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Hardhat Connect System Provides Connectivity, Improves Worker Safety
Hardhat Wearables has launched the Hardhat Connect system, a localized collaboration platform for teams working in remote areas with little to no Internet connectivity. - 03/27/2017

Is Wearable Tech Ending up in Your Drawer?
If you follow the annual Consumer Electronics Show, you know that wearables are huge right now. The market is being flooded with wearable devices that people believe help them to live a healthier lifestyle. However, many people are just giving up on … - 10/20/2016

Wearable Tech Market To Cross 560M Devices Shipped Annually By 2021
A new report was released late last week and that report shows the growth of the wearable tech market is still looked at as being robust. - 03/09/2016

YouVisit Contributes Major Change to VR Markets
While virtual reality has been available to consumers for more than 20 years, it doesn't seem like it caught on too well until recently. - 03/07/2016

The Current and Future State of Wearables: Trends, Attitudes and Total Domination
Long-term tech trends are often difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy. With smaller and more powerful devices being made available for lower and lower costs, smartwatches and smartglasses may be just the beginning. New innovation may creat… - 02/16/2016

Wearable Technology Helps Analyze the Biggest Enterprise Resource: The Human
While wearable technology may have initially seemed like a storm for the consumer marketplace - and it certainly appears to be that way - there is strong evidence that wearable devices will change a number of business processes in the business world,… - 02/04/2016

Fitbit Alta Focuses on Fitness and Fashion First
Roughly a month after releasing the top-of-the-line Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit has followed up with something quite different: the Fitbit Alta. Priced at $129.95, the Fitbit Alta is aimed largely at women with a sleeker design and wide range of band option… - 02/03/2016

Can Microsoft Revive Consumer Smart Glasses?
While Google Glass didn't go as far as some might have liked, Microsoft is not planning to let this market die quietly. Sure, smart glasses have made a great case at the corporate level, but there's still room for a consumer market. Microsoft plans t… - 02/02/2016

Treata SmartCare Watch Targets Home Health Market
Even though it's been pretty well established so far that fitness devices are way more popular than smartwatches, Treata Smart Solutions is willing to give smartwatches a try with the SmartCare Watch. But Treata isn't taking as much of a risk as it s… - 02/02/2016

Behold the Wearable Chair Solution for Surgeons
For the past few years, we've seen a concentrated effort to find healthful solutions to prolonged sitting There seems to be far fewer options for people in professions that call for standing all day. However, that's about to change. A new device is c… - 02/01/2016

Mass Virtual Reality Adoption on the Horizon
Virtual reality is an exciting consumer-friendly technology that has captured a lot of attention. At this year's CES show in Las Vegas Nevada, there was a massive, extensive exhibit area dedicated to virtual reality, and by all reports it didn't disa… - 02/01/2016

Big Game, Big Tech Collide with Virtual High Fives
We have witnessed a number of leaps in technology in the last few decades, and one of the most important is virtual presence. This technology often manifested in conferencing platforms which can transmit voice, video, and collaboration in real time a… - 01/29/2016

Former Twitter CEO Launching Fitness Company
Twitter's former CEO Dick Costolo will be opening a startup company within the health and fitness industry. The company is being launched along with Fitify CEO Bryan Oki. Early speculators think that the service will be social in nature, or at least … - 01/22/2016

Wearable Technology's Impact on Home Health Care and Insurance
There is a great deal of discussion about how different types of insurance -- everything from life-health to, surprisingly, property-casualty -- can benefit from wearables. Something that isn't getting as much buzz is wearables for the elderly. - 01/21/2016

Beecham Research: Augmented Reality, Wearable Tech a Huge Plus for Workplaces
Augmented reality (AR) has a lot of terrific potential applications, and everything from gaming to navigation stands to benefit. With wags from all sides scolding about distracted driving and other issues, though, it's starting to seem like the only … - 01/20/2016

Fitness Devices Continue to Be More Popular than Smartwatches
It's no secret that, to date, fitness has been the most popular use scenario for wearable technology. With the notable exception of the insanely popular Apple Watch, which managed to make up half of global smartwatch shipments last year, wearable tec… - 01/19/2016

Tractica: Expect Big Sales of VR Head-Mounted Displays
Virtual reality (VR) is one of the greatest new developments in gaming in quite some time. While not strictly a new development, its new arrival in homes will create a huge new market. Tractica took a look at the market to come and made some staggeri… - 01/18/2016

Samsung to Release Fitness Tracker Watch...With a Twist
Images of Samsung's latest fitness tracker watch have reportedly leaked. While the watch itself looks to be nothing more than a slightly stylized version of Samsung's current model, the Samsung Gear S2, there is one major twist. - 01/18/2016

Cabela's, Theatro Team Up for New Field Communication Options
While it may seem like next hunting season is a lifetime away, there's still room to plan it out. Cabela's and Theatro are getting together to make the shopping experience easier for all those early birds with a new kind of communication tool that re… - 01/18/2016

How Is Big Data Changing the World of Soccer?
Did you know that athletes are not only monitored by cameras on stadiums, but also by many quirky devices such as accelerometers, heart rate sensors and even local GPS-like systems? Indeed, Big Data and modern technologies are currently revolutionizi… - 01/15/2016

Body Cameras and the Police: What Comes Next?
Recent events in American news have prompted and accelerated widespread efforts to put police body-mounted cameras on officers across the nation. This has been a contentious point for many in the public realm to consider because as citizens we value … - 01/15/2016

Text-to-Speech Coming to Skully's Smart Helmet
Skully, makers of the world's first smart helmet, announced today that they had launched a partnership with NeoSpeech, one of the largest providers of text-to-speech software. The partnership will add text-to-speech to Skully's already impressive lis… - 01/14/2016

Apple Watch Took Over Half of the Smartwatch Market in 2015
New data from Juniper Research shows that the Apple Watch claimed 52 percent of global smartwatch shipments in 2015, despite being released toward the end of April. It's likely the Apple Watch saw most of its sales activity during the holiday shoppin… - 01/12/2016

Silicon Labs Takes New Step Forward in Heart Rate Monitoring
Heart rate monitors are a huge part of healthcare, as they provide a real-time view into the primary engine of advanced life. Silicon Labs is steering the heart rate monitor in an exciting new direction, using some impressive technology to make it no… - 01/11/2016

Wearable Tech's Massive Impact on Fitness and Its Evolution into Healthcare
While some technology aims to make our lives simpler, some also has the potential to improve our health and physical wellbeing. Wearable technology is one of those niches. These devices have already shown themselves to be useful in the fitness sector… - 01/07/2016

Fitbit's Blaze: Gorgeous, but Derivative
Fitbit has replaced the Charge HR as their flagship fitness wearable, but their newest technology may be falling short of expectations. The Fitbit Blaze is an improved watch that will undoubtedly influence the future of practical wearable technology,… - 01/06/2016

Garmin Seeks to Make Cycling Safer with Varia Vision
Today marks the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which means a glut of tech news and products are on the way. Garmin is making headlines almost immediately with their new Varia Vision for cyclists. Like Google Glass, Varia will overlay… - 01/06/2016

Will Virtual Reality and Wearables Revive HTC?
HTC hasn't had a great time of things in the last few years. Smartphone and tablet sales lagged, and a host of competitors repeatedly ate its lunch. Some recent moves, however, may be putting the company back on the right track. HTC is starting to em… - 01/06/2016

Health & Fitness Tech 2.0 is Upon Us
CES 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada - The next generation of health and fitness technology is upon us. You'll hear a lot of shilling this week about the latest, greatest and most unique. Lines between "fitness" and "health" tech are becoming increasingly ent… - 01/04/2016

Vuzix, XOEye Technologies Make Major Push with Lee Company
With virtual reality set to become an actual reality this year, it's not a surprise that augmented reality seems to be going the corporate route instead. This is a big loss for drivers-regardless of safety concerns, augmented reality mapping is still… - 01/04/2016

At CES NVIDIA Moves Early To Brand VR
NVIDIA just created a base specification and brand for Virtual Reality PCs. Virtual Reality is one of several big things happening this week at CES and 2016 is slated to be the effective launch year for this technology into the mainstream of computin… - 01/04/2016

Plantronics to Focus on Wearables at CES 2016, AT&T Developer Summit
It's tough for technology companies to take a break but, even when they do, they hit the ground running immediately after. This is certainly the case for Plantronics, which has begun the New Year by announcing the slew of activities it has planned at… - 01/04/2016

Re-vibe Device Allows Distraction-Prone Users to Focus on their Work
Device Solutions recently announced the launch of Re-vibe, a wearable device designed to help those who suffer from autism or ADHD to stay on task. The device was developed in collaboration with FokusLabs and fits on the user's wrist like a watch. - 12/31/2015

OKTO Shrinks the Smart Watch Down to the Smart Ring
Remember when the high point of wearable technology was the Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Communicator? The idea of a phone that could be worn like a wristwatch was downright alluring, and we all felt futuristic just thinking about it. OKTO, meanwhile, is… - 12/30/2015

Vivalnk Launches Temperature Monitor for More Intuitive Care
Spend sleepless nights worrying that your child's fever might spike? Now, thanks to the Fever Scout, a digital health monitoring device recently launched by Vivalnk, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be alerted if such a problem should occur. - 12/29/2015

Breitling's Exospace B55 Steps Up Connected Watches
We've seen smartwatches do a lot of things before, from notifying us about emails to checking our heart rate. Breitling has ramped it up a notch with its new Exospace B55, a complete connected chronograph that can even be part of a pilot's equipment. - 12/22/2015

Wearable Technology Coming to NCAA Volleyball Championships
For the first time, wearable technology is coming to a major sporting event, and all of the data will be available for public viewing. VERTcast, a sports telemetry device (similar to popular fitness wearables like the Fitbit and Jawbone), will be wor… - 12/21/2015

1 in 10 U.S. Households to Purchase Smart Watch in 2016
It's safe to say that the wearables space has taken off among consumers, thanks in large part to the success of the Apple Watch. Apple's sole wearable device has not only proven to be a hot seller, but has earned a good track record with consumers, l… - 12/16/2015

What the Wearable Technology and IoT Landscape Will Look like in 5 Years
The Internet of Things and the trend towards wearable tech are some of the most exciting areas in consumer electronics. The next few years are going to bring some interesting developments in the convergence of these two areas. In this post, we will e… - 12/10/2015

Latest Apple Rumors: Next-gen Apple Watch, iPhone 6c Coming in March
Apple fans break out those calendars. This upcoming March, Apple will unveil the next generation of its flagship wearable, the Apple Watch. Of course, this comes through the usual unofficial rumor mill; 9to5Mac, which broke the story, cited an unname… - 12/08/2015

UICO and HiCling Team Up To Release Fitness Band, Powered By duraTOUCH Technology
UICO, a technology company dedicated to durable product solutions, recently announced the release of duraTOUCH, an innovation in all-weather use for Shanghai-based HiCling's health and fitness wearable, clingband. UICO brings together global touch se… - 12/08/2015

Custos Builds Smart Sunglasses for Outdoor Enthusiasts
Custos.co, a specialist in wearable technology eyewear, has debuted the eponymous Custos sport eyewear-featuring the intriguingly named "bone conduction technology." - 12/04/2015

For Christmas, We Want Virtual Reality in the Enterprise
With several companies promising to start shipping virtual reality headsets in Q1 2016, techies are getting antsy to switch the calendar year. While nobody's more excited than diehard gamers, VR could have much farther-reaching tendrils than we can c… - 12/04/2015

Amidst Civil Unrest, Panasonic Arbitrator Body Camera Addresses Law Enforcement Concerns
Recent events involving law enforcement agencies have caused a lot of unrest in communities across the country. One of the solutions city officials and organizers have recommended is to document all police encounters using body-cameras. Panasonic's n… - 12/01/2015

Swatch and Visa Come Together for NFC Payment
The 2015 global retail banking study published by Misys and Efma revealed 82 percent of bankers believe smart watches will facilitate financial transactions in the future. That should come as great news to Swatch and Visa, as they just formed a partn… - 12/01/2015

With Oculus Rift Release Pending, Competitors are Poised to Strike
The Oculus Rift's first announcement sparked a lot of imaginations, and the earliest results of people trying out the developers' kits did likewise. The potential for home-based virtual reality was becoming real. As time started to stretch out, thoug… - 11/30/2015

Wearables for Good Improves the Lives of Children
Children-friendly "Wearables for Good" is what UNICEF, ARM and frog are calling both Khushi Baby and SoaPen, winners of the 2015 Wearables for Good Challenge. Each team, led by joint collaborative Indian-US teams, will have their designs come to life… - 11/27/2015

Apple Watch, Lumo Lift May be Hot Ticket Wearables this Holiday
With Black Friday afoot and the holiday shopping season poised to start - though for many it's already begun - industry analysts are speculating about the winners and losers of the season. Argus Insights' new report on the wearable tech market shows … - 11/25/2015

Trident Leveraging Data from Wearables into Marketing Campaign
Trident, the company largely known for its popular selections of chewing gum, has launched a new marketing campaign this holiday season through a partnership with Strap, a startup that tracks data from wearable technologies for marketing and analysis… - 11/24/2015

Millennials Set to Spur Smartwatch Banking
It would be easy to say that the smartwatch has only really changed the fitness industry, but a new report from Juniper Research suggests that, just by 2017, smartwatches will be a major part of the banking industry thanks to changes in millennial ba… - 11/24/2015

The Future of Fitness Wearables: Moving Beyond the Watch
The sports wearable market is set to explode, with future revenues as big as any offensive tackle: Juniper Research has predicted $10 billion in hardware revenues projected over the next five years. That's up from $3.3 billion this year. - 11/17/2015

Fossil Agrees to Buy Misfit, Gains Big Advantages
It wasn't so long ago when we reviewed the Misfit Shine and found it largely palatable with a few slight missteps. Fossil Group, meanwhile, must have seen the same impressive package we did, because it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire t… - 11/13/2015

One Human Rights Group's Look at Police Body Cameras
The increased call for police accountability has many departments looking to wearable cameras as a gauge of officer ethics and future liability. A new report from Upturn and The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights shows that not all body … - 11/11/2015

Giving Robots and Amputees a Sense of Touch
In the movies, we always see AI systems and robots that are eerily close to human form. Even though, in reality, it's a long way off, the world of technology makes advancements every day that put us so much closer to that happening. - 11/09/2015

Roar for Good Presents Athena, the Real-Life Panic Button
Wearable tech has done some amazing things, and now Roar for Good's newest project, the Athena, is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. The device will make life a little safer for those most at risk. - 11/05/2015

Lumo Gains $10 Million in Series B
Fitness application and sensor developer Lumo Bodytech entered the market a few years ago with Lumo Lift, a collection of wearable sensors that help users improve their posture. From there, it moved to Lumo Back, for back posture, and into the presen… - 11/04/2015

BuzzClip Uses Sound to Give Blind People a New Kind of Sight
The idea of using sound as a kind of sight goes back a long way, from sonar to that nifty smartphone sonar surveillance in The Dark Knight. Now, the idea is intersecting with wearable tech in the form of BuzzClip, a tool which provides a kind of ultr… - 11/03/2015

Can the Zikto Deliver on Promises of Back Pain Relief?
Pedometers have gained some serious traction in wearable fitness trackers. Users strive to hit 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day for optimal health benefits. But with all these steps comes the hidden risk that the extensive walking may hurt more than it … - 11/02/2015

Kii and Kyocera Empower Employers with Healthcare Wearable
Kii and Kyocera are partnering to provide smarter health tracking. In order to give employers and healthcare providers a wealth of employee/patient data, the two companies will be releasing a cloud-connected healthcare device called "Daily Support." - 10/29/2015

Healthcare Sector to Dominate Wearable Market
As wearables continue to move from niche markets into the mainstream, a number of industries are integrating the technology to introduce new services. A new report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) on wearable technology reveals the global market… - 10/22/2015

Garmin Updates Wearable Fleet, and Runners
Garmin has made their long-anticipated next play in the oversaturated fitness watch market. They've revamped their Forerunner series with three new models: the Forerunner 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630. As their names suggest, all three watches … - 10/22/2015

Google Strategizing in Chinese Market with Mobvoi Investment
Google is positioning itself in the murky Chinese market with its latest investment in Mobvoi, the mobile voice/wearable software company that plans to introduce Android Wear to China. - 10/20/2015

