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JOT400 Plasma Cell Allows for Focused Plasma Treatment, Reduced Costs
The idea of a desktop robot may not sound like much of a development in wearable technology to some, but looking at the wider market view, the JOT400 Plasma Cell-a desktop robot that provides focused plasma treatment-may prove to be a development in … - 04/17/2014

Google Partners with Luxottica To Make Google Glass Cooler
While Google Glass is going to change the way people do their computing work in the very near future, there is one thing that is holding the device back. The gadget is plenty cool, but when people put it on, they can't help but look a little goofy. N… - 04/17/2014

Google Glass One Day Sale: Sold Out
Reports suggest that Google Glass's sale went very well, as Google completely sold out of its available stock and announced same in a blog post at 9:23 p.m. that night. - 04/17/2014

Google Glass Privacy, Safety Concerns Lead Consumer Watchdog to Sound 'Glasshole' Alarms
It was just back in February when we first heard about the term "Glasshole" in an official capacity-the pejorative term for a Google Glass user started up back in 2013, and Google itself started talking about it in February-and now, one more group is… - 04/16/2014

Google Glass is Upgraded to Android KitKat with Improved Features
In the beginning, when Google Glass was first distributed to a select few, there were monthly updates for the device. In December, Google stopped providing regular updates until sufficient changes were introduced. - 04/15/2014

The Next Google Glass May Go Right Onto Your Eye
Technology tends to take a track that leads to smaller and smaller devices. Computers originally filled entire rooms before shrinking to a size that could be held in a duffel bag, and that was before the concept of smartphones and tablets came about.… - 04/15/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Who would have known that a full-service investment bank and asset management firm would be conducting a Spring Teen survey? Let me add that this is a bi-annual survey; in fact it is the 27th such Proprietary Teen Research Project. - 04/11/2014

Want A Google Glass? Now Anyone Can Buy One...For One Day
Somewhere out there, someone has already started whistling "I've Got A Golden Ticket" from the 1971 adaptation of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," because Google is about to throw open the doors to one of its own closely-held products: the Google… - 04/11/2014

Wearable Computing Shipments Will Explode by 2018
It's hard to deny the reach of the wearable computing market in general. Just looking at it is proof enough of that, thanks to the ever-increasing number of new devices on the way to users worldwide. But a recent study from IDC put a little more of a… - 04/10/2014

Google Glass Being Considered by U.S. Air Force for the Battlefields of the Future
The United States Air Force is currently in the process of beta-testing Google Glass for possible applications in the future of warfare. Wright Patterson Air Force Base hosts the Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge group - often referred to… - 04/10/2014

Low-Powered Wearables a Reality with New Ineda Processors
Wearable devices are predicted to become the backbone of the Internet of Things, acting like personal controllers for a world where everyday objects connect to the Internet to increase their convenience and usefulness. However, one of the biggest con… - 04/09/2014

Google Glass Saves Lives in Hospitals
While Google Glass might look like a fun gadget to play around with, it's also saving lives at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, according to a recent report by the Boston Globe. - 04/09/2014

Teens Show Interest in iWatch, Depending on Price
Piper Jaffray, a full-service investment bank and asset management firm based in Minneapolis, MN, conducts an annual Spring Teen Survey to see what is of interest to teenagers. The company is focused on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuri… - 04/09/2014

Google Glass Announces Glass for Work Program
A new and interesting development is taking shape in the field of Google Glass, and potentially, in the field of wearable tech in general. While on the consumer level, Google Glass is finding quite a bit of resistance, the commercial level is startin… - 04/08/2014

Samsung Scientists Claim Graphene Breakthrough
The wearable technology market is only getting bigger and more popular these days. There is one company after another that is looking to invest in the sector, while others are trying their hardest to nail the next breakthrough. That kind of breakthro… - 04/07/2014

Intel Acquires Basis Science, a Wearable Tech Company
Intel recently acquired Basis Science, a maker of wearable technology whose most popular device is the Basis B1 fitness band. The acquisition of the company has reportedly cost Intel as much as $100 million. - 04/07/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
One of the things that I do is restore antique light fixtures. This means that I deal a lot with electricity and I can say that I've touched two live wires more than once. Apparently though, my mistake was touching the wires with my hands and not my … - 04/05/2014

Wearable Tech is About to Become More Awesome, Thanks to ANT
Wearable technology has been the latest craze to hit the market. People are jumping on the bandwagon before many devices have even passed proper performance tests, just to have the latest piece of technology. If you buy a smartwatch now, for example,… - 04/04/2014

Reports of Google 2.0 Mean Revamping of Many Native, Web Apps for Google
Google has never been one to shy away from change in its processes of making the Web a better place, and though some changes have fallen a bit flat, others have been extremely well-received. Google's set to try it again with the idea of Google 2, an … - 04/04/2014

Fitness Trackers Get Big Reactions...On Both Sides
The devices that can be worn on our persons each day-that wearable technology part of the market-is already starting to draw a lot of strong reactions across both sides of the aisle. Looking at the response to Google Glass alone is a great example: i… - 04/03/2014

Google Glass Seeing Adoption in Travel Industry
In the past, flying was a considered a true luxury, and airlines went out of their way to provide a memorable experience for the passenger. Today that experience can be compared to a ride on a Greyhound bus, unless you're traveling business or first … - 04/03/2014

Microsoft Purchases AR Intellectual Property. But Why?
What does Mark Zuckerberg know that everyone else is missing? The virtual reality market is seeing a lot of interest because the evolution of display and sensor technology is now making it possible to develop "realistic VR" products. - 04/03/2014

Newton Offers Big New Brain for Wearable Devices
Wearable tech is a great idea, but a lot of wearable devices have been a little less than overwhelming. The problem with many devices that we've seen so far is that these devices just don't have much in the way of brain power, instead interacting wit… - 04/02/2014

Bango Belt Turns a Belt Into a Digital Payment Management System
The phrase "tightening one's belt" has been around for quite some time, and usually applies to those looking to save money and spend less, usually in the face of having less money coming in. With the Bango Belt, however, tightening one's belt takes o… - 04/02/2014

Up to 85 Percent of Public Sector Unprepared for Wearable Tech
Wearable devices still sound like something out of a science fiction movie to many people, even though their smartphones house many similar capabilities. As futuristic as a watch that can measure your vital signs while you play games on it sounds, th… - 04/02/2014

Pebble Advising Users Not to Update Smartphone App to v2.1
Wearable tech is only getting more popular, the deeper we go into the 21st century. The industry is getting so popular that bigger tech companies are starting to see wearable tech as a sector that is well worth the investment dollars. That doesn't me… - 04/01/2014

Thinking Cap Can Increase Learning Speed
There is new meaning to the phrase it is time to put on our thinking caps. Vanderbilt University psychologist Geoffrey Woodman, and a graduate student, Robert Reinhart, have shown a way that a mild electric current can increase human learning speed. - 04/01/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We live in an age of constantly having to be and stay connected. There are so many social media outlets these days, as well as so much content that it is difficult to disconnect yourself. Of course, in order to keep the connection, you need a way to … - 03/29/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Facebook Embraces Virtual Reality with the Acquisition of Oculus Rift
In Tad Williams' Otherland series, people across the globe connect to a network much different from the one we know. Instead of opening up a laptop and browsing on Firefox or Google Chrome, or using their mobile devices' built in browser, people plug… - 03/27/2014

Wearable Tech Purchases on Tap for Almost Half of America
One of the first questions that most anyone who's thinking about bringing a new product out to market asks is "Will anyone buy it?" It's a necessary question, and one that can really only be answered as an educated guess. But for wearable technology,… - 03/27/2014

Google Glass Drops Its Nerdy Reputation with Ray-Ban and Oakley Styles
Google wants to do to Google Glass what many have done with glasses, and take it out of the world of nerdiness by making it something that even those with a sense of style may enjoy. - 03/27/2014

My Smartwatch Is My Password: Wearable Tech May End the Password
With more on the line than ever before when it comes to systems needing protecting-between online banking and email for both work and personal lives and a host of other systems-having strong passwords has never been so valuable. But no matter how str… - 03/26/2014

Battery Market to Get Eight Figure Boost Over Four Years from Wearable Tech
While the market for wearable technology has become rather self-evident in recent months-with a host of new devices not only making a big splash on places like Kickstarter but also showing up from some of the biggest names in tech like Google-there's… - 03/26/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Facebook to Own Slice of Virtual Reality Market, Buys Oculus in Nine-figure Deal
Just like that, the virtual reality world of the future was turned upside down as a new deal valued at a hefty $2 billion was revealed between Oculus VR Inc-makers of the Oculus Rift VR system-and Facebook. The deal calls for $400 million in cash, an… - 03/26/2014

