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Rory Lidstone is a graduate of the Professional Writing program at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He loves to write about all things tech, food and pop culture.

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Fitbit Alta Focuses on Fitness and Fashion First 02/03/2016
Treata SmartCare Watch Targets Home Health Market 02/02/2016
Fitness Devices Continue to Be More Popular than Smartwatches 01/19/2016
Apple Watch Took Over Half of the Smartwatch Market in 2015 01/12/2016
Plantronics to Focus on Wearables at CES 2016, AT&T Developer Summit 01/04/2016
1 in 10 U.S. Households to Purchase Smart Watch in 2016 12/16/2015
Mark Cuban Invests in Wearable Sports Tech Start-up Catapult Sports 03/24/2014
LG G Watch May Be Budget Android Wearable the World's Been Waiting for 03/20/2014
Sony's SmartEyeglass Prototype Has Potential 03/10/2014
Wheelings & Dealings: Intel Acquires Wearable Tech Firm Basis Science 03/05/2014
Huawei's TalkBand Takes on Smartwatch Flaws with Unique Design 02/25/2014
Google to Launch Smartwatch-friendly OS Soon 02/24/2014
Broadcom's New SoC Improves Wearable Device Location Capabilities 02/20/2014
New HTC Smartwatch Info Leaks 02/20/2014
Plantronics Introduces Mobile-friendly Features for Microsoft Lync 02/19/2014
Sensogram Technologies Wearable Devices to Focus on Fitness, Healthcare 01/22/2014
Google Glass Makes its NBA Debut with the Sacramento Kings 01/20/2014
Sony May Unveil a New Smartwatch at CES 2014 12/27/2013
Nokia Smartwatch May Leverage 'Morph' Tech for an Innovative Experience 12/26/2013
Google Glass Update Brings Hangouts, Improved Security, Easier YouTube Uploading 12/19/2013
Facial Recognition Comes to Google Glass via Unauthorized App 12/19/2013
Wearable Technology Likely to Play a Key Role in Electronic Payments Space 12/13/2013
Broadcom Makes a Play for Wearable Tech Market with WICED Smart Chip 12/11/2013
The Omate TrueSmart, an Android Smartwatch Free from Phone Dependence 12/10/2013
Wearably Brings RSS to Wearable Technology 12/09/2013
The Smartwatch and its Significance to the Wearable Tech Space 12/06/2013
Wearable Camera Knows What You Like, Makes GIFs of It 11/07/2013
element14 Selects Two Winners of 'Get Closer' Wearable Tech Challenge 10/23/2013
Wearable Tech Market to Hit $19B by 2018 10/17/2013
Wearable Tech Market to Hit $19B by 2018 10/17/2013
Sony SmartWatch 2 Sees US Release Alongside Xperia Z1, Z Ultra 10/15/2013
Vivante Tackles Wearable Tech with New GPU Core Release 10/08/2013
Memoto Renamed Narrative Clip, Set to Release Nov. 1 10/08/2013
O2 Recycle, Designer Sean Miles Explore the Potential of Wearable Technology 09/25/2013
Wearable Technology Use Led by Fitness, Held Back by Privacy Concerns 09/19/2013
Wearable Technology Use Led by Fitness, Held Back by Privacy Concerns 09/19/2013
Snapchat Micro Brings Discreet Messaging to the Samsung Galaxy Gear 09/10/2013
Nuance Lends Voice Tech to Samsung Galaxy Gear 09/05/2013
Broadcom Looks to Enter Wearable Tech Market with WICED 08/28/2013
Wearable Technology Experts Discuss Market's Future 08/22/2013
Police Departments Leverage Wearable Tech to Keep an Eye on Officers 08/13/2013
NFC Ring is the Simple Wearable Tech Solution People Want 07/25/2013
Plantronics Delivers Keynote, Offers Insight into Innovation at Wearable Tech Expo 07/25/2013
LUMOback CEO Monish Perkash Sees a Strong Future for Wearable Tech 07/23/2013
Samsung Wearable Technology Includes a Watch, Computerized Clothing 07/11/2013
Recon Jet Available for Pre-Order at a Special Price 06/28/2013
4iiii Innovations' Viiiiva Brings Heart Rate Monitoring to iOS 06/12/2013
Second Sight CEO to Talk Bionics, Wearable Tech 06/04/2013
Invensense Motion Sensing a Perfect Fit with Wearable Technology 02/27/2013
Wearable Sensor Being Deployed to Prevent Diabetes-Related Foot Amputations 02/19/2013
Garmin Unveils Approach S2, a GPS Watch Aimed at the Golfer Abroad 01/23/2013
Pivothead Sunglasses Enable HD Hands-Free Recording 01/22/2013
Korean Researchers Develop World's First Bendable Battery 01/22/2013

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