Wearables Primed for Major Growth
2014 was labeled the year of the wearable, and the wearable market will ride that popularity for the next five years. Compass Intelligence, a market analytics firm from Texas, has released studies claiming the market will grow to $9.7 billion by 2019… - 10/20/2015

GTX Corp.'s SmartSole Strides into German Markets
GTX Corp recently concluded a new pilot program for its GPS SmartSole system, the first smart shoe that tracks the user's location. - 10/14/2015

UnaliWear Watch and Service Keep Seniors Independent
The watch and related service will be sold via channel partners including medical institutions and insurance companies. The fee of the service, which will be set by the channel, is expected to be in the $35 to $85 per month range. Channel partners wi… - 10/13/2015

Apple Receives Patent for Ring Device
Apple was recently granted a patent for a ring device that the user would wear on the forefinger, while the adjacent thumb would be used to manipulate its screen. - 10/13/2015

Sensoria, OHI Combine to Develop the Smart Moore Balance Brace
The simplest fall poses a massive danger to the elderly. That's why Sensoria and Orthotics Holdings Inc (OHI) have come together to bring out a new device, the Smart Moore Balance Brace, that helps its wearers avoid the disaster of a fall. - 10/07/2015

Microsoft Announces Revamped Microsoft Band
At their unveiling event yesterday, Microsoft revealed their latest foray into wearable technology: a revamp of last year's product, the Microsoft Band. - 10/07/2015

Apple Ramps Up Apple Watch Retailing for Holiday Season
With the holiday shopping season about to kick up in earnest, Apple is ready to make the search for an Apple Watch that much easier with retail expansion efforts. - 10/05/2015

Breathalyzer Watch Measures Intoxication, Gives B.A.C Readout
The watch is actually a bit of a marvel, given how well it's been optimized for drunken (ab)use. The sturdy, stainless steel band/case seem durable enough to take a beating, and they house an extra-large screen with backlit, negative space LED number… - 10/01/2015

Smart Shirt Plans to Minimize Back Pain, Improve Posture
Adela Health's TruPosture, "a safe and natural way to improve your posture," wants to eliminate office back pain. TruPosture is a slim, high tech vest that aims to fix a user's spine and improve their back strength in just a few weeks. - 09/30/2015

Android Wear Joins Apple Watch with Skype Capability
It looks like video chatting while on the go is about to get a little easier for Android Watch users. Microsoft announced yesterday that the latest update to their Android Skype software, version 6.4, will include an app making Skype compatible with … - 09/30/2015

The Quest to Lower BMI: Pay Attention to Performance, Not Calories
Insurers love to understand a constituent's body mass index (BMI), or a measure of an individual's body fat, because it serves as a key indicator of someone's likelihood of developing certain chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, … - 09/30/2015

Vector Watch Available for Preorder
It's been almost 7 months since Vector introduced their Vector Smartwatch, a classy, understated, high end answer to the large touchscreen-sporting smart watches like the Apple Watch. It seems that Vector is ready to ramp up their large scale product… - 09/30/2015

Want a Cheaper, Simpler Health Patch? It Could Be Ready Soon
New word from the University of Texas at Austin's Cockrell School of Engineering suggests that one breed of healthcare wearable-a flexible patch-could be closer to ready than expected. - 09/29/2015

Safe and Strong: How Fitness Tech Benefits Pro and Amateur Athletes
Most of us know that if you want to be a top athlete, you also need excellent form. The great athlete with their own approach to the sport rarely goes as far as the athlete whose technique hits every mark. And it's not just that great technique impro… - 09/29/2015

Timex Launches Stylish Watch with Activity Tracking Features
Connecting to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, the device tracks daily activity such as the number of steps taken, distance covered and calories burned and displays these stats directly on the watch dial. The associated app takes this data and provide… - 09/24/2015

Looking for Wearable Tech Growth? Look to the Millennials
Wearable technology, to some, may still seem like the kind of technological development still stuck in the niche phase. Some might look at the market and consider it strictly the province of the fitness tracker, with a few sidebars for things like he… - 09/23/2015

Humon Wearable for Targeted Training
One of the most exciting things about the new developments in wearable technologies in recent years is how the technology could be used to create more efficient, effective, and smart methods for athletic training methods by giving us more detailed in… - 09/23/2015

Epson Smart Glasses Central to New Solution for Dentistry Offices
With our society on the cusp of an age of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), every new development in the field is exciting as the technology finds its home in a wider range of business and consumer applications. The dental community is… - 09/22/2015

Microsoft Band 2 May Boast Stair Climbing Tracking, Other New Features
While some may doubt the value of the Microsoft Band, especially in light of all the other wristband-based technology currently on the market, a new version is set to make an appearance this October at an upcoming Microsoft event. New images, potenti… - 09/21/2015

Big Changes Ahead for the Google Glass Development Team
As Google works on the next generation of Google Glass, the company has given a new codename to the team responsible for developing the device: Project Aura, which is quite similar to another Google project codenamed Ara. Ara is the firm's other forw… - 09/18/2015

Somnology Developing a Comprehensive Sleep Tracking Wearable
The wearable technology market is getting bigger and more popular. The problem for some companies is that there are limits when it comes to the different functions current wearable technology can offer. While there aren't a ton of new features, some … - 09/18/2015

Apple Watch Owners Generally Satisfied, According to Survey from 451 Research
There was a great deal of hype surrounding the launch of the Apple Watch wearable device last spring, but now that it has spent some time in consumers' hands it's time to gauge its overall reception. 451 Research, a company specializing in analytics … - 09/17/2015

Juniper Research: Nearly 30 Million Virtual Reality Headsets to be Shipped in 2020
Skeptics of the upcoming market for virtual reality (VR) have every reason to be doubtful, at least in the short term. There's not much in the way of product currently available that doesn't require a smartphone to be inserted into the device, and mo… - 09/16/2015

Beyonce, Madonna and Nicki Minaj's Tour Clothes May Soon Count as Wearable Technology
Anyone who's been following the tours of major entertainment figures like Beyonce, Madonna and Nicki Minaj may already know that they're wearing Chromat clothes on stage. What they might not have known-at least until recently-is that Chromat might be… - 09/14/2015

Virtual Reality Has Its Place in the Enterprise
It's no secret that almost every gamer out there is looking forward to the arrival of full, home-based virtual reality (VR) systems. Immersive VR platforms have been a dream since the days of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and its holodeck systems.… - 09/10/2015

Lenovo Magic View Offers a New Way to Look at a Smartwatch
It would be easy to think that the smartwatch concept in general was getting a bit played out, that tech makers had gone just about as far as they could go with a wristband and an accompanying watch face that connects to a smartphone. But Lenovo may … - 09/08/2015

Pets in Pain Now Have a Wearable Way to Tell Owners
Having a pet can be a wonderful experience. But pets have a limited means of communication with owners which can mean some problems go unnoticed for days, weeks, or even until it's much too late to do anything about it. A new set of wearable devices-… - 09/08/2015

The Pentagon Teams Up With Several Top Companies to Create Wearable High-Tech Gear
The FlexTech Alliance is described as being devoted to fostering the growth, profitability and success of the flexible and printed electronics supply chain. A wide variety of applications can take advantage of this new class of electronic intelligenc… - 09/03/2015

Sony's Wena Wrist Crowdfunding Target is Smarter Than it Looks
There's an old saying in the acting community as I once heard it, attributed to no less than Mark Twain: "It takes a genius to act like an idiot." That possibly-apocryphal quote actually makes for a noteworthy blurb explaining Sony's new Wena Wrist, … - 09/03/2015

Razer Nabu: More Than a Fitness Band, Less Than a Smartwatch
Between Fitbit, Jawbone, FuelBand, Basis and countless more fitness bands, one might correctly assume that the market is a bit oversaturated at present. But where the majority of developers would bow out and take their ingenuity elsewhere, Razer has … - 09/02/2015

Huawei Watch Goes for the Gold with $800 Price Tag
Even the casual observer needs to pause and give Huawei its due kudos for sheer nerve as it recently-if accidentally-dropped word of its upcoming Huawei Watch. An Android Wear device, it's not so much the oddly on-the-nose name or its operations that… - 09/02/2015

Batteries: One of Wearable Tech's Biggest Problems
While technology itself has advanced considerably over the course of the last 20 to 30 years, one technology that's still a bit behind the curve is battery technology. The technology that stores the power necessary to run devices when an outlet isn't… - 09/01/2015

Wearables Market Demands More Than Step Counting
Amid the maturation of the consumer wearables market, demand for its products saw a peak this past January but has since experienced a slowing of that growth. Consumer expectations are pushing the market far, and not all companies in the field may be… - 08/31/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Series B Funding Rakes in $24 Million for Avegant
Earlier this week, Avegant announced that it has completed a round of Series B funding in which it raised $24 million. Chinese mobile gaming company Lian Luo led the round, along with the Bunting Family Fund. Intel Capital and NHN Investments, who or… - 08/28/2015

More Android Wear Devices Hit the Market
While the Apple Watch may have grabbed the tech headlines, Android device makers are following suit with a series of smart watches based on Android Wear, according to CNET. - 08/27/2015

Microsoft Patent Uses Electric Shock for Email Notification
Anyone who's ever been in the middle of a meeting and missed a phone's vibration-based notice of an incoming text or email may find some use for this electrifying, new innovation. A Microsoft patent will deliver "electrical stimuli to the skin of a u… - 08/26/2015

New Wearable Device Can Keep You Safe from Harm, or Worse
In addition to undeniable cool factor of wearable tech-think spy-like smartwatches, shirts and sports bras that can measure heart rate, clothes with built-in air conditioning, and much more-this space has plenty of room for noble and potentially life… - 08/25/2015

Identiv, Chronicled Develop SmartLabels Counterfeit Protection
Global security technology company Identiv recently announced that it has been working with Chronicled, an organization that tracks authenticity of brand name shoes, to develop wearable sensors for counterfeit protection. - 08/24/2015

Swatch's Expansion Programs Carry On, New Devices to Follow
Children of the 1980s and 1990s might remember Swatch as a goofy but fun wristwatch brand popularized by a short-lived Fox television series. But in recent years, Swatch has modified its public persona and brought out a variety of new tools to take a… - 08/24/2015

Ralph Lauren Puts Sensors in Your Polo for $295
There has been word, for quite some time, that Ralph Lauren would one day be stepping into the wearable technology arena by combining that Ralph Lauren fashion sense with tech innovation. That crossroads appears to have come to pass, as pricing and a… - 08/21/2015

Misfit & Speedo Release the Speedo Shine Swim Tracker
Back in late February, when the world started to seem like it might have a temperature setting other than "cold," we had a look at the Misfit Shine, and found it to be a versatile, capable device, even if it was a bit hard to actually get started wit… - 08/19/2015

Apple Watch on Pace to Close 2015 with 68 Percent of Smartwatch Market
Wearable technology had long been a part of the technology market as we knew it, but the idea of wearable tech for regular users really hadn't sunk in until the Apple Watch made its appearance. Now, a new report from Tractica suggests that the Apple … - 08/19/2015

Researchers Perfecting Tough, Flexible Transistor
When it comes to wearable tech, it appears that new devices are being produced every day. One new piece of technology that is gaining some much deserved attention is a new stretchable and durable piece of electronics that researchers say could be fit… - 08/18/2015

Who is Winning in Wearables?
As part of our mission to answer the question, "What are consumers buying online?" we are inspired to keep up to date with the most current category trends in eCommerce. We often study nascent categories, such as Drones or Virtual Reality Glasses or … - 08/18/2015

Survey: Consumers Prefer Keeping Wearable Device Data from Insurers
According to recent research, a majority of those surveyed indicated that they are not willing to share data collected from wearable devices, even if it meant receiving a discount on their health insurance premiums. - 08/17/2015

Wearable Tech Seeing Rapid Expansion in Enterprise Apps
It appears that we are about to see a lot more enterprise applications for wearable technology. - 08/17/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Compass Intelligence, uSens, Smartwatches, Sensoria
In many ways, wearable technology is completely redefining how we view the concept of "technology." For example, a shirt is technically a form of technology-granted a very ancient and simple one-but nobody refers to clothing as technology anymore, an… - 08/15/2015

Sensoria Extends its Line of Smart Clothes Beyond Socks
Sensoria, a wearable fitness maker, understands that whatever form fitness trackers take, they need to be readily wearable. I've seen several different kinds of fitness trackers; some are easy to wear and others require a lot more extra effort than s… - 08/13/2015

Traditional Watch Sales Suffer Large Drop in June - Are Smartwatches to Blame?
According to NPD Group, a jewelry industry research firm, sales of traditional watches in June totaled $375 million in the U.S., an 11 percent drop from June 2014 sales totals. It represents the largest such decline since the financial crisis of 2008… - 08/12/2015

Comings & Goings: Brad Craig Hired as New Head of Vuzix Developer Relations Program
Vuzix, the manufacturer of the iWear Video Headphones, announced earlier this morning that they have hired Brad Craig to be their Director of Developer Relations. This move comes as Vuzix is looking to increase the production of their Video Headphone… - 08/10/2015

uSens to Demonstrate New Features in Virtual Reality
uSens may have just made a breakthrough for VR technology. They have announced and will demo two new features for their Impression Pi VR system that will dramatically increase the viability of VR. - 08/10/2015

Study: Enterprise Wearables Have a Bright Future
Compass Intelligence and Mind Commerce have announced a joint study on the future of wearable technology in the enterprise. - 08/10/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Google Glass, Infertility, Security, More
What a week we had in the Wearable Tech World. We saw Google Glass rise like a phoenix from the ashes-this time all decked out for enterprise use-we were introduced to something called "Octocool," and we found out that wearable technology can provide… - 08/08/2015

CrowdOptic Ushering in First Wave of Software Patents in Smart Glasses
It has a been an observation by several pundits in the tech business that most things that get classified initially as revolutions end up being evolutionary in terms of the timing of when their transformative value is fully realized. A case in point … - 08/07/2015

Smartwatches Pose Security Risks
Smartwatches are gaining more popularity, especially after the launch of the Apple Watch. As with any Internet-connected device, there are inherent security risks, according to MobileIron. - 08/05/2015

Wearable AC: Clothes Don't Get Much Cooler Than This
It's been a little less than a month now since all the snow melted in Boston, so it's safe to say that summer is officially here. This means the race to beat the heat is underway in many parts of U.S., and no piece of technology is more pivotal in th… - 08/05/2015

Wearable Device Security: Are You Scared?
Technological advancements have continued to create a world where quite anything is possible. Some of the latest technologies in the consumer space include smart devices that do everything from measure our fitness and health, to understanding when to… - 08/04/2015

A Router You Can Wear? It's Now Possible
Most everyone, at one time or another, has run into an issue where having communications in the field is vital, but unavailable. Having to fall back to a location where communications are active in order to carry out those parts of the day can cost t… - 08/03/2015

Can Wearable Tech Provide an Answer for Infertility Issues?
Having a baby, I've been told, is one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences in a person's life. For the many women who struggle with infertility issues the possibility that this experience might not be one they will ever get to have-is to… - 08/03/2015

Medical Care Alert Launches New Emergency Pendant
Medical Care Alert, a manufacturer of wearable medical alert products for senior citizens, recently announced the launch of its HOME & AWAY ELITE pendant. - 08/03/2015

Google Glass 2.0: This Time It's for Businesses
Google Glass! What exactly went wrong with this device? The answer of course depends on who you ask, because there are two camps with polar opposite views of this technology. The camp that liked it, really liked it and they showed their enthusiasm by… - 08/03/2015

Wearables Go Back to School
Wearables are a hot topic at the moment: from smartwatches to heart monitors, the applications for this category of the Internet of Things have been making headlines. And increasingly, wearables targeting the education vertical are gaining a higher p… - 07/29/2015

Maxim Integrated & NVIDIA Get Together for a Better Driving Experience
Driving is one of those things that's often regarded as a necessity; we drive to work, to accomplish our various errands, and the like. But it's not often regarded as something we do for fun or to relax, and that's kind of a shame. Maxim Integrated P… - 07/29/2015

Jewelbots Friends Bracelets Teach Girls to Code
With every new technology, it seems that the youth are the first to see its potential: the Internet, social networking, smartphones, and now wearable devices. Jewelbots are a series of electronic friendship bracelets that are intended that not only g… - 07/28/2015