Indiana Pacers Launch Google Glass to Enhance In-Game Experience - The Eyes Have It!
If you have been wondering what new frontiers Google Glass is entering, look no further than the National Basketball Association and the Indiana Pacers. In a move to enhance the at-game customer experience during Pacer's home games in Bankers Life Fi… - 03/26/2014

Mark Cuban Invests in Wearable Sports Tech Start-up Catapult Sports
Major enterprises and billionaires agree: Wearable technology is worth investing in. In the case of the former, there are plenty of examples, such as Intel's entry into the wearable tech market earlier this year. As for the latter, the latest example… - 03/24/2014

Runners Go Faster with Glowfaster Smart Jacket
Runners are always looking for the next big thing that will help them shave down their running times, but a recently created smart sports jacket promises to make running faster instinctual. Developed by former United States Marine Simon Weatherall as… - 03/24/2014

Wi-Fi Enabled Clothing Could be Coming Sooner Rather than Later
The increasing importance of mobile and wireless technology has created a need for Internet access in as many places as possible - ideally, everywhere. Soon, this idea could be possible thanks to developers in Belgium and Malaysia working together to… - 03/24/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Wearable technology makes use of many different technologies. Each of the various technologies can be used in a variety of ways to develop a wide range of devices. One such field is combination sensors. They have taken a prominent position in the MEM… - 03/22/2014

Fitbit Class-action Lawsuit Addresses Issues of Blisters, Rashes
It wasn't so long ago when reports started to emerge about users getting blisters and rashes from wearing the Fitbit fitness tracking bracelet line. Following these reports, however, came a new lawsuit currently pursuing class-action status in the Su… - 03/21/2014

Mobile and Wearable Technology Continue the MEMS Combo Sensor Market Growth
Combination sensors have taken a prominent position at center stage in the MEMS, which stands for microelectromechanical systems, inertial sensor industry. This is due to the fact that electronic devices continue to develop and become increasingly in… - 03/20/2014

LG G Watch May Be Budget Android Wearable the World's Been Waiting for
LG's new Android Wear smartwatch is called the G Watch and that's about all that's known about it. No specs or features were revealed; all we have to go on for now is a picture of the device and a few comments from LG. - 03/20/2014

Stylish Moto 360 Smartwatch Has Consumers 'Tocking'
Smartwatches are considered by many to be the first steps into a world of wearable devices, but previous incarnations of the concept have not reached any notable popularity. For the most part, the devices either need an active (and usually wired) lin… - 03/19/2014

Sony Morpheus Gets Unveiling At GDC Event, Bringing Virtual Reality To PS4
The Morpheus is set to serve as competition to things like the Oculus Rift, and will contain both a head-mounted unit and a processor unit, with the head unit packing in a five inch LCD panel with a 90 degree field of view in 1080p resolution. The sy… - 03/19/2014

Unified Office Total Connect Offers New Power for VoIP Connections
Business continuity is a topic that's reached a whole new importance since the Hurricane Sandy incident showed us that catastrophic weather can strike just about anywhere, and being prepared for such incidents can mean the difference between a busine… - 03/19/2014

Google Drops the Dime on Android Wear, An Android for Wearable Devices
It was just over a week ago when word arose about the possibility of a breed of Android specifically geared toward the wearable device market. Google's own Sundar Pichai took the stage at South by Southwest (SXSW) to bring out the word on a new Andro… - 03/18/2014

PetSmart Becomes First Retailer to Sell Whistle Monitor for Dogs
One of the latest focuses of technology has been to help service pets. There is everything from pet check technology that will send an email every day to let you know the dog is being walked properly to micro chipping which helps an animal hospital d… - 03/17/2014

Let Your Fingers Do Just About Anything with Bluetooth-driven Ring
The Yellow Pages used to be one of the biggest things going in terms of information retrieval; long before there was a Google, the Yellow Pages used to be the source of note for where things were and how to reach said things by phone for all the info… - 03/17/2014

What's Up with Jawbone's UP24?
There's good news and bad news about Jawbone's UP24. After a year of being on the market, Jawbone's UP24 has been updated to sync with Android devices. However, since it doesn't have Bluetooth, it still has to be plugged in to sync with your phone's … - 03/17/2014

BAE Systems and Its Version of Google Glass for Military Application
It seems like every product or service Google introduces is soon applied by other organizations to improve the way they do business. Whether it is Google Fiber, which has hastened the deployment of superfast broadband or self-driving cars, which by t… - 03/17/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Walt Disney was a man who always looked to the future. Sure, that future was full of weird characters but then whose mind isn't? Although Walt is no longer with us, it appears that his imagination will always be here. - 03/15/2014

Wearable Tech Hits the Runway
Wearable tech has been all the rage lately, with Google Glass kicking off a trend in the technology world spurring all kinds of new devices. But Google Glass is only the tip of the iceberg, with companies making devices like smartwatches and pendants… - 03/13/2014

Google Gears Up for More Wearable Devices
Predicting a surge in the wearable device market, Google appears to be focusing on securing a foothold in the industry through apps and software for the devices. As of right now, the obvious wearable categories exist in the form of smartwatches and f… - 03/12/2014

How M2M and Wearable Technology Will Change the Face of Gaming
Improved Internet stability has gotten both manufacturers and consumers excited for the upcoming "Internet of Things," which will connect everyday devices like stoplights, toasters and even climate control systems to the Internet. This will allow the… - 03/11/2014

Disney Invests $1 Billion in Wearable Tech for Theme Parks
In an effort to make visits to its theme parks a little more magical, Walt Disney World Resorts has invested $1 billion to roll out its MyMagic+ program, which combines wearable tech with crowd control and data collection technology. - 03/11/2014

Emotient's Facial Recognition Tech Scores Big Funding
There's a lot to be said about the face. Not only can it betray our deepest emotions, often subconsciously, but having a way to easily and clearly read those emotions can open up everything from finding a new friend to winning at poker. Emotient, mea… - 03/10/2014

Android to Get Wearable Version Under New Google Plan
Google has a new idea in the very short term: a whole new breed of Android specifically geared toward wearable devices. More specifically, Google plans to release-in a little under two weeks based on the last reports-a new software development kit (S… - 03/10/2014

Google Glass in this San Francisco Bar? No Way
Whether you prefer to quote Andy Warhol and his quip "In the future everybody will be world-famous for fifteen minutes" or George Orwell's "Big brother is watching you," it's hard to argue that we haven't become something of an amalgamation of the tw… - 03/10/2014

GTX Announces Bluetooth SmartSoles
The SmartSoles are made to look and feel like regular insoles and can be placed in almost any shoe. The devices can be trimmed in order to accommodate multiple shoe sizes. Also, the technology that connects to the SmartSole can be adjusted depending … - 03/10/2014

Sony's SmartEyeglass Prototype Has Potential
Sony has really managed to slim down its operations over the last few years, following a pretty rough financial turnout for the 2011 fiscal year. A big part of this has been to refocus on its mobile and gaming divisions while cooling it on less profi… - 03/10/2014

Samsung to Give Wearable Tech Better Input with New AR Keyboard Patent
Only time will tell, of course, if this particular system comes to light, but if it does, it may provide a serious competitive advantage for Samsung's head-mounted display system in the field, and give Google Glass a real run for its money as long as… - 03/10/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
I have wondered why Intel didn't get into the world of mobile technology. I have said in the past that when buying a computer I would only look at a device that had the "Intel Inside" logo. The new CEO has made reference to the fact that mistakes wer… - 03/08/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Intel's Plans to Acquire Smartwatch Maker Basis Carry On
Reports have emerged suggesting that Intel's plans to get more deeply involved in the wearable device market are about to take on a more tangible form thanks to a rumored new acquisition. While there's no official confirmation on it as yet, the repor… - 03/05/2014

Huawei Takes a Step Towards Revolutionizing Wearable Technology
Technology is always on the move. By the time you get the iPhone 5, the next generation smartphone is already completed and ready to be released in less than a year. With it constantly evolving and changing it's hard to stay on top of the latest tren… - 03/05/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Intel Acquires Wearable Tech Firm Basis Science
It's been a crazy couple of weeks for Basis Science, the company that created the Basis Health Tracker Watch, but it seems the ride is now over. According to TechCrunch, the company has been purchased by Intel for somewhere in the range of $100 to $1… - 03/05/2014

Utah Public Transit Steps into the Future with New Google Glass App
The State of Utah has put its best foot forward, into the future. The Government-made app OnTime, which commuters can use to track the status of public transport vehicles in real time, has been ported over to Google Glass. Utah currently has a strong… - 03/04/2014

Motorola Announces Smartwatches for Late 2014
Several of today's different companies are hopping on the bandwagon to create wearable mobile devices, which all come in many different forms. Some wearable devices take the same route as Google, and believe that an eyeglass-style wearable with a hea… - 03/04/2014

