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Matt Paulson is a technical writer and graduate of San Diego State University. His articles are focused on new technology and trends and has extensive knowledge about VoIP phone systems. In his free time, Matt enjoys art, video games, and spending time with his friends.

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Wheelings & Dealings: Google Helps Magic Leap Secure $542 M for Lightweight Wearable Projector 10/23/2014
Millennials Expected to be Target Audience for Wearable Technology Growth 10/22/2014
New Concept Wearable Camera Literally Takes Flight 09/30/2014
Asus Unveils ZenWatch, a $250 Android Wear Smartwatch 09/04/2014
Swatch Plans to Capitalize on Smartwatch Sales 09/03/2014
Casio Launches Exilim FR10 Wearable Camera 08/28/2014
Could Fitness Tracking Devices be a Threat to Your Privacy? 08/12/2014
Aaron Salow, CEO of XOEye Technologies, to Participate in Panel at Wearable Tech Expo 2014 07/24/2014
Vertu Considers Manufacturing Luxury Wearable Devices 07/21/2014
Adidas Introduces Fitsmart Wearable Fitness Tracking Device 07/09/2014
The Happiness Blanket by British Airways Acts as a Whole-Body Mood Ring 07/07/2014
Android Wear Companion App Now Available 07/07/2014
Microsoft's Planned Wearable Fitness Tracker Rumored to Support Most Mobile Platforms 07/03/2014
Ringly Wearable Cocktail Ring Lights Up With PhoneAlerts and Sales are Already Exploding 06/17/2014
High Fashion Wearables: DVF Designed Google Glass Frames 06/03/2014
Samsung and Oculus Developing Media-Focused VR Headset 06/02/2014
A Brief History of Wearables 05/30/2014
Intel Moves into Wearables and Robotics 05/30/2014
iRing Motion Controller Now Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch 05/12/2014
Apple Invests in Medical Tech... Could the iWatch Be Following Shortly? 05/06/2014
Revolutionary iPal Smartglasses Jump to Indiegogo 05/01/2014
Crowdfunding Fits The Growing Wearable Technology Market Like a Glove 04/22/2014
Google Glass Being Considered by U.S. Air Force for the Battlefields of the Future 04/10/2014
Low-Powered Wearables a Reality with New Ineda Processors 04/09/2014
Up to 85 Percent of Public Sector Unprepared for Wearable Tech 04/02/2014
Runners Go Faster with Glowfaster Smart Jacket 03/24/2014
Wi-Fi Enabled Clothing Could be Coming Sooner Rather than Later 03/24/2014
Stylish Moto 360 Smartwatch Has Consumers 'Tocking' 03/19/2014
Google Gears Up for More Wearable Devices 03/12/2014
How M2M and Wearable Technology Will Change the Face of Gaming 03/11/2014
Motorola Announces Smartwatches for Late 2014 03/04/2014
Japanese Researchers Prototype Revolutionary Wearable Ear Clip PC 03/03/2014
SpeedUp SmartWatch Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2014 02/26/2014
Solar-powered Wearables Under Development 01/21/2014
Move Over Google, Epson Unveils Moverio Wearable Display Glasses 01/08/2014
Wearable Tech Boosts Brand Loyalty in These 5 Examples 01/02/2014
CSR Shifts Company Focus onto Wearable Devices 12/12/2013

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