Vuzix Announces Prescription Smart Glasses
Vuzix has announced that its M100 Smart Glasses are now available in a prescription format. - 07/28/2015

Lycos' Wearable Devices Make the Jump to iOS
It wasn't so long ago when we first heard about new wearable devices from Lycos, which once had been primarily known for its search engine. This pair of devices-the Lycos Life Band and the Lycos Life Ring-were set to offer some unique new features to… - 07/28/2015

Nike Settles FuelBand Lawsuit, Will Give Partial Refund
Nike and Apple have reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit that claims that the Nike FuelBand, a wearable fitness tracker that was developed in conjunction with Apple, does not perform as advertised. - 07/28/2015

Best Buy to Become First Non-Apple Retailer to Sell Apple Watch
It has been in a series of small steps, but the Apple Watch is slowly becoming more accessible to buyers. Originally, when the Watch debuted in April, customers could only purchase it online through Apple. Last month, Apple began to also stock and se… - 07/28/2015

Contrast Optical Has Something New in Head-Mounted Displays
The head-mounted display (HMD) has been an object of technological desire since at least the late 1980s, where popular futurist tale "Back to the Future 2" showed us a future involving head-mounted televisions at the dinner table. But the current cro… - 07/27/2015

$500 Billion in Purchases Will be Paid for with Wearable Devices by 2020
Any innovation that drives a smoother process at the point of sale (POS) is a godsend these days. Take for example, mobile payment systems that are employed during holiday rush at some of your favorite stores. Cashiers may walk along a growing line a… - 07/27/2015

Apple Watch Takes Big Chunk of Second Quarter Global Smartwatch Market Share
There were some who thought that the Apple Watch would prove to be a pricey boondoggle, but a new report from Strategy Analytics says that, in some ways, the Apple Watch was actually a huge success. Indeed, for the second quarter of 2015, the Apple W… - 07/23/2015

App Developers Focus Efforts on Devices from Trusted Brands
There's an old saying often given to budding writers: write what you know. The suggestion essentially calls on the newcomers to focus on those areas in which there's already a certain level of expertise. This old platitude doesn't seem to be limited … - 07/23/2015

Are Customers Satisfied with the Apple Watch?
Ever since its reveal last September, the Apple Watch has enjoyed an incredible hype factor. Apple fans and casual users alike were incredibly curious about the wealth of features and potential connectivity the Apple Watch could offer. It's now been … - 07/20/2015

DirectView Holdings to Join US 4G LTE Network
DirectView Holdings, a provider of video surveillance equipment, recently announced that it will soon make its body-worn cameras available for connection to "America's largest 4G LTE network." - 07/16/2015

Webfortis, Microsoft to Develop Apple Watch App for CRM
Webfortis, a developer of enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) software, has jointly announced with Microsoft that the two giants will collaborate to develop an Apple Watch app for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Parature customer service… - 07/15/2015

New Android Wear Update to Allow Watch-to-Watch Communication
The newest Android update will reportedly include a feature that allows Android Wear users to communicate with each other directly through their smartwatches. Phandroid is reporting that Android's newest feature, called Together, will allow people to… - 07/13/2015

Wearable Psychology: It takes More Than Data to Motivate Users
If you're like me, you've probably bought a wearable that tracks your steps in hopes it will inspire you to walk more. And if you're also like me, you learned quickly what it takes to reach your daily goal and started leaving your gadget collecting d… - 07/08/2015

'It's Pizza Time' Says the Apple Watch
Part of the beauty of ordering Domino's online or with the mobile app is that it doesn't require putting on real people clothes and you don't actually have to talk to anyone over the phone (however you can talk to "Dom," the official e-voice of Domin… - 07/07/2015

EyeControl Set to Provide New Communications for Those with ALS
ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a neurological nightmare for those who have it, as the disease involves the death of neurons and, in turn, an ever-increasing loss of brain functions. But a new funding campaign on Indiegogo provide a … - 07/07/2015

COGITO FIT: A Smartwatch That Keeps You Active and On Trend
The market for wearable tech devices is hotter than ever right now. Predictions from Transparency Market Research estimate growth of 800 percent from the time between 2012 and 2018. Meanwhile, Visiongain says the value of the global wearable tech mar… - 07/01/2015

GYENNO One Wristband Destroys Crowdfunding Goal; Offers Exciting Prospect
When a crowdfunding goal is met, it's greeted both with celebration and a kind of quiet awe; strangers believe in the vision sufficiently enough to give it their own hard-earned money. That's a responsibility that's not to be taken lightly. But what … - 07/01/2015

Kuai Represents the First Ever Multisport Headset with Biometrics Tracking
Fitness trackers are absolutely everywhere in the wearable tech market, so when a new one emerges, it's actually a good sign for innovation. Why? Because in order to compete in such a saturated market, it means any new arrivals have to have a new com… - 06/30/2015

University of Tokyo Researchers Create Stretchable, Conductive Ink
Readers here know all about wearables: fitness watches, motion-sensing arm bands, and smart glasses. Those are all great, but what if the next wearable was actually a part of the clothing people wear every day? Researchers at the University of Tokyo … - 06/29/2015

Intel Buys Its Own Smart Glass Company
While many have professed the demise of Google Glass, Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, told the Wall Street Journal the company is making Glass ready for users; that could be corporate speak for anything. And while Google, which started the s… - 06/26/2015

Why Wearable Companies Need to be More Narrow-Minded
Another key issue that is addressed by Recon's specific use case is battery life. Recon claims to have six hours of battery life on its device. This would not be nearly enough for a general purpose device (think Apple Watch). Since Recon is specifica… - 06/26/2015

Interested in a $16,163 Apple Watch? Check Taiwan
What keeps people from buying an Apple Watch? For some, it's the lack of value associated with it, or the "I wouldn't use it anyway" mentality. For others, it's the price tag involved. But in Taiwan, consumers are about to see the full force of an Ap… - 06/25/2015

Google Shows Off a New Health-Tracking Wristband System
Google X is an unfamiliar part of Google for many; more specifically, it's the research arm of Google, one that's responsible for a great many unusual and innovative applications. Google X has previously had a hand in the self-driving car project and… - 06/24/2015

Can Wearable Technology Improve Airplane Construction?
We've seen wearable technology do a lot of things. It's given us a wonderful heads-up replacement for the GPS, it's brought Minecraft to life via Microsoft's HoloLens, and it's given us a host of options for keeping fit with fitness trackers. But now… - 06/23/2015

Wearsafe Tag is Wearable Tech with a Different Aim
Wearable tech is only getting more popular as we move further into the 21st century. While there are plenty of people in North America that love their wearable devices, the trend is by no means an American one. Popularity for wearables is growing on … - 06/23/2015

The Birth of VR: The Next Big Thing or the Next 3D?
There is no doubt that VR and its AR variant will transform how we see the world, and industries ranging from gaming to healthcare, but only if all of the elements are in place. This time it looks like we are close in hardware but the acceptable leve… - 06/23/2015

Jabra Launches Wireless Earbuds Geared Toward Cross Training
Jabra, one of the industry's leading audio manufacturers, announced the release of the Jabra Sport Coach, the first wireless headphones aimed specifically at users who want music and online coaching for cross training. - 06/23/2015

Wearable Tech Becoming a Bigger Focus for the Enterprise
There is very little doubt that wearable tech is only getting more popular all over the world. What is a relatively new revelation is that the market is moving from something that is considered a consumer niche and is gaining more interest from the e… - 06/18/2015

The Coming Revolution in Activity Measurement
Not content with its push into the automotive industry, Silicon Valley now appears primed to become a formidable force in healthcare. All of the tech titans seem to be developing platforms for collecting and aggregating personal health and fitness in… - 06/17/2015

Fitbit to Potentially Launch IPO at Value of $656 Million
Fitbit has been marketing its share sale to investors since the early part of June. Before its initial public offering (IPO) on the stock market, it has seen share offers as high as $16 each, but a prospectus filed this past Tuesday noted that the pr… - 06/17/2015

Nuance and APX Labs Collaborate on Voice Controls for Smart Glasses
There's often been one big problem cited with smart glasses: controls. Sure, smart glasses are a natural fit for display, but how to tell smart glasses what to display and when can sometimes be problematic. There's no keyboard, no mouse-many of the c… - 06/16/2015

PureWrist Represents Next Step in Tap-and-Go Payments
Paying for products has gotten more and more convenient in recent years. Credit card companies began by rolling out quicker payment methods like Discover Zip and Visa payWave, services that allowed customers to simply tap their credit cards on a scan… - 06/16/2015

BeBop Smart Fabric Sensors Pick Up the Wearable Tempo
For those in the know about wearable technology, BeBop Sensors is a company with a line of sensors geared toward making fabric smarter. These sensors apparently work quite well, too, as the company recently landed an award from Frost & Sullivan, the … - 06/15/2015

Project Jaquard Looks to Increase Comfort, Accuracy of Wearable Tech
Last month, Google announced the green-lighting of Project Jaquard. Jaquard is a special fabric that has the ability to communicate with electronic devices, especially smart phones. Google also announced a partnership with Levi Strauss, which will be… - 06/15/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: QiLaunch Wear, Xiaomi, Chronos, APX Labs
When Google Glass was first introduced, we saw videos of employees riding on bikes, canoeing and skydiving. These were all scenarios designed to show you that the device could be part of your daily life recording all of your activities for posting. H… - 06/13/2015

Drowning-Prevention Headband Receives Enormous Crowd-Funding Support
As summer heats up, more and more children will flock to their local pool in an attempt to keep cool. Unfortunately, they are also flocking towards danger. The Center for Disease Control cites drowning as second to only motor vehicle accidents as the… - 06/12/2015

Quantum Interface Launches New Interface with Predictive Navigation
When these movements are done, the application judges what the user wants and actually moves towards the user and opens up the next level of information. By doing this, the the company has a more immersive experience that brings more information to t… - 06/12/2015

Wearable Tech: 'Big Brother' for Health Coverage?
Some believe that there are ways to improve healthcare coverage thanks to wearable technology, though others believe that in this case the cure may be worse than the disease. - 06/12/2015

APX Labs Steps Up Wearable Presence With Skylight R5 for Smartwatches
Increasingly, wearable technology looks more like the province of the enterprise than it does the consumer. Sure, there are exceptions, but the enterprise is flooding into wearables and, in turn, causing many new developments with the enterprise in m… - 06/09/2015

Xiaomi Mi Band is Second-most Shipped Wearable in the World
Readers may or may not already know that the second-most shipped wearable in the world right now is the Xiaomi Mi Band. - 06/09/2015

World Live Neurovascular Conference Features Glass Solution for Treating Stroke Patients
We always think of modern medicine as a, if not the, place to look for (pardon the expression) "cutting edge" technology innovation. Regardless of medical practice area healthcare practitioners are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve th… - 06/08/2015

Smarten Up Your Current Watch with a Chronos Disk
I confess to being a "dumbwatch" owner. More specifically, it's a Pulsar solar with luminous hands and plenty of sentimental value attached to it. Though it does little more than tell me the time of day and the date of the month, I can't imagine ever… - 06/08/2015

Wearable Tech Gives Lycos a Whole New Life
Those who have been on the Internet from its earlier days of consumer life may remember Lycos as a search engine, on par with Hotbot or Altavista. But with the tectonic changes that have taken place on the Internet over the last 20 years or so, Lycos… - 06/08/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Qualcomm, Fujitsu, Drip
The most popular form of wearable devices is the fitness band. Smartwatches are gaining popularity because we have a lot more companies manufacturing them. I did not know this until last week, but Best Buy has a rather large smartwatch section. Wheth… - 06/06/2015

Lycos Launches Wearable Devices
Those who have been surfing the Web for a while will likely remember the Web portal, Lycos. There was a time the company was one of the most successful in the world, long before Bing or Google or Yahoo were the powers they are today. Since those othe… - 06/05/2015

Drip Brings Dropcam Images to Your Apple Watch
It should come as no surprise that developers are working hard to find new and innovative applications they can offer on the Apple Watch. While the device is plenty new, there is plenty of demand and more and more application makers are beginning to … - 06/05/2015

Wearable Caloric Intake Monitoring: The Good, The Bad and The Maybe
Although there has been excitement about some crowdfunding efforts to measure caloric intake and some progress has been made, automated monitoring of caloric intake remains challenging. This article briefly reviews the progress toward wearable techno… - 06/04/2015

Qualcomm Working With Google On Project Tango
When it comes to the smartphone wars, especially between Google and Apple, the battles are still just getting started. One way in which Google is fighting those battles is by working in conjunction with Qualcomm in order to use its Snapdragon 810 pro… - 06/04/2015

Enterprise Markets Will Prove a 'LifeBooster' for Wearable Tech
Samsung, Apple, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Disney … the list of visible and popular brands that have made a run at the wearables space is long. - 06/03/2015

Google & Levi's Get Together to Make Sensor-Packed Clothes
Google seems to be taking the wearable tech concept to heart, joining up with Levi's to give Project Jacquard a leg up and bring more sensors to clothing. - 06/03/2015

Fujitsu Laboratories Announces Web Application Virtualization
This distributed processing also takes advantage of local scanning to determine the user's operations and performance of the device. The server can then respond to expected actions and more efficiently deliver code to the user. - 06/03/2015

Wearable Technology in UK Gaining Popularity
As we go further into 2015, wearable technology is only getting more popular. When it comes to the most important aspects of this particular market, customers are saying that fitness tracking and faster payments take the cake. A new research report f… - 06/02/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Lenovo, Verizon, Videotron, Echo Therapeutics
You may have noticed that there is a constant cycle of trying to make things as small as possible, only to start making them bigger again. Smartwatch technology lends itself to the small size of things. Face it, if the display is going to be at large… - 05/30/2015

Lenovo Debuts Smart Watch with Second Screen
The use of a second screen is an interesting concept, but it still remains to be seen whether customers will actually want or need one. People usually glance at a watch before putting it back down again. Lenovo said it wanted to make using its watch … - 05/28/2015

TV 'At Hand' via illico App for the Apple Watch
Videotron announced recently that it had released illico, a new app, available free of charge, for the Apple Watch. With illico, users can control their viewing experience without using a traditional remote device and easily view more content on dema… - 05/28/2015

Verizon Flowchart Leads Readers to the Right Fitness Tracker
With all the new wearables appearing in the fitness market, it can be hard to decide which one is the right fit. Luckily for those people who are still on the fence, Verizon Wireless has posted an infographic that can lead prospective tech-fitness bu… - 05/27/2015

Can We Build an Eye? Google Impact Challenge Pushes Tech for Disabilities
Google is offering up $20 million in Google.org grants, targeting nonprofits that put new technologies to work in improving independence for those with disabilities. That's a great step, but the Google Impact Challenge takes it farther, opening a cal… - 05/27/2015

New Wearable Glucose Monitor Readies TV Rollout
Echo Therapeutics, the medical device company that manufactures a continuous glucose monitoring system, will soon see that system highlighted on several paid television programs across the globe. - 05/27/2015

Attorneys at Fennemore Craig Find Business Solution for Apple Watch
Attorneys at Fennemore Craig, a leading Mountain West law firm, announced today that they have found a new use for the Apple Watch. Integrating the watch's features into their business model, the firm's attorneys are better able to understand their c… - 05/27/2015

Is Your Technology Giving Too Much Information Away?
Whether it's finding locations, providing weather information, or any of a host of other functions, some out there would just as soon go naked as go without a smartphone. - 05/27/2015

Why the Death of the Smartphone is Inevitable
At first blush, that sounds like an unthinkable concept. The smartphone is so deeply ingrained in our lives that "there's an app for that" has become a catch phrase for life itself. Moreover, the smartphone hasn't even seen its tenth birthday yet; ho… - 05/26/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Vuzix, FOVE, CrowdOptic, Ringly
While most people tend to associate augmented reality headsets as being part of their gaming tools, we are beginning to see many more uses for smart glasses. Possibly one of the industries that can see the greatest benefit is in healthcare. Octovis' … - 05/23/2015

M100 Smart Glasses by Vuzix Play Important Part in Octovis' Portable Telemedicine Platform
Today, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), many aspects of a patient's care can be monitored from any location. Octovis is a company that believes that telemedicine could be the single-most important opportunity there is to change the face of hea… - 05/21/2015