Japanese Researchers Prototype Revolutionary Wearable Ear Clip PC
At the Hiroshima University in Japan, researchers are testing a revolutionary new wearable computing device that users simply clip onto their ears to use. This device uses cutting-edge technology including a GPS, compass, gyro-sensor, speaker and mic… - 03/03/2014

Google Stops Monthly Glass Updates to Focus on Android KitKat Version
Google Glass enthusiasts and app developers accustomed to regular monthly Glass updates from Google were no doubt surprised to find out that, as of Monday, the latest update had not yet arrived. - 03/03/2014

Theatro Enters Wearable Tech Market with New R&D Facility
Google Glass might be one of the most well known pieces of wearable tech out there but that doesn't mean the solutions being created begin and end with the Internet and technology giant. There are more and more companies jumping into the wearable tec… - 03/03/2014

PayPal May Bring a Payment System to Wearable Technology
PayPal, the online and mobile payment company originally launched (no pun intended) by Space-X and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, has never been a company to bypass an opportunity. When more Americans began carrying smartphones and looking for an easier… - 03/03/2014

Wearable Tech a Top Draft Pick for Many Sports Teams
With March now at hand, and March Madness not so far behind it, and the rise of baseball and golf seasons to follow before revolving back around to football again, the idea of what's going on in sports has a lot of people's attention. But sports team… - 03/03/2014

Moov Offers a New Spin on Fitness Trackers: Simulated Coaching
Getting in the habit of exercising-especially for those who haven't commonly done so-is easily one of the hardest parts about trying to be healthier and getting more exercise into a routine. This is a point that Moov, a new fitness tracker, is lookin… - 03/03/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We all know that it is a very bad idea to text and drive, or trying to make a phone call that requires dialing a number while driving. How does Google Glass fit into this category? We have already seen that certain states have banned its use while dr… - 03/01/2014

tshirtOS: Let Your Clothes Do the Talking
Ballantine's has collaborated with SWITCH EMBASSY to create the tshirtOS, one of the most advanced apparel-focused pieces of wearable tech to date. The tshirtOS is an illuminated blank canvas, on which the wearer can showcase his or her own personal … - 02/27/2014

The Smartwatches Are Coming
If 2014 could be said to be the year of anything (and it's already said to be the year of lots of things), it might be the year that wearable technology breaks out of tight tech-industry circles and into the general public's consciousness. The most o… - 02/27/2014

SpeedUp SmartWatch Revealed at Mobile World Congress 2014
SpeedUp Technology is already famous for the SpeedUp Pad 7.85, one of the lightest and thinnest android tablets in its class. But on Feb. 24, SpeedUp officially announced its first wearable product, the SpeedUp SmartWatch. This presentation was made … - 02/26/2014

Huawei's TalkBand Takes on Smartwatch Flaws with Unique Design
The rumors that Huawei would unveil its first smartwatch at Mobile World Congress were true as the Chinese ICT company has done just that. While the announcement itself was predictable, however, the product itself is anything but. - 02/25/2014

Woman Attacked While Wearing Google Glass Turns Video of Assailants Over to Police
Google Glass, Google's foray into wearable technology in the form of "smart" glasses, hasn't even been widely released yet and it's already generating controversy. Back in October, a California woman received a traffic ticket for wearing Google Glass… - 02/25/2014

Google Brings Out Lobbyists to Help Keep Google Glass on the Road
As is commonly the case with many major new technologies, there's often a bit of controversy that goes in with it. With Google Glass, meanwhile, that seems to be a bit more so than normal, between the camera's presence and the potential safety issues… - 02/25/2014

Google to Launch Smartwatch-friendly OS Soon
There was once a time when Google's unofficial mantra was "don't be evil," but these days it feels like the company has traded that out for "try to take over the world." Not content with merely ruling the mobile market in terms of device share, the c… - 02/24/2014

Google and LG Set to Enter Smartwatch Stakes in June
Google's smartwatch is an idea that's been around for some time now, and many have wondered just when the company would actually roll out such a system. But new reports have emerged to suggest that the days of waiting may be numbered, and not only wi… - 02/24/2014

Spain's CaixaBank Lets Users Wear Accounts on Sleeves with Smartwatch, Google Glass Apps
Wearable technology is very much on the rise these days, and with more people taking an interest in wearing devices, so too comes increased interest on the part of app makers and those who have apps involved in everyday business. One perhaps unusual … - 02/24/2014

Sony Readies SmartBand Fitness Tracker for a March Start
The days are getting longer throughout the Northern Hemisphere and as such, many are looking to get back outside again. Running, biking, walking, hiking; whatever the "-ing" of the moment, it's being anticipated. To that end, Sony is looking to get i… - 02/24/2014

Flyfit Out to Offer Unique Prospect in Fitness Tracking Field
When even the folks behind the Flyfit fitness tracking band-currently well on its way to beating its goal on Kickstarter ahead of the March 25 deadline-acknowledge that the market for fitness tracking systems is already stuffed with competitors, it's… - 02/24/2014

The 'Smartphone Skirt' Redefines Wearable Tech
Fashion met technology with a twist last week at the London Fashion Show, when the world's first interactive skirt was introduced through a three-way partnership between technology company Nokia, fashion designers Fyodor Golan and creative design hou… - 02/24/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
It is interesting the effect that wearable technology has. We know Garmin as the company that makes GPS devices that sit on your dashboard and help you accomplish your driving tasks. In fact, I know people who take it with them when they get out of t… - 02/22/2014

Broadcom's New SoC Improves Wearable Device Location Capabilities
No one can dispute that Broadcom has made a name for itself for its telecommunications processors and SoC (system on a chip) offerings, but so far most of its focus has been on M2M and mobile offerings. In fact, it has excelled in these areas and was… - 02/20/2014

FitLinxx Illustrates Continuing Promise of Wearable Technology, Wellness Applications
FitLinxx illustrates how the wellness and healthcare markets are among those which will likely see growth in wearable technology. In addition, the company's technology may increasingly find its way into businesses to improve employee health. The grow… - 02/20/2014

New HTC Smartwatch Info Leaks
It's been a big week for Taiwanese tech manufacturer HTC. Shortly after the company released an official reveal date, March 25, for its new flagship smartphone, details of its long-rumored smartwatch have surfaced. Currently just a prototype, the dev… - 02/20/2014

Garmin's Huge Q4 Profits Boosted by Wearable Tech
We know Garmin as the company that develops consumer, aviation and marine technologies for the Global Positioning System (GPS). This week the company reported very strong fourth quarter 2013 earnings results. In fact, its profits took a 27 percent le… - 02/20/2014

Hipcricket Bets on Mobile Marketing for Wearable Devices
The budding wearable tech market is beginning to bloom, and mobile engagement company Hipcricket is positioning itself to be in the right place at the right time with its mobile marketing platform. - 02/19/2014

Are 'Talking' Wearable Health Devices and Apps a Little too Motherly?
If the analysts are to be believed, we can't get enough of medical apps on our personal devices, and love them so much that we'll eventually want to wear them on our bodies. Small apps on our iPhones are turning into wrist bands or other devices that… - 02/19/2014

Health-driven Sensors and Gesture Controls Mark Apple's New Headset Patent
Apple patents are often fun to watch, and though a great deal of said patents don't see the light of day as far as product development goes, it's still worth seeing just what the company's come up with, and where it may be going in the future. One of… - 02/19/2014

Fujitsu Plans to Launch Glove Device with Gesture-based Input
Combining smart technology and a wearable device, Fujitsu Laboratories has introduced its plans to manufacture a glove device that combines an NFC tag reader with gesture-input functionality. The device is designed for maintenance and other on-site o… - 02/19/2014

Avoid Being 'A Glasshole': Google Offers Etiquette Tips On Google Glass
While Google Glass is offering some shocking new potential in terms of just about everything from finding our way around town to finding out more about what's in the town in question, there are those out there with some...concerns...about the use of … - 02/19/2014

Plantronics Introduces Mobile-friendly Features for Microsoft Lync
Plantronics has introduced new applications that could change the way workers use Microsoft Lync, particularly those on the go. Being that the company is a pioneer in wearable technology and audio communications, it's no surprise that its latest brea… - 02/19/2014

Cuff Out to Bring Technology to Women's Fashion
The jewelry market is huge, and plenty have recently had a brush with said market thanks to the recently-concluded Valentine's Day proceedings. But there are some out there who are looking at jewelry and wondering why it doesn't have more of a utilit… - 02/18/2014

Not Mr. Magoo's Glasses
The world around Mr. Magoo is definitely exciting when he finds himself in one situation to the next due to his refusal to wear glasses. Virgin Atlantic is hoping for an opposite effect with the Google glass. - 02/18/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
In the past we have seen some wonderful wearable technology designed to make new parents' lives a little easier. By that I mean that there are wearable and mobile devices that monitor a baby's movements and make first time parents feel a little more … - 02/15/2014

