines Questions Surrounding Wearable Tech 11/04/2013
Big Ad Dollars Expected to Be Spent on Wearable Tech 09/27/2013
Head Mounted Device Market Expected to Skyrocket 09/12/2013
3dim Wins Award for Gestural Technology Innovation 05/28/2013

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