FOVE Headset Offers a New Look at Virtual Reality
The Oculus Rift may have started the fire, but there are plenty of folks looking to get into the virtual reality (VR) market. We heard about one such entry, the Dlodlo, not too long ago, and now another one is making the rounds in the midst of a Kick… - 05/21/2015

Tattoo and Patch Wearables Could Hit $3.3 Billion by 2020
No longer is the wearable limited to just a piece of technology you strap to the wrist; it has reached down to small patches, even temporary tattoos, that affix to the skin for a limited period of time to administer medication and transmit data via W… - 05/20/2015

How CrowdOptic and Google Glass are Improving Surgical Training
Most knew that Google Glass wasn't exactly catching on with regular users. There was interest, sure, but there was also plenty of pushback from those concerned about the camera's capabilities and a variety of other points. But enterprise users have t… - 05/20/2015

Dlodlo VR Glasses Bring the Next Generation to This One
While most who watch the virtual reality (VR) markets these days commonly do so with one eye fixed on Oculus and its still-upcoming Oculus Rift, and the other eye fixed on the "everybody else" part of the market, there's one product that slipped into… - 05/19/2015

About.me Introduces Business Card App for Apple Watch
About.me, a site that allows professionals to create personal websites, has announced the creation of Intro, an Apple Watch app that serves as a virtual business card. - 05/18/2015

Ringly Wearables Have Form and Function
Wearable tech isn't just a name, but rather, a clear statement of purpose. In order to be successful in the market, the device must be both wearable and technically savvy. That's a point Ringly tries to address with both high-end aesthetics and power… - 05/18/2015

Wearable Tech Week in Review: Intel Security, Turtle Beach, Allstate
Technology you can wear, whether on a belt, on a wrist, or somewhere completely different, has long occupied a place in the imagination. More and more, the imagined is becoming real, and that means a whole lot of news in the wearable tech market to c… - 05/16/2015

Fujitsu Develops Tags Capable of Measuring Health Conditions
Fujitsu has developed prototypes of a postage stamp-sized sensor capable of detecting movement and physical conditions of the person wearing it. The sensors are part of Ubiquitousware, a new Internet of things (IoT) platform the company recently anno… - 05/15/2015

Motorcycle Riders in Good Hands with Allstate's Apple Watch App
A mobile app also contributes to the image of freedom many people still associate motorcycles with. The smartwatch phone factor might be even easier to use than a smartphone, since riders won't have to fumble for it in their pockets - 05/14/2015

China: War is No Place for Wearable Tech
Reception of the Apple Watch thus far widely varies depending on who you ask. Some say it makes you look stupid. Others say it's the cat's pajamas. One source suggests that it's exceptionally overpriced. But so far, only China has said that, like Goo… - 05/13/2015

NEXTToMe Offers Array of Sensors, Tracks the Unhealthy Things Around You
With spring in the air in the Northern Hemisphere, it's easy to forget the number of environmental hazards that often come along with it. Dust, pollen, and other seasonal particulates can take a pleasant spring day and turn it into a sniffling nightm… - 05/12/2015

How Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) Extend Customer Loyalty
The individuals who make up today's generation of senior citizens are interested in staying active and independent for as long as possible. They have varying levels of mobility, and they engage in a range of activities. Some enjoy traveling and hobbi… - 05/12/2015

Compass Datacenters Puts Wearable Technology To Work In The Data Center
Compass Datacenters has launched a beta software project that is linking mobile and wearable technology with data center management processes in ways that will change the way companies operate and maintain their data center facilities. The pilot proj… - 05/12/2015

Introducing the Forerunner® 225 - the First Garmin® GPS Running Watch with Wrist-Based Heart Rate from Mio, Developers of Industry-Leading Optical Heart Rate Technology
To measure heart rate at the wrist the Forerunner 225 uses a built-in optical sensor that shines light into a user's skin and measures the amount of light returned. Because there are slight changes as blood pumps through the wrist, the sensor detects… - 05/12/2015

Louisville Metro Police to Deploy 988 Axon Body-Worn Cameras on EVIDENCE.com and MediaSolv Solution
TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR), the global leader in cloud-based digital evidence management and body-worn video, today announced it received an order by the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) for its full suite of wearable cameras and dig… - 05/12/2015

Turtle Beach Corporation Partners With American Hearing Aid Associates For Groundbreaking HyperSound Clear™ Hearing Solutions Product
HyperSound Clear, the first-of-its-kind directed audio solution that improves sound clarity and speech intelligibility for individuals with hearing loss. This newly formed partnership will make AHAA - one of the nation's largest and most highly regar… - 05/12/2015

Intel Security Partners with Ingram Micro Middle East
Security isn't a thing to take lightly, and just about any connected device these days is seen as an opportunity by a lot of evildoers out there to gain access to wider networks. Wearable tech is no exception on that front, and Intel Security is join… - 05/11/2015

Wearable Tech Week in Review: Revolar, Apple, Oculus
It's been another amazing week for technology that can be worn like clothing, and in some cases, technology that is clothing. With just a couple months to go until the Wearable Tech Expo arrives at New York City's Jacob Javits Center-set to run July … - 05/09/2015

The Wearable Technology Ecosystem: 2015 - 2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals and Forecasts
With the continued miniaturization of enabling technologies, wearable devices have hit the mass market in a diverse variety of form factors, ranging from glasses to even jewelry. - 05/06/2015

LifeBEAM and Lazer Announce Expanded Partnership in Bio-Sensing Sports Gear
LifeBEAM Smart Helmet, the world's first bio-sensing cycling helmet and the first joint project between the two companies, will be released in two new colors in order to give cyclists more style choices and meet growing demand for the product. In add… - 05/06/2015

Wearables Pioneer Pebble Watch Runs Its Business Like Clockwork On NetSuite
"Running our business on a highly flexible and adaptable platform like NetSuite enables Pebble to scale more seamlessly and helps position us to achieve our longer term goals," said Marin Tchakarov, Chief Financial Officer at Pebble. "As one of the f… - 05/06/2015

A Ship Date for the Oculus Rift Nearly at Hand
The Oculus Rift-describable as the first, best stab at virtual reality made since the days of "Dactyl Nightmare"-has been the topic of choice for a lot of gamers and wearable tech enthusiasts for some time now. But one thing distinctly missing from t… - 05/06/2015

Want an Apple Watch for $83.70? Make One
The costs of things in relation to what we pay for them can often be markedly different. It's always kind of hard to swallow going to the movies and paying $3 for a small Coke when we know full well the costs of Coke syrup and carbonated water. Techn… - 05/04/2015

ABI Research Gets Look Inside Apple Watch
With wearable tech only getting more impressive and more popular all the time, it's not surprising that people are wanting to get a look inside the Apple Watch. Finally people are getting their wish as ABI Research's TeardownIQ reveals a number of th… - 05/04/2015

Going to the Office? BYO Apple Watch
The launch of the Apple Watch heralds the transformation of BYOD into BYOX. How can businesses accommodate #GenMobile's adoption of wearables, while still staying in control? - 05/04/2015

New Smart Necklace Understands Fashion
Mixing and Matching is one of the most fun, and most important, elements of picking out an outfit. This includes deciding which jewelry will complement your wardrobe choices. But sometimes picking just the right necklace or bracelet can begin to feel… - 05/04/2015

Kochava to Support App Analytics and Mobile Campaign Tracking for the Apple Watch
As a mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, Kochava specializes in delivering valuable solutions for organizations looking to harness the potential of mobility. The company announced it is the first to support app analytics and mobile… - 05/04/2015

New Wearable Safety Device Heads to Kickstarter Funding
While many wearable device makers tout personal safety uses, Revolar has a unique take on the concept. When the user presses a button, it sends an SMS message to a predefined list of contacts, along with the location. - 05/04/2015

Apple Watch Not Working? Check Your Ink
It wasn't long ago that some discovered that the Apple Watch's durability wasn't quite all it was cracked up to be, as the device's glass face couldn't survive a four-feet drop onto concrete in a recent video. But a new wrinkle has shown up to make t… - 04/30/2015

Apple Watch: Display Shattering Belies Claims of 'Durability'
Reviewers have at times called the first generation of the Apple Watch "aspirational" and "rough around the edges." Overall, the assessments have been falling in the nice-to-have bucket. But a real-life demonstration of the gadget's ability to handle… - 04/30/2015

Line 2 App Now Available for the Apple Watch
Line2 announced recently that its cloud-based phone service had become available for the Apple Watch. From the wearable device, users will be able to communicate in several different ways. - 04/29/2015

ams Launches World's Smallest Ambient Light Sensor for Next Generation Thinner Wearable Products
'By providing the world's smallest ambient light sensor, ams now enables designers of wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness bands to easily integrate ambient light sensors into the thinnest backlight displays,' said David Moon, senior ma… - 04/29/2015

Juniper Research Forecasts Augmented Reality Market to Reach $2.4 Billion by 2019
Juniper Research has announced a new report that forecasts augmented reality revenues in the enterprise to grow to $2.4 billion by 2019. - 04/28/2015

TE Connectivity Power over Ethernet Extender Reaches 3000 Meters
Fiber cable system developer TE Connectivity has announced its Power over Ethernet (PoE) extender that has multiplied its nominal reach of 100 meters up to 3,000 meters for powered Ethernet. - 04/28/2015

What Intel's Curie is Doing to Make Our Clothing Smarter
For some, Curie conjures images of radium and people being ridiculously exposed to radiation. But for Intel, it's going after images of scientific discovery, advanced learning, and clothing that's a lot smarter than anyone might have expected. The In… - 04/28/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Microsoft, Apple, Facebook
We have seen that the concept of bring your own device (BYOD) to work has created the need for companies to develop policies for their use. Augmented reality devices, smartwatches and a variety of other wearable devices have given us a new acronym, B… - 04/25/2015

Will Enterprises Get Hooked on Wearables?
Wearable tech is not just the latest buzz that's happening around the Apple Watch or Google Glass. The wearable tech market is growing rapidly across numerous industries from healthcare to retail. One area where it's becoming a strong contender is in… - 04/23/2015

AOL Debuts Three Apps for Apple Watch
Today AOL announced the debut of three innovative apps built for the Apple Watch, including Pip, the newly redesigned The Huffington Post app, and the AOL app. Available on April 24, the inventive and simplified apps will include the following featur… - 04/22/2015

With Launch of Trulia for Apple Watch Finding the Right Home is Fun and Fast
Smartwatches in general are predicted to grow in popularity over the next several years. Global smartwatch shipments are forecast to surge over 500 percent from 4.6 million units in 2014 to 28.1 million units in 2015, according to Strategy Analytics … - 04/22/2015

Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator Taps 3 New Early-Stage Companies
The Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator is designed to explore big ideas like these - and others, such as cybersecurity, big data, mobile, robotics, wearables, payments, and infrastructure - with innovators outside Wells Fargo and financial services for … - 04/22/2015

Only 18 Percent of U.S. Consumers Plan to Purchase a Wearable Device, Despite Brisk Apple Watch Pre-Sales
According to findings released today from Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group (CG, www.carlisleandgallagher.com), a business and technology consulting firm exclusively focused on the financial services industry, U.S. consumers are in no rush to pur… - 04/22/2015

Microsoft Releases Updated Version of OneDrive for Apple Watch
Microsoft announced recently that it had released an update for its OneDrive cloud storage app, version 5.3, which will allow Apple Watch users to view and delete photos directly from the device. The latest release is a sign of some interesting devel… - 04/21/2015

Facebook Sees More Than Just a Gaming Device in Oculus Rift
While the Oculus Rift is mostly being viewed as a video game device, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems to think it can be quite a bit more than that. If there is anyone the public should listen to on this kind of thing, it's the man whose company sp… - 04/21/2015

Android Wear to Receive Updated UI and Gesture Control
A recent industry blog post shows off some of the new features that could be coming to Android Wear - the version of Android made specifically for smartwatches and other wearables. - 04/20/2015

Thumbnails: the Trackpads of Tomorrow
NailO is also engineered for personalization. Users can attach surface art of their choice to the trackpad, giving the function some form-an integral part of any wearable device, and one that many innovators might not be giving enough attention. In i… - 04/20/2015

Android Wear Devices Function When Away From Smartphone
While smart watches are becoming hot tech products in the wake of the launch of the Apple Watch, Apple's main competitor, Google, is responding with Android Wear, according to Wired magazine. - 04/20/2015

Immersion Streamlines Haptics with Instinctive Alerts
Haptic feedback is one of the hottest topics in wearables, and Immersion Corporation is trying to make it more relevant by eliminating unnecessary and distracting notifications, according to eWeek. - 04/20/2015

Vuzix Wearable Display Options Land Pair of New Patents
In technology spaces, one of the biggest things to watch in terms of the future is patents. Normally, people like to watch Apple patents as Apple comes out with some real barn-burners, but other companies have some noteworthy patents as well. Vuzix, … - 04/20/2015

Five Wearable Favorites for 2015
Smart wireless devices are no longer limited to phones. Everything from smart glasses, to wristbands, to watches have all been given the smart title, and they're changing the way people live, work and play. According to a recent study by Juniper Rese… - 04/20/2015

Glide Brings First Video Messaging App to Apple Watch
There is little doubt that the Apple Watch is going to be changing the way the mobile device market will move forward. Companies are trying to make sure that when the face of the mobile market changes, they are right there in the thick of it. Such is… - 04/20/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: BMW, Apple, Jawbone
Maybe it is due to the fact that the Apple Watch went on sale yesterday, but it seems that ever since it was announced that most of the wearable news has revolved around smartwatches. With this in mind, are advertisers and marketers drawing into the … - 04/18/2015

iOS Wearables, Smart Home Hardware Top Event Listings
Major electronic shows are constantly appearing as electronics manufacturers attempt to draw interest in upcoming product lines. From the Consumer Electronics Show to the Wearable Tech Expo, a host of events emerge to show off the best in new technol… - 04/16/2015

The Apple Watch Wasn't the iWatch for One Strange Reason
Back when the Apple Watch was beginning to enter the long, strange process of going from rumor to reality, it had its share of speculation about just what the thing was going to be called. Naturally, many figured that Apple would follow the naming co… - 04/15/2015

Fitness Bands Enter the Realm of Mobile Commerce
The push toward perpetual connectivity leaves no mobile commerce niche unexplored. In fact, an innovation in the making will allow fitness band users to shop using nothing more than their lightweight wrist accessories. - 04/15/2015

Summer is Coming: Do You Have Your Paick Watch Light?
It's a strange question to ask, especially since the Paick Watch Light is still gathering pledges toward its construction out at Pozible.com. But for those who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer-and that covers a good swath of the popul… - 04/15/2015

BluePoint Introduces Rapid Emergency Response System To Automate And Speed Law Enforcement Response Times For Schools During Crisis Situations
Once a wearable mobile device or pull station sensor is activated, an alert from monitoring partner EMERgency24 is immediately sent to local law enforcement with the building address and exact incident location using Visual Point Identification (VPI)… - 04/15/2015

Beltone Expands Connectivity with HearPlus™ App for Apple Watch
The HearPlus app for Apple Watch allows hearing aid wearers to tailor individual preferences and accommodate different listening environments in a simple and discreet way. Users will have ven more flexibility at the tap of their wrist to adjust progr… - 04/15/2015

Scanadu and Zensor Join Forces to Form Team Scanadu/Intelesens in Quest for $10 Million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE
Scanadu and zensor were both announced as Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE finalist teams back in August 2014. To win this prize, teams must successfully create a device capable of diagnosing and interpreting a set of 15 medical conditions and capturing fiv… - 04/15/2015

Panasonic and Spartan Race Announce Multi-Year Alliance
"We are very excited to partner with Spartan Race -- a leader and visionary in the rapidly growing obstacle racing industry," said Julie Bauer, President, Panasonic Consumer Products Company. "The Reebok Spartan Race series and its legion of passiona… - 04/15/2015

GAME GOLF Launches Free App Featuring Real-Time Shot, Game Tracking and Rangefinder for iOS and Android Phones
In celebration of GAME GOLF's newest free app and its Irish roots, the company is giving away a once-in-a-lifetime Irish golf vacation. Two players and one guest each, who post a minimum of three 18-hole golf rounds with either the GAME GOLF wearable… - 04/15/2015

If You Build Smartwatches, Advertisers Will Come
The relationship between advertisers and smartwatches within the next few years can be aptly summed up with the subtle tweaking of a famous movie quote: "If you build it, they will come." - 04/14/2015

