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Intel and Basis Science to Release New Peak Smart Watch
By: Casey Houser
Intel is not entirely new to the market of smart wearables. It acquired Basis Science earlier this year-creator of the B1 Band smart watch. But not to be outdone by announcements of the new Apple watch and the development of other smart devices, Inte… - 09/30/2014

Portal Offers the Wrist-Mounted Communication Vector of our Futurist Dreams
By: Steve Anderson
One thing that's been somewhat lacking in the field of wearable tech these days is the concept of the wrist-mounted communications device. Sure, we've never gone wanting for smartwatches that link up to smartphones and provide a wrist-mounted display… - 09/30/2014

Smart Wearable Device Shipments 'More than Quadruple' by 2017
By: Steve Anderson
Looking around the news, it's clear that wearable devices-ranging from the smartwatches and fitness trainers we all know to the smart glasses that are just starting to make an appearance-are a rapidly growing sector of the technology market. But it's… - 09/30/2014

New Concept Wearable Camera Literally Takes Flight
By: Matt Paulson
A new wrist-mounted device called the Nixie could very well change the way that we look at wearable device functionality - as well as the way we look at ourselves. Nixie is a concept design for a wearable camera that, with the flick of a wrist, will … - 09/30/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Bionym Raises $14M for ECG-Based Wireless Authenticator Wristband
By: Benjamin Nicholls
Bionym, a Toronto-based wearable technology startup, has acquired $14M in funding after a successful Series A round. Bionym's flagship product, the Nymi, aims to be a wearable, wireless replacement for passwords, PINs and keys, using the user's own E… - 09/29/2014

ARM Cortex M7 Processor Looks to Power the IoT, Wearables, Robots and Smart Appliances
By: Michael Guta
The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to have billions of connected devices, which will include everything from street lights to refrigerators. As more products are introduced into this ecosystem, the new devices will require processors that are desi… - 09/29/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Sight Set to the Future
By: Joe Rizzo
Samsung described the latest addition to its smartwatch collection, the Gear S, as having a chic, circular design with customizable screen options, changeable straps and several wearable optimized features, including widgets and combined notification… - 09/27/2014

Smartwatch Tracks Your Budget, Monitors Spending Habits
By: Michelle Nicolson
Having trouble sticking to a budget? Financial guru and news correspondent Nicole Lapin has a solution - the Cash smartwatch, which was developed to help users track their spending and stick to a budget. Users simply enter the amount they spend and c… - 09/26/2014

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