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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

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Want a Cheaper, Simpler Health Patch? It Could Be Ready Soon 09/29/2015
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Microsoft Band 2 May Boast Stair Climbing Tracking, Other New Features 09/21/2015
Juniper Research: Nearly 30 Million Virtual Reality Headsets to be Shipped in 2020 09/16/2015
Beyonce, Madonna and Nicki Minaj's Tour Clothes May Soon Count as Wearable Technology 09/14/2015
Virtual Reality Has Its Place in the Enterprise 09/10/2015
Lenovo Magic View Offers a New Way to Look at a Smartwatch 09/08/2015
Pets in Pain Now Have a Wearable Way to Tell Owners 09/08/2015
Sony's Wena Wrist Crowdfunding Target is Smarter Than it Looks 09/03/2015
Huawei Watch Goes for the Gold with $800 Price Tag 09/02/2015
Batteries: One of Wearable Tech's Biggest Problems 09/01/2015
Microsoft Patent Uses Electric Shock for Email Notification 08/26/2015
Swatch's Expansion Programs Carry On, New Devices to Follow 08/24/2015
Ralph Lauren Puts Sensors in Your Polo for $295 08/21/2015
Misfit & Speedo Release the Speedo Shine Swim Tracker 08/19/2015
Apple Watch on Pace to Close 2015 with 68 Percent of Smartwatch Market 08/19/2015
Sensoria Extends its Line of Smart Clothes Beyond Socks 08/13/2015
A Router You Can Wear? It's Now Possible 08/03/2015
Maxim Integrated & NVIDIA Get Together for a Better Driving Experience 07/29/2015
Lycos' Wearable Devices Make the Jump to iOS 07/28/2015
Contrast Optical Has Something New in Head-Mounted Displays 07/27/2015
Apple Watch Takes Big Chunk of Second Quarter Global Smartwatch Market Share 07/23/2015
App Developers Focus Efforts on Devices from Trusted Brands 07/23/2015
EyeControl Set to Provide New Communications for Those with ALS 07/07/2015
GYENNO One Wristband Destroys Crowdfunding Goal; Offers Exciting Prospect 07/01/2015
Kuai Represents the First Ever Multisport Headset with Biometrics Tracking 06/30/2015
Interested in a $16,163 Apple Watch? Check Taiwan 06/25/2015
Google Shows Off a New Health-Tracking Wristband System 06/24/2015
Can Wearable Technology Improve Airplane Construction? 06/23/2015
Nuance and APX Labs Collaborate on Voice Controls for Smart Glasses 06/16/2015
BeBop Smart Fabric Sensors Pick Up the Wearable Tempo 06/15/2015
Wearable Tech: 'Big Brother' for Health Coverage? 06/12/2015
APX Labs Steps Up Wearable Presence With Skylight R5 for Smartwatches 06/09/2015
Smarten Up Your Current Watch with a Chronos Disk 06/08/2015
Wearable Tech Gives Lycos a Whole New Life 06/08/2015
Google & Levi's Get Together to Make Sensor-Packed Clothes 06/03/2015
Can We Build an Eye? Google Impact Challenge Pushes Tech for Disabilities 05/27/2015
Is Your Technology Giving Too Much Information Away? 05/27/2015
Why the Death of the Smartphone is Inevitable 05/26/2015
FOVE Headset Offers a New Look at Virtual Reality 05/21/2015
How CrowdOptic and Google Glass are Improving Surgical Training 05/20/2015
Dlodlo VR Glasses Bring the Next Generation to This One 05/19/2015
Ringly Wearables Have Form and Function 05/18/2015
Wearable Tech Week in Review: Intel Security, Turtle Beach, Allstate 05/16/2015
NEXTToMe Offers Array of Sensors, Tracks the Unhealthy Things Around You 05/12/2015
Intel Security Partners with Ingram Micro Middle East 05/11/2015
Wearable Tech Week in Review: Revolar, Apple, Oculus 05/09/2015
A Ship Date for the Oculus Rift Nearly at Hand 05/06/2015
Want an Apple Watch for $83.70? Make One 05/04/2015
Apple Watch Not Working? Check Your Ink 04/30/2015
What Intel's Curie is Doing to Make Our Clothing Smarter 04/28/2015
Vuzix Wearable Display Options Land Pair of New Patents 04/20/2015
iOS Wearables, Smart Home Hardware Top Event Listings 04/16/2015
The Apple Watch Wasn't the iWatch for One Strange Reason 04/15/2015
Summer is Coming: Do You Have Your Paick Watch Light? 04/15/2015
BMW Mini Line Poised to Offer New Wearable Tech Option 04/13/2015
Spree SmartCap Takes New Honor as TMC's 2015 Wearable Product of the Year 03/25/2015
The Australian Property Market on Your Wrist? There's an Apple Watch App for That 03/24/2015
Omron Healthcare's New Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker Adds Motivation to the Workout 03/20/2015
What Wearables Will Likely Do For Professional Sports 03/19/2015
UnaliWear Kanega Smartwatch: Functional, Yet Attractive, and Potentially Lifesaving 03/13/2015
Pebble Time Steel Gives Pebble Time a New Look 03/05/2015
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Tractica: Wearable Device Shipments to Grow Tenfold Over Seven Years 02/23/2015
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Swatch Readies Wearable Smartwatch, Squarely Targets Apple Watch 02/09/2015
Vuzix and HeadApp Combine For a High-Flying Event 02/04/2015
iBeacon-Based uRevu: Customer Service Now Better With Wearables 01/15/2015
Gym Operators Finding Double Trouble from Wearables & Higher Rents 01/12/2015
Apple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this March 01/09/2015
Apple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this MarchApple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this March 01/09/2015
Spree SmartCap Offers Fitness Monitoring Off the Top of Your Head 01/07/2015
Connectedevice's Cogito Classic Lands Golden A' Design Award 12/29/2014

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