Dole's Wearable Banana: A Flop or The Future?
So what exactly is a smart banana and how does it work? Essentially, developers open each banana and fill it with wired parts on the inside of the peel, which is then stitched back together. These bananas are then offered to the runners at a specific… - 04/14/2015

Wearable Technology and Its Impact on Retail
Smart watches, connected glasses and even smart contact lenses are gradually making their presence felt in the mass market. These devices are tipped to be the next big thing, capable of running apps that will allow employees and consumers alike to pu… - 04/14/2015

BMW Mini Line Poised to Offer New Wearable Tech Option
It's a point I've often brought up when it comes to Google Glass, but one that a lot of lawmakers haven't been so fond of: augmented reality in the car has some great potential for helping people get around. While the response to augmented reality in… - 04/13/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Apple, NTT DoCoMo, Advicy Drive
A few years ago companies such as Vuzix were demonstrating how their augmented reality headsets were being used in warehouses and construction sites to make the work flow more efficient with the ability to resolve issues on the spot. As wearable devi… - 04/11/2015

Oral Roberts University is Integrating Wearable Technology into its Online Curriculum
Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, Oklahoma is expanding its innovative whole person education philosophy by incorporating wearable technology into its online learning curriculum. A partnership with Garmin will provide online students with its v… - 04/10/2015

NextWorth Solutions Announces Wearables Trade-in Category
NextWorth Solutions, a leader in online and in-store electronics trade-in programs including NextWorth.com, today announces a new trade-in category: wearables. NextWorth now accepts used smartwatches including Samsung (News - Alert) Gear 2, Samsung G… - 04/10/2015

The Lifeguard Internet
If the individual is at a public place, the alert service might either try to "ping or ring" others close by to get confirmation of a medical emergency. Upon confirmation, the service would directly contact a public safety access point (PSAP) -- what… - 04/09/2015

Wearables in the Workplace: Bring Your Own What?
Wearable technology has permeated our personal lives in a plethora of ways. Fitness trackers, smart sensors that help us stay awake on the road, and even small units that can predict bowel movements are all in the works. And while many of these innov… - 04/09/2015

Advicy Drive Looks to Reduce Drowsy Driving Accidents
There is very little doubt that the wearable tech market is only getting bigger by the day. One recent report showed that one in five are planning on purchasing a wearable tech device in the next year. The biggest question for most people, is how to … - 04/09/2015

As Technology Advances, Could Doctor Visits Become a Thing of the Past?
Technology has advanced so much in even just the last decade that really, saying anything is possible, is not an insane statement. From technology that keeps people across the world connected, to cars that drive themselves and even devices that can m… - 04/08/2015

Can Biotech Sensors on Wearable Devices Streamline Mobile Advertising?
Two of the top trending technology-related topics are mobile advertising and wearable technology. As if each of these subjects didn't already have enough questions surrounding them individually-with wearable device loitering just outside the profitab… - 04/08/2015

Silicon Valley Startup Wearality Corporation Unveils Today's Most Advanced Virtual Reality Headset to the Consumer Market
Wearality Corporation has announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign introducing its first product, the Wearality Sky Virtual Reality (VR) headset, featuring a 150 degree field of view. The Wearality Sky is compatible with all 5" and 6" smartph… - 04/06/2015

Harris Poll Survey Finds Patients Want a Deeper Digital Connection with Their Doctors
This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of eClinicalWorks from March 12-16, 2015 among 2,033 adults ages 18 and older. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of the… - 04/06/2015

Android Wear Watch Faces Refined for Any Taste
We create the best available smart phone applications for android powered devices. Our products are available on the Google and Amazon app stores. We are highly competitive on Google Play and are the third competitor on the Amazon app store for smart… - 04/06/2015

Extra, Extra, Read All about it on Your Smartwatch
Small screens are a big area of contention for content creators with crosshairs on smartwatches. While touch controls and adjustments are simple enough, web-browsing and streaming on such a small display seems infeasible. The fact that millions of Am… - 04/01/2015

As Semicon Fabs Eye Solutions for Moore's Law Extension, Pibond Introduces a New Product Line for Logic, Memory, Power and MEMS Devices
With the ever-increasing demand for increased functionality in applications from personal computing to mobile to cloud storage to wearables, the semiconductor industry is targeting smaller and smaller nodes and in so doing has lived up to Gordon Moor… - 04/01/2015

Augmented Reality Could be a Mainstay in Future Gaming, According to Study
Augmented reality (AR) in the form of head-mounted technology splays real-time special effects and interactive virtual environments in any room of the house. Basically, what the film industry has been doing for years in post production now happens in… - 03/31/2015

Tile Launches 'Shared Tiles,' Allowing Couples, Roommates and Friends to Help Each Other Find Lost Keys, Wallets and Even the Car
Shared Tiles are a lifesaver when it comes to items used often by couples, roommates, or coworkers. While Tile helps people find their misplaced items, the bigger impact is saving valuable time and avoiding the anxiety of dealing with a lost object. … - 03/31/2015

NTT DoCoMo Unveils Smart Watch for Children
NTT DoCoMo, the Japanese mobile carrier, has announced a new smart watch that allows parents to track where their children are, according to Akihabara News. - 03/30/2015

Air Canada Launches Apple Watch App
Smartwatches are making inroads with businesses the world over. One of the latest companies to adopt the Apple Watch platform is Air Canada, which recently announced a new mobile application that will provide travel information for its flyers. - 03/30/2015

Olio Joining the Smartwatch World
There is very little doubt that the wearable tech world is only growing by the day. Companies from all over the planet seem to be rolling out their own products with their own little spins on what people already recognize constantly. One new report i… - 03/30/2015

Recon Instruments Partners with SAP SE
According to Recon's latest announcement, its Jet smart eyewear will allow workers in manufacturing, field service, and utilities to get a quick look at necessary business information within their own heads-up displays. - 03/30/2015

Global Smart Wearable Healthcare Devices and Services Market 2015-2019 WITH Apple, At&T, Ee, Google, Samsung, Sprint, Telefonica & T-Mobile Dominating
Smart wearable healthcare devices are defined as those devices that are worn or attached to a user's body to monitor the changes in various organs and body parts. Some of the healthcare devices include smart watches, wearable hand, smart diapers, wri… - 03/30/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Leap Motion, Apple, Samsung
If you are a diehard gamer you may no longer need to buy the newest controller on the market. Wouldn't you be able to immerse yourself even more into the game world if you could use your hands to control your actions? Leap Motion has teamed up with O… - 03/28/2015

eClinicalWorks Announces Integration between Wearable Devices and healow Platform
eClinicalWorks®, a leader in ambulatory healthcare IT solutions, today announced integration between its wholly-owned subsidiary healow® (Health & Online Wellness) and industry-leading wearable devices and fitness trackers. Data from these devices wi… - 03/27/2015

ERI CEO Urges Consumers to 'Look to the Future' With Their Apple Watches
In the CNBC piece, experts warn that as wearable devices go more mainstream, they will likely be targeted by hackers. Even though the Apple Watch won't be available until next month, security researchers are described in the story as already trying t… - 03/26/2015

Wearable Tech and the Password
Now that we are into 2015, things have really moved on, and almost every technology company is producing some kind of Smartwatch. But does it really need to be a dumb device that simply relays messages from your phone? - 03/26/2015

Kenneth Cole Launches Kenneth Cole Connect™ Fashion Smart Watch
Kenneth Cole Connect's assortment of men's and women's smart watches was introduced in March at Baselworld, the international watch and jewelry trade show. Highlights included a photo booth where visitors showed off their favorite Kenneth Cole Connec… - 03/26/2015

Leap Motion Teams Up with OSVR to Bring Hand Tracking to the Headset
Virtual reality headsets are being used in various industries that include construction, emergency rescue and hospitals, but its greatest use takes place in the gaming world. Virtual reality has the ability to put a player, or gamer right into the he… - 03/26/2015

Apple's Dependency Issue: Why the Apple Watch and Apple Pay Need Each Other to Succeed
By now the Internet has had a few days to digest and dissect all the information revealed at Apple's keynote this weekend. The Apple Watch has been the subject of a cavalcade of articles weighing its merits and contemplating it as a fashion choice. W… - 03/26/2015

Desert Valley Medical Center First to Use Leaf Healthcare Patient Wearable Technology in its ED as Part of Hospital-wide Deployment
Clinical studies have shown that Leaf's novel, wearable patient sensor can help medical professionals' efforts to prevent the occurrence of pressure ulcers. One study found that using Leaf sensor increased compliance with hospital turn protocols - a … - 03/26/2015

TeleCommunication Systems' VirtuMedix® Connected Health Platform Selected by Infinity Healthcare and Emergency Physicians Medical Group to Enable Secure Telemedicine Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device
The platform features an intuitive user interface that frees physicians and patients to focus on their interaction instead of the technology. VirtuMedix makes it easy for patients to upload data from their activity trackers and similar devices, while… - 03/26/2015

Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch by Bulgari Locks Away Your Top-secret Data
Nothing says "secret agent" like a chic watch that can store sensitive information. While Bulgari, Italian jewelry and luxury good brand, hasn't suited up for the smartwatch race, they did announce the Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch at BaselWorld 20… - 03/25/2015

Wearable Fitness Market to Have Benefits All Around
Wearable tech is a market that's set to flourish as new devices and gadgets that make our lives better, and easier, are introduced. The applications and possibilities for what is being offered and developed are seemingly endless. Perhaps nowhere howe… - 03/25/2015

Spree SmartCap Takes New Honor as TMC's 2015 Wearable Product of the Year
The Spree SmartCap has already won its share of honors. It landed Sports Illustrated's nod for a "Best in Show" product at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event, and it's also been on the receiving end of several great reviews. Now, it's got… - 03/25/2015

Samsung and TeleHealth Services Announce Completion of New Patient Care Solution to Cut Costs of Interactive Patient Engagement Solutions in Half
The new SmarTigr patient engagement solution dramatically lowers the cost of hospital patient interactive systems while expanding both clinical and non-clinical applications available including electronic whiteboards, patient portal registration, int… - 03/25/2015

CrowdOptic, Augmented Reality @ Work via Google Glass
There have been so many articles about how Google Glass has been a major disappointment that Google CEO Eric Schmidt felt compelled to tell The Wall Street Journal that Google was in it for the long-run regarding Glass. "These things take time," he e… - 03/24/2015

The Australian Property Market on Your Wrist? There's an Apple Watch App for That
It was a widely-circulated joke that, one day, no matter what was said, it could be immediately followed up by the phrase "there's an app for that." Want to know the mating habits of lizards? There's an app for that. Replacing the question part of th… - 03/24/2015

Toluna QuickSurveys Releases Apple Watch Survey Results: Overall, Touch Screen Is Highest Ranked Feature, Millennials Favor Customization
Toluna QuickSurveys, the fastest, most advanced DIY market research platform, polled 1,000 American consumers on their feedback of the mobile giant's newest product. Data ranging from preference of features to purchase intent was collected. - 03/24/2015

First Hack-a-Thons for Apple Watch to be Held in Prague and San Francisco
One of the best ways to spark innovation is by inciting friendly competition among the ranks of innovators. This is exactly what STRV, full service mobile and digital agency, will do during its first and second public Apple Watch Hack-a-Thons this Ma… - 03/23/2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Apple, Tag Heuer, Mango Health
Can you guess what this week's big trend was? Here's a hint: we don't need a smartwatch to know that it's time for the week in review. - 03/21/2015

Omron Healthcare's New Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker Adds Motivation to the Workout
Fitness trackers are perhaps one of the biggest things in wearable devices right now, and with good reason. People like having a better idea of how a workout is proceeding, and how that workout fits into the context of other recently-completed workou… - 03/20/2015

Apple Watch to Get Mango Health's Drug Prescription App
Slightly less than a year ago, a new startup called Mango Health raised $5.25 million in first round funding to develop the company's enterprise business. What is interesting about this company is that most of its top executives come from a mobile an… - 03/19/2015

What Wearables Will Likely Do For Professional Sports
An interesting side effect of the wearable technology market is that, while it's been shown to have plenty of application for basic home use, it's shown just as much-if not more-value for enterprise users as well. Professional sports is one enterpris… - 03/19/2015

Tag Heuer RSVPs to the Smartwatch Party and Brings Guests, Intel and Google
Apple Watch has been the life of the wearable tech world party of late, but Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer is bringing attention to itself with announcements of big plans for its sporty luxury watch, the Carrera. Tag Heuer will be giving it a brain with … - 03/19/2015

UnaliWear Kanega Smartwatch: Functional, Yet Attractive, and Potentially Lifesaving
"I've fallen, and I can't get up!" This is a phrase that resonates with seniors across all walks of life. Popularized by the LifeCall system, the line was used in connection with a line of wearable devices that could be used to summon help in an emer… - 03/13/2015

Survey Forecasts Increased Consumer Focus on Mobile Commerce and Wearable Technology in 2015
Three themes have pervaded trends in mobile technology in the past few months: increases in the number of mobile users, a rise in the percentage of these users shopping on their devices, and growing focus on wearable technology. In fact, a future whe… - 03/11/2015

PGi Brings the Agenday Calendar App to Smartwatches
PGi, a global provider of Web conferencing and collaboration solutions, has launched the latest release of its Agenday calendar app, which includes a few new features as well as a smartwatch app. This release solidifies the app as an essential tool f… - 03/11/2015

The BIG Problem with the Apple Watch: You May Look Stupid Using It
The Apple Watch has been long anticipated but folks seem to look at it like they looked at the iPhone and iPad, they no longer remember the more similar iPod and how painful its first years were. In addition, the use case for the watch hasn't really … - 03/10/2015

Vidyo Brings Video Conferencing Platform to Smart Glasses
Vidyo, Inc., a provider of visual communication and collaboration solutions, recently announced a plan to bring its popular cloud-based video conferencing platform VidyoWorks to smart eyewear devices. As Google Glass and similar offerings continue to… - 03/10/2015

Apple's 'Spring Forward' Lacks Bounce
The display is 12 inches and sports the thinnest display in Mac history at only .88mm thick. Apple has also reinvented the track pad with its innovation of 'Force Click.' Four sensors track pressure and the classic 'click' will be managed by software… - 03/09/2015

Smartphone Could Become Even Smarter Thanks to The Eye Tribe
The Eye Tribe is a Danish startup company, which produces eye tracking technology. The company mainly sells the technology to software developers so the eye tracking device can be incorporated into their applications and programs. The Eye Tribe's sof… - 03/05/2015

Wearable Tech That Can Predict Your Bowel Movements
Wearable technology is all about integrating useful mobile tools into to your life without having to add more electronics to your already-stuffed pockets. In the foreseeable future, watches, glasses, and jewelry will be able to perform many - even ou… - 03/05/2015

Microsoft Eyes Google's Dominance in Wearables with Windows 10
Microsoft is prepping the launch of the Windows 10 operating system, with clear sights on powering if not dominating emerging categories like smartwatches and the Internet of Things. In fact, it's even gunning for Google's Android Wear OS, which has … - 03/05/2015

Pebble Time Steel Gives Pebble Time a New Look
Wearable technology has always been about two key points: the kind of technology the device contains, and the aesthetics of the device itself. If one point falters, the product itself is inherently harmed. Pebble recently showed off the Pebble Time S… - 03/05/2015

More Style and Substance Seen in Newest Smartwatches
One of the many things I have learned is when it comes to technology all of the functionality in the world that can be incorporated will not make you use a device if there is not at least some sense of style behind it. There is no technology that thi… - 03/04/2015

Wearable Tech May be the Next Big Sensor Market
Sensors are an exciting new technology. While for a long time, such devices were the province of science fiction-how much exposition did sensors provide us in the various "Star Trek" installments?-such devices are becoming a large part of the real wo… - 03/04/2015

Wearable Tech Review: Scosche Rhythm Plus Heart Rate Monitor
Wearable technology's versatility is arguably its greatest strength. Sometimes the devices that emerge are complex, and sometimes the devices are much more simple. We've seen a lot of complex devices in recent days, but now we have something a little… - 03/02/2015

Will.i.am's Wearable Tech Startup Hires Tech Veteran Phil Molyneaux as COO
Will.i.am's new startup was bringing Phil Molyneux on board as COO. This particular move shows that the music artist is serious about taking his company from the bottom to the very top. Molyneux certainly understands the tech world, having spent the … - 03/02/2015