2014 to Be a Big Year for Smart Bands
When it comes to wearable technology, there are quite a few different models making up the field. Between the smart glasses like Google Glass and the assorted pieces of impressive clothing with a technological bent like Mack Weldon's Silver line, the… - 02/13/2014

Huawei Set to Bring First Smartwatch to Mobile World Congress Event
The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 event is easily one of the biggest events in mobile technology worldwide.Making an appearance at said show, meanwhile, is something of a major development for Huawei: its first-ever smartwatch, which will be shown… - 02/12/2014

Ringblingz Debuts During Fashion Week with U.S. Teens as the Likely Market
New York's fashion week is now in full swing with Ringblingz, a wearable tech product debuted during the closely-watched show. - 02/10/2014

Wearable Tech for Babies: The Smart Onesie
Parents with little ones can worry a bit less when it comes to sleep time. Wearable technology has reached the crib, thanks to Mimo whose connected "onesie" monitors baby movement, respiration and skin temperature and then sends that info to a smartp… - 02/10/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We may not have personal jetpacks, although it goes without saying, how cool would that be? We are slowing getting the "house of the future" that almost takes care of itself as well as a few other things that used to be called science fiction. - 02/08/2014

Wearer of Bionic Hand Can Feel What Is In It with Lifehand 2
Occasionally, I watch the Six Million Dollar Man on TV. Mostly it is to see how funny it is. Fast forward 30 or 40 years into the future and we have the Argus II bionic eye. There have been various prosthetics over the years. Mostly they have very li… - 02/07/2014

Adidas Sues Under Armour for Wearable Technology Patent Infringement
Health and fitness wearable technology has boomed over the last few months. This year, CES expanded that section of the event by 30 percent, and the market for fitness technology is expected to grow nearly 25 percent in 2014. Some of the major player… - 02/07/2014

GoPro Offers New HERO3+ in Time for Winter Olympic Games
With the winter Olympic Games underway this week in Russia, there will no doubt be renewed interest in capturing all of the excitement when taking part in high-action winter sports. It is timely then that GoPro has released a new version of its camer… - 02/06/2014

NYPD to Begin Beta Testing of Google Glass
While high tech cops may seem like an idea reserved for the silver screen and science fiction, it may become a reality sooner than we thought. The New York City Police Department has reportedly received several pairs of Google Glass for beta testing.… - 02/06/2014

Why the Technology Sector Should Be Excited About Fashion Week
Fashion Week is here, and it's not just for swag, fashion writers and designer hopefuls. The technology sector might want to keep an eye on this year's catwalk, specifically Diane von Furstenberg, whose models last year wore Google Glass in conjuncti… - 02/06/2014

Valentine's Day Gift Jewelry May Get Smarter with Samsung Galaxy Gear
The middle of February often proves a special time for many: whether it's special because it's a welcome and enjoyed time of the year, special because it's a frantic rush to celebrate it properly, or special because it's a great time to get behind a … - 02/05/2014

Apple Furthers iWatch Rumors with New Hire of Sleep Researcher
If Apple does, indeed, have a rumored wearable technology product in the making (it's being called the "iWatch" by the press), what might we expect from it? While it seems a safe guess that it will facilitate communications, it's also a safe bet that… - 02/05/2014

The Fin Transmitter Turns a User's Palm Into a Control Interface
Combining technology and the palm of a user's hand isn't exactly new. Some of the biggest concerns about technology like the phablet-the phone / tablet hybrid-were focused on whether or not such a device would fit into the palm of a user's hand comfo… - 02/04/2014

In-vehicle Wearable Technology Integration with New Autos Will Scale to Over 90 Percent Global Penetration by 2019
It is certainly a compelling story when you hear that a certain technology, whatever it may be, will achieve a 90 percent penetration rate. In fact, as statistics go, that is hugely compelling. Now that we've gotten beyond the 90 percent there is a q… - 02/04/2014

Emotiv Claims Its Brainwave Scanner Allows People to Control Wheelchairs with Their Minds
Neuro-technology and brainwave scanning device maker Emotiv is looking for a few good minds. The company is one of a small handful of vendors that focus on brainwave scanning software and hardware. Others include established vendor NeuroSky and start… - 02/03/2014

$2.6 Billion GPS Fitness Device Market Losing Market Share to Smart Mobile Devices and Wearable Technology Products
The long time players in the GPS and location services market - in particular Garmin, TomTom and Magellen - have also provided over the last several years a variety of devices and GPS-enabled watches that rely on GPS to provide such things as mapping… - 02/03/2014

Glyph Makes Movie Theater Power Portable, But at No Small Price
The home theater has represented a fundamental challenge to the actual theater for the last several years now. With ticket prices at the actual theater climbing, and home theater hardware prices on the pronounced decline, it's getting tougher to just… - 02/03/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Speaktoit Secures Funding from Intel Capital, Alpine Fund
Speaktoit, a startup focused on building virtual assistant apps, has announced that it has secured funding from Intel Capital and Alpine Fund. - 02/03/2014

NTT and Toray Industries Collaborate in Smart Clothing Technology
The word smart is being attached to virtually every product that is being manufactured today. No matter how simple you think a product is, it is only a matter of time before a smart version of the daft predecessor is introduced. The next item to have… - 02/03/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Almost a year ago we talked about something that brought science fiction to the real world. We covered the bionic eye. Now we're not talking about the Six Million Dollar Man here, but we are talking about an absolutely amazing device. - 02/01/2014

Mack Weldon Takes Silver to New Lengths With X-Static XT2 Technology
Silver is more than just a precious metal. It's got industrial applications on several fronts, and shows up in many common everyday devices. But silver has properties that extend back thousands of years, including certain anti-microbial properties wh… - 01/31/2014

Smartphone on Your Sleeve: Fujitsu Combines Wearable and Smartphone Divisions
The internal movements of businesses can be exciting, dangerous things. A refocused division here, a new strategy there, and pretty soon things can be generated that spell a company's doom, downfall, or even ultimate success. Fujitsu just made a new … - 01/30/2014

Rewriting Mobile Application Engagement in 2014
The mobile industry can barely keep up with itself. Enterprises are still expanding their mobile strategies, brands are redefining how they interact with customers, and technology advances bring more uses for mobile every day. For example, we're alre… - 01/30/2014

XcelMobility Launches Cloud-connected Smartwatch
XcelMobility has announced the launch of its Companion Solution, a smartwatch that the company says is the first to offer an "always-on" cloud connection. - 01/30/2014

Life-Changing Wearable Tech: Argus II Retinal Prosthesis Finally Brings Light of Day to Patients
Back in March of 2013, we first covered Second Sight's Argus II Bionic Eye, which we referred to then as wearable technology of the third kind - a wearable tech platform with the ability to deliver serious medical benefits and truly life-altering pos… - 01/30/2014

Google Glass Goes Prescription with New Lens Styles
Google Glass' availability has been expanding fairly rapidly in recent days, with more people able to get in on the programs that allow users to wear the smart glasses. But for people with less intelligent glasses, the idea of using Google Glass can … - 01/29/2014

Kenyan Brothers Start Wearable Tech Company to Lower Motorcycle Accident Rate in Africa
Wearable technology can be used for many different purposes. Now, there is a startup in Kenya that wants to address the number of deadly motorcycle accidents with wearable tech. - 01/29/2014

Latest Agreement Continues Momentum for Intrinsyc's Open-Q 8074 System on Module Line for a Wearable Display Device
Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. has been quite busy lately. The product development company that provides hardware, software and service solutions recently entered into a development and production agreement with Myth Innovations, Inc. - 01/29/2014

Groundbreaking MiWorld Portable Computing System Powered by Intrinsyc's Open-Q 8074 System
Myth Innovations is a company that is going into its 14th year in business. It is a consulting group that designs and delivers advanced technology applications. According to Myth Innovations, innovation and invention are the cornerstones of its past … - 01/29/2014

Wearable Tech Providing Better Monitoring for Autistic Children
When fourteen-year-old Avonte Oquendo disappeared from his New York City school last fall his family lived through every parent's worst nightmare. It was months before his remains were found, and the family is still grappling with unanswered question… - 01/28/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
There was a time when the name Intel was constantly on the tip of people's tongue. Well, mostly geeky people, but I spent a lot of time there! Because of the proliferation of smartphones and tablets along with all the mobile apps, people are using th… - 01/25/2014

Industrial and Public Safety Applications Abound for Google Glass
In an enterprise environment, it's easy to believe that the functionality of Google Glass, the search engine giant's forthcoming wearable technology device, will be limited to email, navigation and social media interaction. For the 10,000 people curr… - 01/22/2014