Vuzix and Pristine Partner to Offer Optimized Smart Glasses Technology for Enterprises
The idea of augmented reality has been around for a very long time. A few years ago at TMC's first New York Wearable Tech Expo, Paul Travers, who is the CEO, president and director of Vuzix, a company that manufactures and sells computer display devi… - 02/26/2015

Is it Time Wearable Device Makers Invested in the Chronically Ill?
This year, wearable devices were all the rage at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) but it appears most companies mainly focused on shine and flash over function. (Take the "Swarovski Shine" Misfit collection for example). - 02/26/2015

Wearable Market will Soar to $80 Billion
One thing that I learned a long time ago is that functionality without some form behind it is generally not going to be accepted. This is probably more especially true in the world of wearable technology. While the technology may be great, giving you… - 02/25/2015

Valve To Unveil VR Headset
Valve Software, the creator of popular games like the "Half-Life" and "Portal" series, has announced its own virtual reality headset, according to Mashable. - 02/25/2015

Wearables Set to Supercharge the Utility Sector
As phenomena like machine-to-machine technology, smart grid and the Internet of Things (IoT) begin to revolutionize the hundred+-year-old utility sector in the United States, wearable devices are emerging as a way to make operations more efficient an… - 02/25/2015

Wearable Tech Review: Misfit Shine
Versatility is one of the truest hallmarks of great technology. Sure, it's great to see the better mousetrap put paid to, but when a system has more than one use, that can be both blessing and curse. A system that can do a lot of things can be extrem… - 02/24/2015

Pebble's Next Generation Smartwatch May Have Leaked
With the Apple Watch likely to be arriving in an April launch, there's little denying that the wearable tech world as we know it is about to be very much shaken up. With a new "hero device", as Tractica's Aditya Kaul put it recently, about to hit the… - 02/24/2015

Tractica: Wearable Device Shipments to Grow Tenfold Over Seven Years
There are some out there who believe that the tablet and the smartphone, disruptive technologies that fundamentally shook the PC market, will in turn be disrupted by the rise of wearable devices. On a certain level, this makes sense, but it's going t… - 02/23/2015

Wearable Tech Review: Pear Training Intelligence
There are a host of fitness trackers out there, some that work extremely well and others that make you wonder how they even got on shelves in the first place. Our friends out at Pear Sports, meanwhile, sent out a Pear Training Intelligence system for… - 02/18/2015

Apple Watch Suppliers Reportedly Producing Nearly Six Million Units In First Quarter
With the Apple Watch release date almost upon us, rumors have turned from what people will be able to do with the device and started focusing on just how many will be available when it finally hits store shelves. - 02/18/2015

JOT Automation Develops Automated Test System for Wearable Devices
Wearable devices are a rapidly-growing part of life for a lot of people. Between fitness trackers that help keep us all in stride, and more enterprise-focused devices that help provide information and the like in the field while keeping hands free to… - 02/12/2015

Wearable Tech Review: The Spree Smartcap
Wearable technology is a powerful new tool, and the sheer variety of functions it can serve is perhaps the most amazing part of all. For wearable technology, fitness tracking is one of the biggest functions served, and so there are a variety of tools… - 02/11/2015

Fitness Beating Out Health Wearables: Not Good
Fitness wearables are all the rage, but the sector is quickly moving into ugly territory. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates hard-core medical devices, but wearable manufacturers have been pushing the envelope toward health management. … - 02/10/2015

Swatch Readies Wearable Smartwatch, Squarely Targets Apple Watch
Swatch was easily one of the biggest names in wristwatch, particularly back in the 1980s and early 1990s. When it came time for a plan to be executed in Fox's "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" series, the call went out to "synchronize Swatches," and immediat… - 02/09/2015

Vuzix and HeadApp Combine For a High-Flying Event
The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses have sometimes been regarded as one of the biggest things in the field of wearable tech, which is itself just getting started. But Vuzix, according to current reports, has some clear plans to fly high right out of the gat… - 02/04/2015

2015 Senior Wearables Predictions
There are many reasons for parents to be concerned about their children. On the one hand, there is a lot going on in the world today, which is something that has made parents more conscience about the safety and wellbeing of their children. On the ot… - 02/04/2015

McAfee ITEXPO Keynoter Talks Safeguarding Your Critical Information in a Sea of Security Hacks
In the surge of intelligent technologies and wearables devices, consumers are sharing and entering more personal information than ever before. Consider the type of information your Fitbit tracks, for example-everything from your weight to your height… - 01/29/2015

Is Wearable Technology Headed for the Enterprise?
"Wearables are penetrating into the enterprise and they will only grow from there," Beau Wilder, Director of Strategic Solutions for Plantronics, said during a breakout presentation today at ITEXPO titled "How Wearable Tech Will Change the Enterprise… - 01/28/2015

Apple Watch Expected to Boost Mobile Charging Market Big Time
The global market for wireless power and charging devices is expected to explode in 2015, according to some rather prominent industry analysts. IHS Technology has actually said that this particular market is going to grow by more than 3,000 percent c… - 01/22/2015

Google Glass, Microsoft and Magic Leap Look to Dominate Augmented Reality
Google Glass, the $1,500 wearable computing eyewear that has been the butt of many a "Glasshole" joke, is being retired this week. But Google is planning on using the intellectual property from the project to create a new division that will work on t… - 01/22/2015

Wearable Tech with a Twist: Chipp'd Lets Users Share Customized Content
Wearable tech has quickly taken off as a hot market segment for product developers, app makers and end users alike. Typically when we think about wearable tech items we're thinking fitness monitors to help with our health, or glasses and watches that… - 01/19/2015

Comings & Goings: Google Taps Tony Faddell as New Glass Project Head
As of January 19, Google is no longer selling the initial version of Google Glass, which was always billed as something of a test case. The firm has said that a new and improved version of the gadget is expected later this year. It appears that Fadde… - 01/19/2015

iBeacon-Based uRevu: Customer Service Now Better With Wearables
There's little doubt that the uRevu system has plenty of potential value. Immediate responses to issues can be a very powerful way to defuse problems, and there's commonly room for improvement for even the best of customer service representatives. Bu… - 01/15/2015

Under Armour Unveils Fitness Tracking Mobile App
The wearable tech market is only getting that much bigger the further into the 21st century we move. Under Armour needs to get into this world as quickly as possible if it wants to make a real go of it. - 01/13/2015

Major Fashion Retailers Named in Smart Shirt Suit
A number of brand-name companies, including Victoria's Secret and Ralph Lauren, have been slapped with a lawsuit over an intelligent shirt technology. - 01/12/2015

Gym Operators Finding Double Trouble from Wearables & Higher Rents
Even a cursory glance at the wearable technology market will find plenty of clear applications for the technology in question in the field of pursuing better physical fitness. With a host of fitness tracker systems on hand, it's easy to see where thi… - 01/12/2015

The Auto Industry Loves Smart Watches
Automakers and the industry's technology manufactures had a clear message at this year's Consumer Electronics Show: future cars will be controlled via smart watches. It's an interesting position given the relative newness of the wearables industry, b… - 01/09/2015

Apple Watch Set to Hit Wrists this March
For Apple buffs out there, possibly one of the longest waits for an Apple product came as a result of the Apple Watch. Having been rumored to arrive for some time, and under at least a couple of different names, the Apple Watch is finally ready to ma… - 01/09/2015

BlackBerry Dives into the Wearable Technology Trend
BBM, the popular messenger app on BlackBerry, has moved its services to a variety of Android Wear smartwatches. BBM is available on most smart devices including, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and of course, BlackBerry. It is estimated that smartphon… - 01/08/2015

Blackberry Dives into the Wearable Tech Trend
BBM, the popular messenger app on Blackberry, has moved its services to a variety of Android Wear smartwatches. BBM is available on most smart devices including, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and of course, Blackberry. It is estimated that smartphon… - 01/08/2015

What if a Wearable Device Could Let People Know When You're Emoting?
We're no strangers to wearable technology these days. Health conscious people rely on their fitness trackers to let them know how much they've moved and how many calories they've burned. New smart watches can act as a mobile device for your wrist. Th… - 01/08/2015

TapSense Releases New API and SDK for Ad Developers Targeting Apple Watch
TapSense announced recently that it had released a development platform that would allow developers to create advertisements designed for the Apple Watch. It contains both an SDK and an API and seeks to go beyond banner advertising, which the company… - 01/07/2015

Intel's Button-Sized Module is Capable of Powering Future Wearables
We know Intel as being the world's largest semiconductor chipmaker creating the x86 series of microprocessors, which can be found in most personal computers. However as times progressed, Intel was too slow getting onboard with wireless and tablet chi… - 01/07/2015

Spree SmartCap Offers Fitness Monitoring Off the Top of Your Head
Anyone who's ever tried to start on a long-term exercise program knows that the hard part isn't so much the "exercise" so much as it is the "long-term." But for one company, Spree Wearables out of Dallas, turning the short-term resolve of the new yea… - 01/07/2015

Ease of Use Key to Wearable Tech Success
Technology has a way of bringing out fear in people since it was first introduced. The intimidation of the unknown or trying to figure out how to get a new tech device to operate can be overwhelming for any user. - 01/06/2015

Keep Your Children Safe and Healthy with Fashionable Safety Wearable
There are many reasons for parents to be concerned about their children. On the one hand, there is a lot going on in the world today, which is something that has made parents more conscience about the safety and wellbeing of their children. On the ot… - 01/06/2015

Accessory for Google Glass Provides Thermal Vision
If you happen to find yourself in Las Vegas this week, you will notice that today starts the 47th annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which runs from January 6-9. Thousands of exhibitors, journalists and industry experts attend the trade fair, wh… - 01/06/2015

Are You Ready for the Wearable Contact Center?
In case the excitement over the Apple Watch has left any lingering doubt, a recent GlobalWebIndex study has confirmed that the era of wearable technology is here to stay. - 01/06/2015

Head Mounted Display Converts Smartphones to Augmented Reality Devices
At this point, we are all familiar with Google Glass as the device that attracts attention in the field of augmented reality. However, over the past six to nine months we have seen other players getting into the arena and developing their own glasses… - 01/05/2015

Connectedevice's Cogito Classic Lands Golden A' Design Award
Wearable technology has often been seen to grow along two distinct pathways. One, the technology side, in which devices give rise to a variety of new applications and use cases, offering things like fitness tracking systems and GPS systems and even m… - 12/29/2014

Can Volvo, POC and Ericsson's Simple Wearable Device Save Bicyclists' Lives?
I'm fond of a good bike ride myself every so often, and have a particular road in the countryside I favor for such things. But even on that quiet little strip of rutted, patched, and rutted again asphalt, I know how dangerous this pastime can be. Car… - 12/23/2014

Barclays Announces Electronic Glove That Allows You to Pay for Purchases
There is very little doubt that wearable tech is only getting more popular. This has led to a number of different companies looking for new ways to take advantage of that growing popularity. The U.K. Bank Barclays might be one company that has set th… - 12/23/2014

KipstR Wearable Device Keeps Virgin Media TiVo Up and Running
Teenagers aren't exactly famous for technological development. While certainly technological consumption and technological use are clear strengths, development is more the province of those who have studied and trained for years. But sometimes, that … - 12/22/2014

Sony's SmartEyeglass Attach! Slip-On OLED Display Makes Glasses Smarter
It wasn't uncommon, 10 years or so ago, to see slip-on sunglasses that were simply just smoked lenses and a clip that could attach to most any pair of prescription glasses. While the slip-on prosthetic sunglasses didn't always fit well, or even cover… - 12/17/2014

One of Google's Most Popular New Products is Cardboard
Still, Google Cardboard is proving that there's plenty of interest in the VR platform, regardless of what kind of hardware it takes to run it. While that may not prove to be the thing that keeps Google Cardboard in the fight, it's certainly enough to… - 12/15/2014

Biometrics: A Major Part of Wearable Technology
For most people, thinking of "biometrics" usually brings thoughts of security products into mind. Thoughts of wearable technology, meanwhile, commonly don't bring biometrics into the picture at all. However, as Valencell recently discovered, there's … - 12/12/2014

Developing for Apple's Watch - What Lies Ahead
Since Apple's Watch announcement in September, consumers and tech companies alike have been buzzing about the upcoming product and what it will mean for the Internet of Things and, in turn, our everyday lives. With Apple's recent release of WatchKit,… - 12/12/2014

Those Planning on Purchasing Wearable Tech Numbers One in Five
There is no doubt that wearable devices are only getting more popular the farther we go into the 21st century. Just how much popular the technology is getting might surprise some. A new report indicates that nearly one in five (18 percent) of America… - 12/12/2014

If It's Your Wearable, Don't You Own the Data?
With the advent of wearable devices, such as activity monitors, a new data set is being produced: activity and health data powered by you. YOU buy the wearable and YOU are quite literally the engine that produces the data derived from the device. Her… - 12/10/2014

Performance Lab's ARDA Coaching Engine Puts Workout Feedback in Wearables
It's easily one of the toughest parts of exercise, beside the obvious troubles associated with making it a habit. Specifically, that tough part is the sheer isolation of a workout. It can be hard to figure out if it's even being done the right way, a… - 12/09/2014

Strap Gets Funding for Wearable Device Analytics
There is very little doubt that the wearable tech market is only getting more popular the farther we go into the 21st century. While Jawbones and Fitbits are still leading the way with more fitness applications coming all the time, the market has als… - 12/05/2014

Lively Wearable Safety Watch Addresses Needs of the Elderly
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported we are facing an unprecedented situation because the number of people aged 65 or older will outnumber children under age 5 globally. In its Global Health and Aging report, the organization estimates this o… - 12/03/2014

COGITO: A Smartwatch that Does the Job
Wearable tech is perhaps one of the hottest trends in the market. Everything from devices that track our health and fitness, to collars that help us find our pets and even connected sensors in our shoes that help us escape from a bad date - everyone … - 12/02/2014

Cynaps Mint, the World's First 3D Printed Bone Conduction Headset
During TMCs first Wearable Tech Expo in 2013, I saw a device that was originally designed to be a Bluetooth headset that was sewn into the headband of a hat. In this case it was a baseball cap, but it could just as easily be attached to any hat. It f… - 12/02/2014

Everykey, the Wristband that Makes Openings Wearable
If there's one down side to this modern technological era in which we find ourselves, it's the need for security. Trying to keep all those passwords straight can be a tall order, even if one uses a revolving system of two or three basic passwords. Re… - 12/02/2014

KOOM's New Virtual Reality Headset Offers VR Affordably
While large portions of the world are currently waiting with breathless anticipation for the appearance of the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) device on store shelves, there are increasingly large numbers of alternatives heading for those very same … - 12/02/2014

Google Glass Gets a Push in the Workplace with Help from Intel
The fact that Google Glass brought the Internet, recording and playback abilities to your face made it very popular when the device was first introduced in 2012. I am sure that by now everyone has seen the skydiving video taken with Google Glass by S… - 12/02/2014

iHeart Helps Determine Inner Age
The iHeart is a small oximeter worn on a user's fingertip. A user simply clips the monitor onto the end of his finger. He leaves the device on his finger for 30 seconds and waits for it to analyze his pulse before sending information to his iPhone or… - 12/02/2014

Intel Delves into the World of Wearables with Google Glass Deal
A little over a year ago, Brian Krzanich was named CEO and took over the reins at Intel. He quickly took the bull by the horns, so to speak and admitted that mistakes were made in the past which led to missed opportunities in several fields. It does … - 12/02/2014

FitLinxx Announces AmpStrip Wearable Heart & Activity Monitor
FitLinxx, a leading health and fitness technology provider, has announced its first foray into the consumer product industry with the AmpStrip, a revolutionary heart and activity monitor. - 11/24/2014

Epson Moverio BT-200 Gives Carnegie Mellon's Virtual Assistant Whole New Life
Virtual assistants aren't exactly new technology; from Siri to Cortana and beyond, the market is full of interfaces that will allow users to better make contact with the information and purposes desired. But most virtual assistants, particularly thos… - 11/24/2014

Corning Unveils Latest Version of Resilient Gorilla Glass
Corning Inc., a glass and ceramic manufacturer primarily for industrial and scientific applications, has announced Corning Gorilla Glass 4, the newest version of its resilient material designed for consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets. - 11/24/2014

Samsung Gear VR Gets Major Sound Boost From Fraunhofer Cingo
It's a part of virtual reality (VR) that often goes overlooked: the sound. While we often focus on the visual side of VR, looking at the graphics and how things look while in the midst of that amazing VR experience, we don't think so much about the s… - 11/21/2014

Apple Releases WatchKit for Developers
Ever since iOS 8 was launched earlier this fall, Apple has been working on new updates that will allow a number of different functions. On Tuesday, the company announced that the WatchKit development tools are officially available to developers. This… - 11/20/2014

Do People Favor Oculus Rift over Google Glass?
One thing that was made very evident to me when I attended our first annual Wearable Technology Expo in 2013 was just how much fashion plays a very important role in any field. Regardless of how functional a device or product may be, if you do not fe… - 11/18/2014

Ingenic Launches Internet of Things and Wearables Solution
According to American market research, analysis and advisory firm, IDC, while we can expect to see wearable device shipment volumes reach around the 19 million units mark this year, that figure will grow considerably to about 112 million in just four… - 11/17/2014

Wearable Tech Turning to the Fashion World for Pointers
While the technology is still pretty new, there are a number of companies viewing wearable technology as old news. In order to make the older new again, wearable tech is becoming a bit of an art form. The functionality of something like the Jawbone U… - 11/17/2014

Wearable Tech for More Intimate Long Distance Relationships
Most of us who are in a relationship with someone we feel is our 'other half' can understand the desire to be close to them at all times. Regardless of busy work schedules or the need to travel and be away from our partners - there is the always want… - 11/14/2014

Wearable Technology Is Now Available for Your Head
LifeBeam, an Israel-based company, has introduced a type of wearable that can be worn on your head. - 11/14/2014

Wearable Displays May Soon Look Better With Imagination Series7 GPUs
Much thought has been given to how wearable devices look; that's simply part of the package when it comes to talking about wearable devices. Half the point of a wearable is that it's able to be worn, and few will wear an ugly piece of technology even… - 11/13/2014

Samsung: Smartwatches & Other Wearables Aren't Just for Consumer Apps
Wrist-based wearable devices have captured headlines recently as Samsung has rolled out an array of smartwatches; Apple has detailed plans for a smartwatch to become available next year; and Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Nike, Pebble, and array of other c… - 11/10/2014

Microsoft's New Headset Brings Urban Navigation to the Blind
Given that the lifetime cost of a guide dog, at last report, is around $80,000 total-this makes sense given things like food and veterinary care and all-the idea of a simple device replacing the guide dog is one that not only makes personal sense for… - 11/10/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Lark Technologies, Nixie, and Jawbone
It's been a busy week for the sector, with market reports, new partnerships and product releases hitting the scene, so let's take a look back at some of the wearable tech highlights from the week. - 11/08/2014

DynePod Brings IoT to Children's Playtime
Many of the products profiled at TMC relate to the working life of adults. Children, however, also make up a large part of the population, and as such, businesses can just as easily target them with new technologies. Dynepic, a creator of customized … - 11/05/2014

Wearable Tech Gets Affordable: Jawbone UP MOVE Just $50
Wearable tech is one of the hottest new trends taking shape in the gadget and accessories market. Not only are these connected devices you can match with outfits or wear for a statement - they are also helping us gather information, be more efficient… - 11/05/2014

Wearable and Flyable Wrist Camera Maker, Nixie, Wins Intel's $500K Prize
Intel is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise with access to the brightest minds on the planet. It has an annual R&D budget totaling 20 or more percent of its semiconductor sales. In 2013, the company's R&D jumped to 22 percent, for a record high … - 11/05/2014

Westin Hotels Partners with Lark Technologies
Westin Hotels & Resorts has decided to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the iconic Heavenly Bed with the introduction of new sleep technology at select Westin locations. Throughout the month of November, guests at participating facilities are invite… - 11/04/2014

Two New Fitness Trackers on the Way from Jawbone
While there are those out there who believe the fitness tracker is doomed to be rolled over by the smartwatch, which can do most everything a fitness tracker can do and then some, the time of the fitness tracker's demise is clearly not yet. Indeed, r… - 11/04/2014

Smart Glasses Set For Slim Shipments
Wearable technology in general has been primed for some impressive gains even in the short term, but the growth patterns are far from universal. Indeed, while fitness trackers and smartwatches are enjoying some substantial growth in the field, that g… - 11/04/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: If the Shoe Fits
Many of the wearable sensors that we have seen so far have generally been worn around the wrist. This may all be changing very soon thanks to what has been dubbed as the BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor. This is an ultra-thin sensor that can easily… - 11/01/2014

Carriers Reveal Pricing for Samsung Gear S Launch
The smartwatch market is still in its early stages, and manufacturers are still not 100 percent sure how well this product will be adopted by consumers as a whole. As of now, the level of excitement is niche specific, and the vast majority of people … - 10/31/2014

Nintendo Plans Foray into Wearable Tech with Sleep Tracker System
Normally, the first thing most people think about when Nintendo is mentioned is a certain iconic plumber and a video game system lineup that goes back decades. But Nintendo has been on the ropes for some time as far as the console wars go, being larg… - 10/30/2014

New Wearable Tech: Stridalyzer May Help with Preventing Running Injuries
When a person runs, this smart device will calculate the impact and pressure on the foot and the muscles being used by the runner. Using these numbers, Stridalyzer will then be able to predict the chances of injury more accurately. Other than forecas… - 10/30/2014

NuMetrex Offers Heart Rate Measurement in Handy Sports Bra Package
It's a fairly common lament-or so I've heard, anyway-that active ladies who enjoy a workout often find necessary support is somewhat lacking, making what should be a comparatively gratifying experience rather painful and unpleasant instead. Enter the… - 10/29/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: MegaChips Makes Mega Deal for Semiconductor Maker
One of the biggest issues in the wearable tech market-as it is in the mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) market as well-is the issue of the processor. Processors are often required to make technology accomplish all those great things … - 10/29/2014

Touching Virtual Reality with Nimble Sense
While virtual reality (VR) has been making a lot of gains in the viewing side of things-particularly in terms of the sheer number of ways to see it-the other key points of virtual reality, like interacting with it, have been somewhat laggard. But tha… - 10/29/2014

Google Fit App Now Available On Play
Google has just launched a new app for tracking fitness. All a user has to do with the Google Fit app is install it on a supported Android device and carry it around with them during the day. The app will use the phone's sensors to track things like … - 10/29/2014

Apple and Nike Reportedly Teaming Up on New Wearable Device
With the wearable technology industry growing every day, it makes sense that Apple and Nike are teaming up in order to make a new device. Of course, both companies have already dipped their toes into the wearable device waters with mixed results. Nik… - 10/29/2014

BeBop Sensors Breaks Boundaries with New Wearable Tech
A time where we can actually wear and control technology from our clothing may be here sooner than we think thanks to BeBop Sensors. The company has announced the release of their first product: BeBop Wearable Smart Fabric Sensor. - 10/28/2014

Lenovo Smartband Ready to Offer Exercise Tracking & More
The arrival of a new smartband in the market might ordinarily elicit something of a yawn, and not without reason. After all, many might think, the wearable technology market is fairly well glutted with such devices, particularly when the idea of fitn… - 10/28/2014

There's No Place Like Home: Wearable Tech & M2M May Help You Escape a Bad Date
Picture this: You have reached an age in life where settling down starts to become the norm, and suddenly find yourself awash in a sea of baby photos and wedding ceremonies and finally decide to give online dating sites a try - to see if they really … - 10/28/2014

Fitbit Announces Three New Wearables
Fitbit, the leader in the fitness-tracker market, has confirmed the rumors about new technology soon to come to users' wrists. Continuing its mission of creating products that help transform people's fitness goals, the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR… - 10/27/2014

Android Wear Adds New Features
According to a recent report by MarketsandMarkets, the global wearable electronics products market revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24.56 percent and generate revenues of $11.61 billion by the end of 2020. Based on the research the company co… - 10/27/2014

Smartwatches Aren't Smartphones, But They Aren't Smart Enough to Know It
It comes as no surprise the so-called smartwatch market is following its predecessor, with the number of smartwatches increasing regularly. Without question, the highest profile market entry was the long-awaited iWatch… I mean, Apple Watch. And Samsu… - 10/24/2014

Smartwatches Aren't Smartphones, But They Aren't Smart Enough to Know It
It comes as no surprise the so-called smartwatch market is following its predecessor, with the number of smartwatches increasing regularly. Without question, the highest profile market entry was the long-awaited iWatch… I mean, Apple Watch. And Samsu… - 10/24/2014

Did Google Glass Spark an Internet Addiction in One User?
Perhaps the one truly great thing about Google Glass is how it presents information, at a moment's notice, right in front of our very eyes. It's like wearing a laptop or a smartphone, in arm's reach at any time. But having that kind of thing on hand … - 10/23/2014

Student Makes Wearable Tech That Runs On Your Pulse
Whether we're talking about the Oculus Rift, or one of the many fitness trackers currently out, the wearable technology market is one that is growing all the time. One of the reasons this sector is growing so fast is the sheer number of gadgets being… - 10/23/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Google Helps Magic Leap Secure $542 M for Lightweight Wearable Projector
Florida startup Magic Leap has seemingly appeared out of thin-air, with the announcement that it had closed $542 million in series B funding. The funding was led by Google Inc., but also included other prominent investors who are already greatly fami… - 10/23/2014

MeU Brings Us One Step Closer to Personalized Wearable Digital Signage
Despite the emergence of popular brands into the wearable tech market - Fitbit, Apple Watch, Google Glass, and others - I suspect when most average people hear the term, their minds inherently conjure images of blinking t-shirts. You have to admit, y… - 10/22/2014

Is Oculus Rift Headed to Space?
NASA recently invested $1.6 million to Dartmouth University for virtual reality research using the Oculus Rift. The team at Dartmouth's Digital Arts Leadership and Innovation Lab (DALI) believes it may have found a solution to the mental toll of inte… - 10/22/2014

Millennials Expected to be Target Audience for Wearable Technology Growth
Despite the media attention that wearable technology gets, it is still rare to see people walking down the street talking into their smartwatches or wearing Google Glass or the like. However, recent sales reports are showing that the rise of wearable… - 10/22/2014

Microsoft Dives into Wearables
Microsoft has decided to stake its claim in the wearable tech market. The company has recently announced that it is planning on launching its new wearable device within the next few weeks, according to Forbes. While the device is considered a smartwa… - 10/21/2014

NEC Launches a Technologically Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor
A new blood pressure monitor from NEC has been introduced to make the process of measuring one's blood pressure more comfortable with less squeeze, which should encourage users to be more proactive in the management of their health. - 10/20/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Staggering Market Growth
Battery life and charge time have been two factors that seriously affect wearable devices. Just about every device requires power and that means that you will find a standard Lithium ion battery supplying it. These batteries have a limited re-charge … - 10/18/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: The ORA Smart Glass Launched Kickstarter Campaign
When you talk about smart glasses the vast majority of people think of Google, and that is a very big hurdle to overcome if you are a company trying to break into this niche sector. Even Google, with its billions of dollars and access to the brightes… - 10/17/2014

Market for Wearable Sensors Expected to See Sevenfold Increase by 2019
Most people who look at an object only see the face of the device. When you think about it, most people are not concerned with the way something works as long as it accomplishes its task. I fall into the group of people who like to take things apart,… - 10/17/2014

Will.i.am's Puls Smartwatch Offers Strong Features
In a market fairly well jammed with smartwatches-100 million by 2019 at last report-it's seldom a surprise to see one more enter the market. But it's also noteworthy for another reason, as it generally makes observers wonder, just what does this new … - 10/16/2014

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for SensoTRACK
Developed by Sensogram Technologies, the device is worn on the ear and measures and monitors a multitude of factors such as heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, the number of calories burnt, and the number of steps taken d… - 10/16/2014

Apple Rumored to Discontinue Sales of FitBit Devices in its Stores
According to sources who spoke to Re/code, Apple is planning to discontinue selling FitBit devices in its stores within a few months. These devices will be replaced by wearable devices Apple is currently developing. The news comes at a time when a sh… - 10/16/2014

Is 'Loupe' a Better Solution Than Google Glass?
Wearable tech has made rapid strides over the last few years, thanks to advancements made in related fields such as microcontrollers and M2M communication networks. One such device is Google Glass, which has reshaped the way users think about being c… - 10/15/2014

Report Predicts 100 Million Smart Watches by 2019
A few years ago, it seemed that wristwatches were an endangered species, thanks to cellphones effectively replacing them. A new report from Juniper Research, on the other hand, indicates that they're coming back in the form of smart watches. The comp… - 10/15/2014

Smartwatch Survey Demonstrates Variety of Potential Uses
A recent survey conducted by the research firm GfK to collect smartphone owners' opinions towards the potential future of smartwatches yielded some interesting results, showing strong positive reactions to some functionalities and less enthusiasm for… - 10/15/2014

Virtual Reality Goes to the Movies with New Oculus Tools
Back when Facebook first made its moves to buy Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift, there was no shortage of outcry from gamers who thought the new push toward virtual reality (VR) was now sunk thanks to Zuckerberg and crew. But word began … - 10/14/2014

Batteries That Can Charge 70 Percent in Two Minutes and Last for 20 Years
This may soon be something that no one will have to worry about. Scientists at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are looking to address that issue. They have created a lithium ion battery that will not only get up to a 70 percent cha… - 10/14/2014

Research: Digital Health Market to Hit $3 Billion Value by 2019
Wearable technology is branching out in a ton of different ways and healthcare is the most likely market to have big-time success. - 10/14/2014

Spectra7 Releases New VR Gesture Recognition Chip
Spectra7 Microsystems, a manufacturer of microchips made to be used in virtual reality components, recently announced the release of its latest gesture recognition chip. - 10/13/2014

Microsoft's New Android Live Keyboard May Boast Unusual, Key-Free Interface
A keyboard, as the term is commonly understood, generally requires keys, or buttons to press to generate numbers, letters and symbols on a screen. But a new report from the Microsoft research wing suggests that, when it comes to the upcoming field of… - 10/13/2014

Endomondo Updates App For Android Wear
One device in particular that is now compatible with the Endomondo application is the Samsung Gear S, but there are other wearable devices which will work as well. Endomondo made the announcement on the company blog late last week and also gave helpf… - 10/13/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Listening, Seeing and Sleeping in Focus
How do you talk to a swimmer when they are in the water? One company has a solution; Xmetrics is developing a small device that attaches to the swimmer's goggles and will even talk to them. - 10/11/2014

Making Socks Smarter with Sensoria
Wearable tech has brought incredible new products to the fore, from watches with powerful new levels of connectivity to glasses that can display maps and directions directly in front of the user. But sometimes, there are developments that truly boggl… - 10/10/2014

Xmetrics Device Helps Swimmers Train More Productively
Xmetrics is currently developing a device that swimmers wear while training that tracks a variety of data. It not only provides data for analysis after the workout, but also gives feedback during a workout to keep swimmers at the right pace and perfo… - 10/10/2014

Is Connected Sleep the Solution to Our Sleep Deprivation?
Sleep has become an elusive luxury for many people, and this pattern has become common among people of all ages and countries. It is estimated that over two million children suffer from sleep disorders while over half of those over the age of 65 have… - 10/09/2014

Oculus Rift Gets Its Audio with VisiSonics' RealSpace 3D Audio
The wait for the arrival of the Oculus Rift has been almost painful for some of those waiting, but day by day, the pieces of this impressive system seem to come together. - 10/08/2014

Opera Mini Gives Samsung Gear S Complete Web Browser
One of the downsides of smartwatches is that there's often a need to connect said devices to a smartphone to get much in the way of use out of same. But the Samsung Gear S, powered by a Tizen-based operating system, may well be able to step things up… - 10/07/2014

uBeam Presents the Future of Wireless Charging
Wearable technology includes an array of products that allow consumers to wear and use advanced electronic devices. The market is booming as users enjoy the convenience of being always connected through devices that can be easily incorporated in thei… - 10/07/2014

The Internet of Things has a Walking Lane with Universole
One of the great things about a new technology is that there is a rapidly increasing number of applications and new systems that put such technology to work. While some of it doesn't quite pan out the way some had hoped, some of it becomes the new st… - 10/07/2014

Tzukuri Sunglasses Prove Almost Impossible to Lose
Most of us have lost a pair of sunglasses at one time or another. It's surprisingly easy to do; we often take such things off going indoors, set said item down somewhere and simply forget to pick same back up when we leave. But Tzukuri's new sunglass… - 10/07/2014