Federal Agents Question Google Glass Wearing Patron at AMC Movie Theater
If there's one thing most of us can agree on, it is the ability of criminals to think outside the box whenever a new technology is introduced. No matter how benign the product is, they will manage to find a nefarious application that will victimize i… - 01/22/2014

Cadbury Presents its New Chocolate-activated Coat into the Wearable Tech Market
The wearable tech market has been one of the fastest growing in the past years. Many industries are consequently producing and marketing several gadgets to be used with computing consumer electronics and wireless communication devices. For research f… - 01/22/2014

Severe Skin Irritation Strikes Some Fitbit Force Wearers
With progress sometimes come a few setbacks. It is possible that Fitbit is experiencing one such problem now. Sometime around the middle of December, a few people who had been wearing the Fitbit Force activity tracker began to notice a red spot appea… - 01/22/2014

Sensogram Technologies Wearable Devices to Focus on Fitness, Healthcare
While Google Glass and smartwatches boast a lot of flash, the bulk of the wearable technology space is still focused around fitness applications and, to a lesser extent, healthcare. This seems to be a fact that biosensor company Sensogram Technologie… - 01/22/2014

Google's Contact Lens for Diabetes - a Lesson in Real Wearable Tech Revenue Generation
The other day we came across a very interesting analysis of Google's recently announced plans to create a contact lens that would be able to deliver minute by minute hands-off measurements of glucose levels in diabetes patients. A key thing to unders… - 01/21/2014

Solar-powered Wearables Under Development
There's been a lot of talk of new wearable computer technology just over the horizon, because chips are getting smaller and more powerful. However, even with cloud computing handling most of the brainpower of wearable devices, they still need a sourc… - 01/21/2014

Losing 5,000 Intel Jobs - Blame Mobility and Wearable Technology
The story from Intel today - in particular the part of the story that notes Intel will shed 5,000 jobs in 2014, is one that encompasses past, present and future. For those of us living in the moment it certainly will not be a happy moment to either l… - 01/20/2014

Google Glass Makes its NBA Debut with the Sacramento Kings
It's easy to imagine that this first-person Google Glass footage will be a success among sports fans looking for more involved interaction with games. That said, it's not up to the fans if this takes off. Despite its relatively small, lightweight bui… - 01/20/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
It is interesting, but really should be no surprise, that one of the phrases being said over and over at CES 2014 was "wearable technology." A recent report release by Deloitte shows that wearable tech is definitely moving to the foreground. - 01/18/2014

Wearable Tech Evolves Before Our Eyes
Among the featured speakers at the December Wearable Tech Expo was Philippe Khan. - 01/17/2014

Cecilia Abadie - the First Person Ever Cited for Driving While Wearing Google Glass - Has Her Day in Traffic Court
Let's start off by saying that we really like Cecilia Abadie. In fact, we now think of her as a friend. Cecilia is the very smart and delightful CTO of Byte an Atom, a Google Glass shop dedicated to building the world's best Glass-based Sports and Fi… - 01/16/2014

Is Wearable Tech the Future of Banking?
Imagine yourself going shopping while wearing a Google Glass device. You see a new gadget that you want, but you aren't sure whether or not your bank balance will cover it. - 01/16/2014

Intel Getting into the Wearable Tech Market as an Investor
It seems that wearable tech has staked its claim as being the tech of 2014 early on. One company after another has announced that it will be making a foray into the market. That market is already heavily saturated with plenty of wearable tech, such a… - 01/16/2014

Kopin Augmented Reality to Make Several Platforms Smarter in 2014
Though shooting a rifle-particularly one that's high-powered-may seem like an easy task, there's a lot more to it than the surface concept would suggest, especially when it comes to successfully hitting a target. - 01/16/2014

From Wigs to Watches, Wearable Tech Will Have Big Impact on Corporate Networks
There's been a lot of growth in the wearable technology field in the last several months, and not only are we seeing new devices come out, we're seeing more people take advantage of these new devices. While fitness trackers are still the biggest slic… - 01/15/2014

Wearable Technology Market Will Ship at Least 10 Million Units in 2014, 100+ Million by 2020
Deloitte has released an interesting set of predictions for 2014, and first and foremost among them is some very good news indeed for the overall wearable technology market. - 01/15/2014

XOEye Technologies Unveils Person POV Sharing Eyewear and Software Stack
XOEye Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of industrial-grade HD recording and streaming eyewear for frontline employees in manufacturing, industrial and other sectors. - 01/13/2014

Smartwatches Are Hot, So Should We Be Surprised Use of Smartwatches is Only at 1 Percent?
According to a study released today by TNS, a global research consultancy that is owned by Kantar, one of the world's largest information and consultancy groups, smartwatches and most other wearable technology gadgets are a lot better known than they… - 01/13/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
This has been a very busy week with respect to wearable technology. I suspect that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) might have a lot to do with that. A lot of new or improved products and devices were on hand in Las Vegas this week. - 01/11/2014

Quality Audio Meets Wearable Technology with ComHear
Wearable technology is one of the hottest topics in the tech industry and at CES this week in Las Vegas, but wearable tech isn't limited to the newest smart watches, fitness trackers or UV light detectors. - 01/10/2014

Razer's Nabu - A Fabulous New Hybrid Smartwatch and Activity Tracker Shows Up at CES 2014
The other day we took a look at what Sony has up its sleeves on the wearable tech front. In noting Sony's SmartWatch 2 and new SmartBand products we wistfully noted that we would like to get our hands on a combined activity tracker and smartwatch. We… - 01/08/2014

Wearable Wellness: It's a Dog's Life
As anyone who is following both the incredibly dynamic wearable tech space knows, all things wearable have taken center stage at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. And, while most of the items being trumpeted at CES have to deal… - 01/08/2014

Aware of Wearables: 52 Percent of NPD Group Study Familiar With Wearable Tech
Some have wondered if wearable tech can really catch on outside of certain fields within the class. Sure, fitness technology is a huge potential gain for wearable tech, and there's quite a bit more room in the field for some business applications. Bu… - 01/08/2014

Vuzix Partners with Nuance to Enhance M100 Smart Glasses with Voice Recognition
Well, the good folks at Vuzix and Nuance have joined up to deliver voice recognition capability to the very cool Vuzix M100 smart glasses. This is an excellent move and one that was, in fact, needed in our opinion. And for doing so there is hardly a … - 01/08/2014

Move Over Google, Epson Unveils Moverio Wearable Display Glasses
Google Glass may have just found itself a new competitor, and this one's compatible with Android. The Moverio BT-100 has been in development for a few years, but Epson is ready to unleash its successor: the Moverio BT-200. - 01/08/2014

Fashion Finally Meets Function with Netatmo's June Wearable Device
Netatmo, a company that provides technology solutions enabling users to track the environments around them, announced this week the release of June, a wearable device geared toward women that tracks UV and sun exposure. - 01/08/2014

Movea Technology Powers Growth of Wearable Tech, Contextual Computing
Imagine you live near a local train station; about a 20-minute walk. One morning, you're about to leave and catch your train but lost keys turn into a lost phone and, before you know it, you're crunching for time. As you start walking faster (or mayb… - 01/08/2014

Freescale Semiconductor Wearables Reference Platform (WaRP) Seeks to Drive Wearable Technology Design Innovation
Freescale Semiconductor is a company clearly committed to the wearable technology space. This is not only true in terms of the products the company has made available for the wearable tech industry but as well as the fact that Freescale has been both… - 01/07/2014

Sony's New Keys to Owning the Wearable Tech Space? The Core, SmartBand and LifeLog
Sony is certainly no stranger to the wearable tech space. In fact one might be tempted to label Sony a pioneer in the space, having had a shipping wearable device in hand for several years already. If you are wondering about this we are of course ref… - 01/07/2014

Wonder Woman, Xena and the Next Generation of Wearable Tech
The next category of wearable technology will be based upon the accessory form factors for female action heroes. It sounds crazy, but we should see new products that look - and maybe feel - like Wonder Woman's golden bracelets and Xena's gauntlets. - 01/07/2014

Sony Brings Oculus Rift Competition to CES 2014 with HMZ-T3Q Headset
The race for head-mounted displays just got a bit tighter with Sony's keynote address at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and Sony's newest entry into the head-mounted race. The name may bring a little scoffing and derision, but the HMZ-T… - 01/07/2014

GlassUp Augmented Reality Gets Working Prototype in for CES 2014
Exciting news for those who hoped that Google Glass would have some competition going into the market when it went into full release emerged at Las Vegas' latest round of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES); one competitor, GlassUp, seems to be well … - 01/07/2014

Pebble Steel Smartwatch Gets CES 2014 Reveal with Ship Dates for End of January
Those who grew to be fond of the Pebble smartwatch-and there were certainly plenty of folks out there who did just that-have a little something extra to be excited for thanks to this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event. More specifically, it… - 01/07/2014

VIVOBAREFOOT to Announce at CES - First Distributor of Sensoria Fitness Smart Sock
Just yesterday I was running on the treadmill, thinking how badly my joints were hurting. Other than being cause for alarm (running is probably my most favorite hobby), I was reminded of coverage I did for TMCnet in late December regarding the compan… - 01/07/2014

Netatmo Smart Bracelet Aims to Protect Skin Against Sun Damage
Society's obsession with having a bronze glow has caused many women to overexpose themselves to the sun's UV rays, placing them at a higher risk for sunburn, premature skin aging and even skin cancer. To help prevent this from happening further, Neta… - 01/07/2014

Fitness Technologies Announces AM Module Add-on for Micro MP3 and FM Players
Most people work out while blasting their favorite music. However, if you're the cerebral type who prefers NPR, or you're a sports fan who wants to listen to a local sports show, then the Fitness Technologies AM module is right for you. - 01/06/2014

Consumer Electronics Show 2014 - Market Opportunities in Wearable Technologies
This week the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place in Las Vegas, and the show will be awash in endless permutations of wearable technology (WT). Last week we provided a 2014 predictions and perspectives in wearable tech that strongly … - 01/06/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Many times when a new technology is being developed, it comes to pass that the technology itself can actually be used for a variety of different scenarios. One very good example is something that we have talked about several times. - 01/04/2014

Pre-orders Begin for Kiwi Move - Next Gen Wearable Tech for Everything
Wearable technologies have been in the spotlight quite a bit lately and the momentum isn't slowing. Potential uses span all across the board and research firms are all chattering about the promises ahead. - 01/03/2014

OMsignal's New Wearable Tech Shirt - Captures Your Bio-data
Wearable technology, as the name implies, is the integration of technology and fashion; where clothing and accessories come with computer chips and other advanced technologies. A lot of research has been going on in this field for the last three deca… - 01/03/2014

United States Special Operations Command Develops TALOS, the 'Iron Man' Suit
While Tony Stark might not have taken the news that the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) had adapted the Iron Man armor for use in the field very well, it's good to note here that Tony Stark is a fictional character. The Iron Man armo… - 01/02/2014

Magellan's Plans for CES 2014 Focus On Echo Smart Sports Watch
There are only a few days left until CES 2014 gets started in earnest out in Las Vegas, and already the news has started to land about what will be on hand there. Not surprisingly, wearable tech will have several entrants in the field, though one par… - 01/02/2014

Let's Get Down to Fitness with Wearable Tech
It's the New Year, and chances are you or someone you know has resolved to be fit or lose weight in 2014. If that's the goal, what could be better to help you on your way than wearable technology working with you? - 01/02/2014

Wearable Obstacles: Tech at Work
Lots of people wear glasses and watches to work these days - but in a few years, those glasses and watches might have undergone a revolution. Wearable technology is rapidly growing, and holds prospects both exciting and worrisome for business in the … - 01/02/2014

Wearable Tech Boosts Brand Loyalty in These 5 Examples
In an effort to reach out and get a better hold on their customer bases, companies are turning to the world of wearable computing. Wearable tech brings technology and the internet to watches, glasses and more, which allows businesses to stay close to… - 01/02/2014

Quintic's QN9020 Platform for Wearable Tech, a Low-power Consumption Solution
Last month, Quintic Holdings, a developer of wireless semiconductor solutions, launched its new QN9020 modules and development kits with integrated nano-power technology; they are designed as a low-power wearable chipset to provide longer battery lif… - 01/02/2014

LG Lifeband Touch Leaked Online
The tech-leaking site known as @evleaks has released a shot of what it is calling the LG Lifeband Touch. The band appears to look quite a bit like a number of other fitness wearable-tech gadgets that are on the market. - 01/02/2014

Blushing Bride Captures Wedding Using Google Glass
There is still some question among the tech world's most knowledgeable experts about just how "for real" wearable tech actually is. It appears that the general public is embracing the technology at a steady clip. If that adoption rate continues at th… - 01/02/2014

Is Wearable Technology for Real, Really? Here Are Some Answers for 2014
Several weeks ago, TMC held its West Coast Wearable Tech Conference and Expo in Los Angeles. It was packed with attendees keenly interested in the business of wearable tech, packed with companies looking for their ten minutes in the spotlight at our … - 01/01/2014

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We have just gone through that joyous shopping experience that we all know and love as Christmas. In just a few days it will be the start of a new year. That can only mean one thing. - 12/28/2013

LG Plays Its Wearable Device News Close To The Vest, But Confirms Its Approach
Ah, the sweet time before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas. Rumors go flying everywhere as companies try to keep leaks under wraps ahead of the big show and the reveal of almost preposterous amounts of new technology in the work… - 12/27/2013

Sony May Unveil a New Smartwatch at CES 2014
Sony hasn't quite cracked the smartwatch market yet, despite the fact that the SmartWatch 2, released in October, is able to do some things Samsung's moderately popular Galaxy Gear can't - like pair with a far broader range of Android phones, for exa… - 12/27/2013

iGrow Low-Level Laser Hair Growth Helmet, Heads On Review
Vanity comes in a lot of different forms. An actual definition is the excessive belief in one's own abilities or attractiveness to others. Another definition is excessive pride in one's appearance. Regardless of how you define vanity, you cannot deny… - 12/26/2013

Zepp Wearable Sensors Helping Golf, Baseball and Tennis Players
Athletes compete in an environment where the difference between victory and defeat is measured in tenths of a second or fractions of an inch. To overcome what seems a minuscule amount of distance and time for the rest of us, they train their whole li… - 12/26/2013

LG Gears Up to Bring Smartwatch and Wearable Healthcare Tech to 2014
Wearable technology is one of the bigger developments in 2013, and looks to be one of the biggest in 2014 as well. Several big-name players have already made moves on wearable tech with watches and head-mounted displays, while others are said to be g… - 12/26/2013

Beauty Technology, The Next Wearable Evolution in Tech
Discoveries of Neanderthal dating as far back as 75,000 B.C.E have identified body adornment and decorations. This continued with the Cro-Magonon and subsequent evolutions of the species with more intricate decorations that were part of the body or w… - 12/26/2013

VUZIX to Create Safety Smart Glasses with New Partners
The purpose of wearable tech is to give the user access to information, and until the day we develop the technology to input the information we need directly into the brain, we will have to do with what is currently available. The introduction of Goo… - 12/26/2013

Nokia Smartwatch May Leverage 'Morph' Tech for an Innovative Experience
Whether or not you're convinced that smartwatches have major significance in the wearable tech space, it seems many smartphone manufacturers are. Sony and Samsung, for example, have already released smartwatches this year - the SmartWatch 2 and Galax… - 12/26/2013

Using the Peltier Effect to Create a Wearable Air Conditioner
The next generation of hacks is going to involve the human body by tricking it to experience events and sensations that are not really happening. The more we understand human physiology, the more we will be able to manipulate it in order to achieve a… - 12/26/2013

Wearable Technology in 2014: What Does it Need to Succeed?
2013 was not the first year wearable technology was introduced or developed, but it was certainly the first year it made significant strides toward mainstream adoption. My own world is inundated with the technology; my friend received a Pebble smartw… - 12/24/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Last week TMC held its second Wearable Technology Conference and Expo of 2013 in Los Angeles. If you weren't on the west coast, check out some of what you missed with our Fitness and Sports Technology Expo. - 12/21/2013

Could Siri and Voice Control Be The Next Big Smartwatch Driver?
Smartwatches as a whole seem to be suffering from a bit of an identity crisis right now. While some are putting smartwatches to work alone like the Goophone, most others are connecting these devices to smartphones, and some seem to be trying a bit of… - 12/19/2013

Is Nokia Bailing Out of Smartphones For Wearable Tech?
A new report involving Nokia suggests that, maybe, we may well be looking at the earliest stirrings of a post-smartphone era in the making. The reports indicate that Nokia's plans to build an Android phone may have been scuttled in favor of a move to… - 12/19/2013

Google Glass Update Brings Hangouts, Improved Security, Easier YouTube Uploading
Google Glass may just be the most popular piece of wearable technology out there, which is perhaps helped by the fact that Glass users are still an exclusive club. But as time wears on and more competitors appear, like the Vuzix smart glasses, Google… - 12/19/2013

Facial Recognition Comes to Google Glass via Unauthorized App
One of the more obvious uses of Google Glass is to use it for facial recognition, and yet it's a feature that has been noticeably absent from the device's repertoire since its launch. Put simply, this is because, as Forbes put it, the feature would b… - 12/19/2013