Dubai Police Now Using Google Glass
While Google Glass has been banned by entertainment venues such as movie theaters, it seems as though the device has become quite popular among a number of different professional fields. The most recent professional field is the police force in Dubai… - 10/07/2014

Subsonica & Google Team Up to Take Wearable Tech on Tour
Rock bands and innovation go together more often than some might suspect. With stage components to consider as well as improvements in social media and marketing tools to manage fan bases, rock bands actually have quite a few tools in the toolbox, te… - 10/06/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Wearables Take Flight
I have learned from past Wearable Tech Expos that while functionality is quite important and something that most people look for in a wearable device, there also has be a sense of fashion instilled into it. You can wear a bulky, thick plastic or rubb… - 10/04/2014

Olio: Defining the Future of Wearables
The wearable tech industry isn't known for its fashion forward choices. Many wearable tech devices, bracelets, watches etc, are bulky rubbery, not something that adds to any outfit. While the Apple Watch has taken it up a notch with a more sleek desi… - 10/02/2014

Smartwatches Make Big Gains in Wearables, But One Feature Stands Out
When wearable tech first got its start back around the age of the calculator watch, it was regarded as the realm of the nerd, of geekdom excelsior, of something that regular people would never actually bother with. But time goes on, and with it comes… - 10/02/2014

Smart Glasses Market to Reach $3.2 Billion by 2019
The latest report from NanoMarkets, an industry analyst company, suggests that the market for optical sensors for smart glasses could reach $3.2 billion by 2019. - 10/02/2014

Japanese Mobile Carrier NTT DoCoMo to Offer 3G Watches for Monitoring Children
Parents who want to keep a close watch on their children are likely to be eyeing a new smartwatch from Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo. The Docotch 01 is a sensor-filled, wearable tech device that reportedly can perform many functions, including a… - 10/02/2014

Intel and Basis Science to Release New Peak Smart Watch
Intel is not entirely new to the market of smart wearables. It acquired Basis Science earlier this year-creator of the B1 Band smart watch. But not to be outdone by announcements of the new Apple watch and the development of other smart devices, Inte… - 09/30/2014

Portal Offers the Wrist-Mounted Communication Vector of our Futurist Dreams
One thing that's been somewhat lacking in the field of wearable tech these days is the concept of the wrist-mounted communications device. Sure, we've never gone wanting for smartwatches that link up to smartphones and provide a wrist-mounted display… - 09/30/2014

Smart Wearable Device Shipments 'More than Quadruple' by 2017
Looking around the news, it's clear that wearable devices-ranging from the smartwatches and fitness trainers we all know to the smart glasses that are just starting to make an appearance-are a rapidly growing sector of the technology market. But it's… - 09/30/2014

New Concept Wearable Camera Literally Takes Flight
A new wrist-mounted device called the Nixie could very well change the way that we look at wearable device functionality - as well as the way we look at ourselves. Nixie is a concept design for a wearable camera that, with the flick of a wrist, will … - 09/30/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Bionym Raises $14M for ECG-Based Wireless Authenticator Wristband
Bionym, a Toronto-based wearable technology startup, has acquired $14M in funding after a successful Series A round. Bionym's flagship product, the Nymi, aims to be a wearable, wireless replacement for passwords, PINs and keys, using the user's own E… - 09/29/2014

ARM Cortex M7 Processor Looks to Power the IoT, Wearables, Robots and Smart Appliances
The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to have billions of connected devices, which will include everything from street lights to refrigerators. As more products are introduced into this ecosystem, the new devices will require processors that are desi… - 09/29/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Sight Set to the Future
Samsung described the latest addition to its smartwatch collection, the Gear S, as having a chic, circular design with customizable screen options, changeable straps and several wearable optimized features, including widgets and combined notification… - 09/27/2014

Smartwatch Tracks Your Budget, Monitors Spending Habits
Having trouble sticking to a budget? Financial guru and news correspondent Nicole Lapin has a solution - the Cash smartwatch, which was developed to help users track their spending and stick to a budget. Users simply enter the amount they spend and c… - 09/26/2014

All 4 Major US Carriers Will Have the Samsung Gear S This Fall
Just about a month ago, I wrote that Samsung had announced the curved Gear S smartwatch would ship in sometime in October. There are two things that set this device apart from most smartwatches, first it will have a two inch curved AMOLED display, bu… - 09/25/2014

Garmin, Universal Get Together on New Branded Activity Tracker
Network TV fans who can't get enough of weight loss stories have likely been enamored with "The Biggest Loser" for some time now, watching the brave attempts of hefty people out to change their lives and lifestyles for the better. One of the biggest-… - 09/25/2014

Automatic Fitting Jackets More Possible with Purdue's Robotic Fabric
Many people-particularly those who were children back in the 1980s-like to chart the flow of technology by one central metric: "Back to the Future 2." Showing us the future of Hill Valley, California fully 30 years ahead to 2015, we saw things of sta… - 09/24/2014

Where the Wearable Device Action is: The Workplace
Corporate and industrial applications - rather than much-publicized consumer applications - will be the initial drivers of the wearable device market. In the enterprise space, compelling applications for wearable devices are coalescing. In the consum… - 09/23/2014

Unity Expands Support for Oculus with Dedicated Add-on
The future of virtual reality technology just got brighter thanks to an announcement at the Oculus Connect 2014 conference: Unity and Oculus have continued their strategic partnership so that Oculus is now fully supported by the Unity engine. As a re… - 09/23/2014

CardsApp Offers Tool to Make Wearable Tech a Great Marketing Force
It's not hard at all to see the gains that wearable tech is making in the field. With more and more users taking advantage of this new form factor, and many more likely to follow, there are also plenty of unusual uses being considered for these new d… - 09/22/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Augmate Looking to Take Next Steps in Smart Eyewear with Big Cash Infusion
The wearable tech world is only getting more crowded as company after company announces they are dipping their toe into the market. Augmate, a wearable tech startup that deals with strategy, development and deployment of enterprise level smart eyewea… - 09/22/2014

Augmate Gets Seed Funding to Develop Enterprise Applications for Smart Eyewear
Although many individuals are intrigued by Google Glass, there are probably many more people that don't see the average person wearing these glasses every day, which is why applications for the enterprise makes more sense at the moment. If properly i… - 09/22/2014

Google Glass Showing Big Time Potential in Surgical Theater
While there are plenty of people who see Google Glass as nothing more than a piece of wearable tech that looks kind of goofy, the technology is plenty useful now and will be plenty useful in the future. Researchers at Stanford University are looking … - 09/22/2014

Keynote Understands Need for Developers to Have Better Testing of Mobile Apps
With the massive amount of wearable tech hitting the market these days, what is a developer to do in order to make sure their solutions are as good as they had hoped? One industry analysis company, Keynote is promoting its Competitive Rankings Report… - 09/22/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Aiming for the Moon
You can say what you want about wearable technology, but they are aiming higher than ever. We know that there are great uses for 3D printing technology here on earth. Probably the first that anybody really heard about this was when someone printed a … - 09/20/2014

Next-generation Space Suits Benefit from 3D Printing
What started out as a very expensive hobby, 3D printing has quickly moved through its growing pains and has become an option for businesses to reliably create products consumers can use every day. The technology has built everything from toys to guns… - 09/18/2014

Beyond Verbal Clues Wearable Tech in on Tone of Voice
Tone of voice can be a very valuable tool in determining mood, and both content and context of speech. A warm compliment turns into a scathing insult with the right shift in tone and inflection, and some people even have a tough time picking one from… - 09/18/2014

US Customs and Border Protection Now Testing Body Cameras
The wearable space has been experiencing explosive growth, from Samsung and Apple's battle over who has the best "accessories" to Intel and Fossil creating fashion-forward wearable technology. And now, wearable tech is making its way into law enforce… - 09/18/2014

Latest Appmethod Release Supports IoT and Wearables
Unlike the devices of the past, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we will experience and interact with everything around our environment. The IoT is going to connect streetlights, parking meters, automobiles, our workplace and homes wi… - 09/18/2014

More Connection, More Problems: Higher Connectivity Comes With a Price
A quick look at the technology environment in which we all currently live suggests some critical points. Every day, it seems as though something new has emerged that can connect to something else, either to a separate device or the Internet outright.… - 09/16/2014

Hurting for Workout Motivation? The Jabra Sport Pulse Can Help
One of the toughest parts about any kind of workout-cardio, strength training, even just a semi-regular brisk walk-is that it can be tough to repeat the process often. After all, there's not much of a reason to it, is there? The scenery doesn't chang… - 09/15/2014

Apple Might Be Going After Celebrity iWatch Endorsements
A story broken by 9to5Mac claims Apple is getting ready to team up with a number of sports celebrities in order to test and possibly market new iWatch. - 09/15/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Accessorizing One Person at a Time
The market for wearable technology is steadily growing, several reports out this year all agree that in the next four years we can expect to see somewhere in the neighborhood of six fold growth. Needless to say, a lot of companies want a piece of the… - 09/13/2014

In the Future of Wearables, the Device Doesn't Really Matter
On the left, there are hundreds (perhaps soon thousands) of wearable devices. Some of them are for fitness buffs, some for medical purposes, and others are glorified fashion accessories - but few of them are well differentiated from similar devices. … - 09/10/2014

Almost Magical: Wireless Charging to Get New App in Wearables
Wireless charging systems have led to truly wireless devices, and though we're only just starting to see such technology, it's making rapid gains. - 09/10/2014

Will the iWatch's Release Kick Off a Firestorm of Wearable Tech?
While there have been some impressive advances in wearable tech, and some exciting new offerings, the spacing is still fairly broad, and many of the releases look vaguely familiar, refinements of material that's currently available. - 09/09/2014

Intel and Fossil to Create Fashionable, Wearable Tech
Global wearable computing is growing rapidly with a wave of "smart" watches that integrate with smartphone technology and other Internet-connected garments (for fashion, gaming, healthcare, for example) expected to come into the market over the next … - 09/09/2014

Phorce Presents First Interactive Smart Bag
Upstart venture Phorce has officially launched the first interactive smart bag, the Phorce Pro. With an onboard battery and connection to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the Phorce Pro provides several novel and useful features while functioning well as … - 09/08/2014

Vuzix Announces Partnership with Salesforce for Enterprise Wearables
Vuzix, a video eyewear and smart glasses supplier, has announced a new partnership with Salesforce Wear that will demonstrate the uses of wearable technology in the workplace. - 09/08/2014

Barcode Scanning Meets Wearable Tech
Manatee Works Inc., a barcode scanning integration company, announced that it has made its Barcode Scanner software development kit available for integration with Google Glass. - 09/08/2014

Samsung Gear S Supported on iPass
The competition taking place between mobile technology manufacturers is responsible for advancing this sector at an incredible pace. Whether it is established companies such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola and Nokia or new comer Xiaomi, new devices and a… - 09/08/2014

Motorola Gives Consumers More Customization Options
If there is one drawback to the current batch of mobile technology being introduced by manufacturers, it is the limited number of customization options available for the devices they sell. As the adoption rate of these devices reaches 100 percent in … - 09/08/2014

Cyborg Unplug Spots Google Glass Before You Can
While Google Glass has made a lot of friends in business recently, offering the ability to access information hands-free and put same to work, the same can't be said for regular individual users. With bans going up on the devices in bars, theaters, a… - 09/08/2014

Google Glass Now Available in Play Store
It was only a matter of time before the internet giant released its exclusive wearable tech product to the public. Google Glass and all of its accessories hit the Google Play store in its Explorer Edition, still priced at $1500. - 09/08/2014

New Garmin Fitness Tracker Adds More Features
Garmin's new Vivosmart at its core is an activity tracker that measures how many steps you take, the distance traveled, calories burned, goal-countdown timed and hours slept. - 09/08/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Cavalcade of Smartwatches
Last week we watched as several companies announced that they would have smartwatches available for this coming holiday season, well it does seem that the trend still continues this week. Asus is a Taiwanese computer hardware and electronics company.… - 09/06/2014

Sony SmartBand Talk has HD Voice
Sony came out swinging at IFA 2014 this week with new wearables, including one chock full of innovations like HD voice. Given the company's issues in consumer electronics of recent times, it is nice to see Sony come out swinging. - 09/05/2014

NFC Tech Advances IoT Device Connection Capabilities
The Internet of Things is rapidly growing, and as consumers become more familiar with the concept, they create a demand for easier control of home devices such as appliances, wearable tech such as smartwatches, and home electronics. The IoT often dem… - 09/04/2014

Asus Unveils ZenWatch, a $250 Android Wear Smartwatch
Asus has officially announced their first wearable smartwatch, known as the ZenWatch. The ZenWatch is powered by the Android Wear OS, and consumers can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $250. Featuring a customized user interface designe… - 09/04/2014

AT&T Now Offering Martian Notifier Smartwatch
There is very little doubt the wearable tech market is only getting bigger. The popularity of the market is certainly reflected in the sheer number of new gadgets being introduced or rumored every day. One of the newest devices now available in this … - 09/04/2014

Swatch Plans to Capitalize on Smartwatch Sales
Swatch has been one of the biggest names in watches since the early 80s, and plans for things to stay that way with the upcoming development of smartwatches. Rather than viewing such technology as a threat, Swatch has chosen to embrace the smartwatch… - 09/03/2014

SmartGlass Gets Smarter, Does More on Xbox One
This may not have quite the impact that Microsoft might have wanted in terms of driving up the user numbers, but for those who are already in the camp, it might well serve as a way to keep said users in place. There's a lot to like about the Xbox One… - 09/02/2014

GoPro Now Available for Your Pooch
GoPro was founded by surfer and CEO Nick Woodman in 2004 with a simple concept of placing a high quality durable camera on his body as he surfed in order to capture his activities from a new perspective. Needless to say the idea caught on, and now it… - 09/02/2014

Law Enforcement to Benefit from Live Streaming Body-worn Cameras
A provider of cloud-based surveillance systems announced this week that it has begun working with manufacturers of body-worn cameras to provide live monitoring of law enforcement activities. - 09/02/2014

Samsung Announces Earphones That Clasp Around Your Neck for Storage
Samsung has unveiled a unique pair of earphones called the Gear Circle, a sort of collar with magnetic clasps for being worn around the neck. - 09/02/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
I suppose that the summer is officially over in a few days. A friend of mine with three young kids just told me that school starts up again on Thursday. That also means that a lot of companies begin to rev up production to get to get their holiday pr… - 08/30/2014

Is Apple Set to Announce a Wearable Device in September?
September is typically when Apple does deliver on a new smartphone and word is that at an event on September 9, Apple will announce the availability of two new iPhone 6 models. - 08/29/2014

Samsung Announces Curved Gear S Smartwatch to Ship in October
We have seen that several companies have been taking their time in introducing their own version of a smartwatch. Hopefully, we will finally see one from Apple next month. One company, however, that has not been shy about its line of smartwatches is … - 08/28/2014

Revolutionary Chaatz App Pioneers Messaging with Google Glass
February 2014 brought us Chaatz, a one-of-a-kind app that allows users to organize and manage multiple phone numbers and identities through a single interface. Now the Chaatz developers have announced an upcoming release for Google Glass, effectively… - 08/28/2014

Casio Launches Exilim FR10 Wearable Camera
Casio's new Exilim FR10 wrist-mounted camera may be the next big thing for stepping up your selfie game. The wearable-lens camera is like a GoPro for beginners, and while the camera is designed for use on the wrist, it can also be mounted onto a helm… - 08/28/2014

Wearable Tech: What's In It for Women?
Some wearable tech items for women are geared towards convenience in family lifestyles. For instance, the "life-capturing camera" LifeLogger can be worn like a Bluetooth headpiece, effortlessly recording video of daily life; it's an easy hands-free o… - 08/26/2014

Skully Smart Helmet Revolutionizes Motorcycle Safety, Convenience
The dangers of motorcycles have become slightly more manageable thanks to the development of the Skully AR-1, marketed as "The World's Smartest Motorcycle Helmet." - 08/25/2014

Fashion Goes for Form & Function with New Wearable Tech
Wearable tech needs to have two different facets simultaneously working for it, much as the name suggests. Items seeking to be a success in wearable tech must be both technologically useful-the "tech" part in question, but the items must also be wear… - 08/25/2014

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