No More Woof Dog Translator Arrives On Indiegogo
For most, wearable technology is pretty much limited to the things that humans wear, as opposed to wondering about the kinds of things that dogs might wear. But wearable technology knows no boundary of species, and that's made perfectly clear by the … - 12/18/2013

Your Socks Will Soon Have a Mind of Their Own
It's hard to think of a single moment during the day when I am not in some way in tune with technology. From texting and social networking on my smartphone to plugging my destination into my GPS (and it doesn't help that my job as an editor has me on… - 12/17/2013

Pro Sports, Fitness, Wearable Tech - A Match Made in Heaven
After roughly five months of planning, conference program development and the assembly and organization of the best of the best speakers, thought leaders, pioneers and experts on wearable technology, we held our second Wearable Technology Conference … - 12/16/2013

Pebble Smartwatch Adds New Features With Recent Update
Recently, the Pebble smartwatch picked up a new update in the form of PebbleOS v1.14, and with the update-as is commonly the case with updates-several new features arrived to help make the smartwatch an even more valuable tool for users. One of the b… - 12/16/2013

Smartwatches Are About to Become Much Smarter
Dick Tracey introduced the first wireless phone-watch back in 1946. By the time the comic strip detective hit the silver screen in 1964, his watch, by then quite iconic, even boasted video call capabilities. Fast-forward to 2013. Numerous smartwatche… - 12/16/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
The wearable tech world just wrapped up a huge week that began on Dec. 9 with the Fitness and Sports Technology (FAST) Expo followed by the Wearable Tech Expo on Dec. 10 and 11. - 12/14/2013

Wearable Technology Likely to Play a Key Role in Electronic Payments Space
The expansion of electronic wallet technology and biometric platforms may seem to have slowed down somewhat lately, but, according to several technology leaders - namely NXT-ID, Rambus, Twitter, Cisco Systems and Nuance Communications - this is just … - 12/13/2013

Oculus VR Lands Major Investment to Launch Its Goggle Line
The Oculus Rift is easily one of the biggest names in gaming out there right now. Time Magazine ranked its developer kit number three on its top 10 gadget list for 2013, second only to Google's Chromecast and the newest iPads from Apple. A new develo… - 12/13/2013

Winter Weather Alters, Not Eliminates, Wearable Tech Needs
For a large portion of the country, right now it's proving to be plenty cold outside - downright bone-chilling, even - and that's got hats, scarves, sweaters and big hefty insulated coats coming out of hiding to deal with the temperature shock. But a… - 12/13/2013

Some People Say Tattoos, Contact Lenses Are Okay Spots for Sensors
Where would you be willing to put a sensor on your body? That's a recent question Forrester Research tried to get an answer to, and the responses are sometimes surprising. - 12/13/2013

Good to Drive? Just Ask Your Watch If You Had Too Much to Drink
The wearable tech industry is booming to say the least. Wearable Tech Expo wrapped up yesterday in Los Angeles, Calif., and the two day event was filled with information on new, innovative products, insight from industry experts, and informative live… - 12/12/2013

CSR Shifts Company Focus onto Wearable Devices
CSR, a wireless technology company based out of Cambridge UK, has cleaned house in preparation for a company shift towards the world of wearable computing. This change in strategy came at the cost of CSR's stake in the digital camera market, $90 mill… - 12/12/2013

What Comes After Self-Absorbed Social Media Posts? The Answer is 'Lifelogging'
Everybody has this one kind of friend: the one that feels the need to post an update on Facebook every time he or she has a second cup of coffee or goes for a run or cleans out the front closet. You start to wonder what's next for these people - shar… - 12/12/2013

Stay Focused: Google Prescription Glasses Coming in January?
A Google employee reportedly leaked some photos of prescription lenses for Google Glass on his Google+ page. He took them down quickly, but the word has still spread. - 12/12/2013

Filip Technologies Attracts a Cool $8M for Its Wearable Smart Locator
Filip Technologies announced today that it had attracted $8 million in venture capital funding from Horizon Ventures, KEC Ventures and The Social+Capital Partnership. - 12/11/2013

Consumer Interest in Wearable Tech Quadruples
Interest quadrupled, that's one of the biggest key points to get out of the CEA study in question, titled "Understanding the Market for Wearable Heath and Fitness Devices." Said study showed that consumers planning to purchase a, "dedicated wearable … - 12/11/2013

Wearable Tech Charm Bracelet Features Gaming, Social Media
Perhaps this is something to add to the list of the tech geek in your life that is also a lover of accessories. Montreal-based Mighty Cast launched its Nex Band, a charm bracelet that connects physical collectible and shareable objects with mobile an… - 12/11/2013

Foxconn's Got Its Eyes On Wearable Tech With New Funding Plan
While Foxconn has been something of a figure of controversy in the technology industry, its presence as a maker of many of the biggest name products out there is simply undeniable. Now, it's looking to ratchet up that presence in a big way with a new… - 12/11/2013

Broadcom Makes a Play for Wearable Tech Market with WICED Smart Chip
Broadcom is well-known for its telecommunications processors and SoCs (system on a chip), with offerings like the BCM43460 SoC, one of the first to support 5G Wi-Fi, only further entrenching its name in the industry. However, despite being one of the… - 12/11/2013

The Galvanic Extimacy Responder Makes Mood As Plain As The Sweater On Your Neck
Mood is a tough thing to gauge, even for those people who are actually in the process of having the moods in question. But a new wearable technology tool may make a mood as plain as the nose on a person's face in the form of a new kind of sweater tha… - 12/11/2013

Winners of Wearable Tech Expo Demo Forum Announced
Yesterday, December 10, several wearable tech companies participated in a three-hour dedicated demo forum to compete for top event honors. Each company had 8 minutes to tell their story and demonstrate their product to a large audience of Expo attend… - 12/11/2013

Fashion Meets Tech: Victoria's Secret Model Sports 3D Printed Lingerie
The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has gone tech with its 3D printed couture. - 12/11/2013

If Women Won't Buy Clunky Smart Watches, How About Smart Jewelry?
The future is here. No, we have no flying cars yet, but we now have computers that can be worn like glasses, or as wrist bands on our arms. They are wirelessly networked, loaded with apps, fast, small and able to go anywhere we would like. In the ver… - 12/11/2013

Illinois Could Ban Driving While Using Google Glass
Everyone knows that you're not supposed to drink and drive or text and drive, but if a proposed law passes in Illinois, drivers in the Land of Lincoln will be prohibited from using Google Glass and driving too, according to the Associated Press. - 12/11/2013

Philippe Kahn Kicks Off Wearable Tech Expo 2013 LA
Industry visionary and serial entrepreneur Philippe Khan, CEO of Fullpower, kicked off Wearable Tech Expo 2013 Los Angeles and began by explaining that the wearable market needs to focus on being seamless - whether we are talking about sleep sensors … - 12/10/2013

New App Turns Wearable Technology into Personal Fitness Trainers
Technology is changing how and when we can attain our physical fitness goals. Indeed, a new app now promises to deliver custom training programs with real-time feedback using motion sensors via wearable devices. - 12/10/2013

Vuzix Releases New Optics Engine Capable of Fitting into Standard Eyeglass Frames
Big news has emerged from Los Angeles at the Wearable Tech Expo today. In front of an audience of enthusiastic wearable technology professionals and enthusiasts, Vuzix Corporation, a supplier of video eyewear and smart glasses products, has revealed … - 12/10/2013

Vuzix Smart Glasses Far Better Than Google Glass But…
Vuzix has been particularly active at the Wearable Tech Expo happening this week with a number of impressive announcements. One is its soon to be released M100. What makes the M100 better than Google Glass is that it is in final form and far cheaper … - 12/10/2013

Andrea Bocelli and MIT Team Up on Wearable Tech for the Blind
While much will be discussed at this week's Wearable Tech EXPO about the ways that wearable tech can help us enjoy life more fully, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli has partnered with MIT in order to use wearable technology in order to create a device th… - 12/10/2013

Wearable Tech Helps Runners Prevent Injury Before It Happens
The wearable technology includes sensors embedded in the Runsafer shoe which check for certain elements of your running style, such as G force, direction, speed, force of impact and even surface hardness, enabling the shoe to literally get a feel for… - 12/10/2013

Huge Growth Expected in Wearable Tech Thanks to Bluetooth Smart Explosion
Wearable technology has seen some major gains in recent years and is on track to do even better over the course of the next few years. With everything from head-mounted displays to augmented running shoes, there pretty much isn't a part of the body t… - 12/10/2013

'We Can Make Him Stronger. We Have the Technology'
Much like the work portrayed in the classic TV show, "The Six Million Dollar Man," wearable technology has taken a giant leap forward thanks to four students at the University of Pennsylvania who designed and built a wearable robotic arm. - 12/10/2013

Wearable Tech that Makes You Think - By Jolting Your Brain
When it comes to such inquiries, there is certainly a nice balancing act between making financial connections, having a place to conduct your research and making meaningful critiques of advances in technology. It will be exciting to see what Tan even… - 12/10/2013

Theatro Demos 'Heads-up and Hands Free' Retail Device at Wearable Tech Expo
Today at TMC's Wearable Tech Expo in Universal City, Calif., Theatro demoed its hands-free wearable tech solution, which leverages the company's SaaS application suite. This gave expo attendees a chance to see the convenience and efficiency of the pr… - 12/10/2013

Wearable Technology to Boost 2014 M2M Growth
As technology continues to get smarter day by day, it's no surprise that we will start to see more sophisticated technology embedded into everyday objects. Our home, for example, is on track to becoming connected to the Internet via windows, thermost… - 12/10/2013

Impressive Growth Predicted for Wearable Medical Devices Market
While the term "wearable technology" gets thrown around a lot these days, it's important to understand that there are several sub-sectors of this increasingly important industry. While the most visible wearable technology might be gadgets such as Goo… - 12/10/2013

The Omate TrueSmart, an Android Smartwatch Free from Phone Dependence
The smartwatch has become sort of the breakthrough technology that's bringing wearable technology into people's homes. Even though it seems that the long-rumored Apple iWatch is a big part of this craze, until it actually comes out - if it comes out … - 12/10/2013

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves Revolutionize Safety for Cyclists, Skateboarders and Joggers
Zack Vorhies, a former Google software engineer, got the idea to create the Zackees LED Turn Signal gloves long before he figured out how they would be useful. - 12/09/2013

Mike Lynch Finds HP Connection in New Augmented Reality Start-Up Taggar
Created by former HP staffers, Taggar offers a new kind of augmented reality system that's geared specifically toward wearable technology products like Google Glass and its steadily-growing array of competitors. It's also usable by mobile phones and … - 12/09/2013

Smartphone Messages Sent to Your Finger
With this ring, I now pronounce you … Don't be frightened off, you haven't just entered a wedding hall however it is a union of sorts. It starts in the halls of an Indiegogo campaign. I am referring to Smarty Ring. It is the latest wearable device to… - 12/09/2013

2014 Will Bring a Host of Wearable Technology Innovations
Wearable smart health technology not for you? How about ingestible smart technology? A company called Proteus is developing an ingestible sensor patients can take alongside their medication, at which time it is activated by the body and can measure t… - 12/09/2013

M2M Sensors Enable Wearable Technology Growth, Fitness Improvement and Health Safety
The market for wearable technology is growing fast - Berg Insights predicts the total number of shipments of wearable technology devices is expected to reach 64 million units in 2017; up from 8.3 million in 2012 and 3.1 million in 2011. - 12/09/2013

Wearably Brings RSS to Wearable Technology
Google may have decided it is done with RSS, but that doesn't mean the rest of the world is too. In fact, a new service called Wearably, the product of a three-person team called Silica Labs, has made it easier than ever for people to access their RS… - 12/09/2013

TMC's FAST - Fitness and Sports Technology - Conference Primed to Take Off Today
Surely you remember when treadmills and other sports equipment began to include such things as early heart rate monitors that provided a fairly adequate measure of one's heart rate, along with such things as calculated calorie loss and other sometime… - 12/09/2013

Wearable Technology Expo and Conference - Exciting Products, Exciting Technology, Amazing Speakers
TMC produces its Wearable Technology Expo and Conference twice a year, with events alternately taking place on the East and West coasts. That means that every six months, as the conference program director, we go through a deep and extended cycle of … - 12/09/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We all know Qualcomm as an American global semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and markets digital wireless telecommunications products and services. Now we can add another item to that list. Let us add smartwatch maker to the list. - 12/07/2013

The Smartwatch and its Significance to the Wearable Tech Space
There's no doubt that the wearable tech space has a lot going on right now, but sometimes it seems like all that's out there are smartwatches. Part of the reason for this is because, well, there are a fair amount of smartwatches available to buyers t… - 12/06/2013

The Story of Wearable Tech
One thing's for sure when it comes to wearable technology: the market has made a lot of gains in the short term, and looks to do likewise in the long term. But that's about where the surety falls apart, and the future of wearable technology looks mor… - 12/06/2013

Alpine Data Labs Looks to Bring Big Data to Nike, Mars, Others
Whether it's wearable technology, cars or cold cuts, it's got to be promoted in order to get people interested in trying and buying it. That's a fairly immutable law of merchandising: if no one knows it exists, no one will buy it. But, being the adve… - 12/05/2013

Google Opens Up Glass Upgrades Program to Explorer Hardware
It wasn't so long ago when we first heard about a Google plan in the works to get early Google Glass users upgraded headsets at no charge. Now, Google is reportedly looking to make the program a reality. - 12/05/2013

Be Your Own Inspector Gadget with the Android Smartwatch
Android is no longer satisfied just sticking to phones and tablets anymore. Android, in collaboration with Chinavasion, has now created a smartwatch, which has all the capabilities of a smartphone yet you simply wear in on your wrist. - 12/04/2013

ABI Research: Wearable Tech Has New Allies In Subsidies and Shared Data
Just recently, we had a look at wearable technology, in terms of what it was offering currently, and what it would need to offer in order to really gain ground among potential users. Perhaps two of the biggest points that wearable tech really needed … - 12/04/2013

Are You an Emotional Eater? There's a Bra for That, and Also an App
Mary Czerwinski, a cognitive psychologist who works for Microsoft, has spearheaded a project to help women recognize emotional eating triggers using sensors placed in bras. These sensors monitor heart rate and respiration to detect stress in the wear… - 12/03/2013

What Can Wearable Tech Say About Your Mood?
At social gatherings, what we wear has special significance. Our outfits may invite small talk or spur gossip, and they seem always to say something about our personalities. A woman in a strappy red dress may project the image of confidence and sensu… - 12/03/2013

Google Glass Releases Play Music App
The world of wearable technology continues to hold great promise for its convenience and ease of use. In the most recent move in the sector, Google Glass has released easy-to-use apps. The most recent of these is a Play Music app. It follows Google G… - 12/03/2013

Qualcomm's Toq Smartwatch - It's Not about the Smartwatch, It's about the Magical Display
Back in 2009 - 2010, which seems to us unequivocally ancient as far as looking back in time relative to today's wearable technology world, Qualcomm first showed off its new Mirasol display technology. Mirasol is quite interesting because it doesn't u… - 12/03/2013

Despite Google Glass' Flaws, Smart Wearable Tech on the Rise
While Google Glass has plenty of fans and detractors, there's no denying that this buzzy tech item got people talking about wearable tech in 2013. Analysts at Juniper Research now believe that Google Glass is just the tip of the wearable tech iceberg… - 12/02/2013

Royce Freedom Wallet Offers Host of Extras
Admittedly, wallet technology hasn't exactly changed much over the last hundred years or so, at least, not until recently. There have been some interesting refinements on the original model of foldable leather with pouches and holders, but the basic … - 11/29/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
I can't help but start this week with possibly the extraordinary wearable tech that I've seen, or possibly the kookiest. Get ready all you fashionistas, Sony has file a patent for a smart wig. This piece of wearable technology is designed to give you… - 11/29/2013

Apple Hearing Aids the Next Wearable Tech Wave?
Stylish hearing aids sporting the inimitably cool Apple allure could help erase the stigma of hearing aids, which have never been designed for looks. Three out of four people suffering from hearing problems don't use a hearing aid, partly due to fact… - 11/28/2013

Babytree's B-smart Watch Drives Expecting Mothers To Wearable Tech
Pregnancy is a major period in any person's life, particularly for the woman who's actually generating the new life within, but also for those who are around said woman. Even technology understands the magnitude of the task the pregnant woman underta… - 11/27/2013

ZTE Looks to Join Smartwatch Stakes
It remains to be seen, of course, if the Chinese market is sufficiently robust to accommodate a device that has to be paired with a separate device for maximum impact, but ZTE could certainly stand a little extra shot of name recognition. A unique ne… - 11/26/2013

Sony's New SmartWig Patent - Dumbest Wearable Tech Ever or Brilliant Medical Idea?
Leave it to Engadget to unearth yet another kooky tech product! This time around they've managed to uncover a new Sony patent filing that looks to endow wigs with the ability to pair up via Bluetooth with smartphones or other Bluetooth devices. - 11/26/2013

Smart Guns May Soon Be the Handgun Norm Sold in New Jersey
The handgun market in New Jersey is poised to radically change because of new smart technology. - 11/26/2013

The Vote Goes to Starfleet Wrist Communicators
While a lot of people think that wearable technology is something new, it has actually been around for a very long time. The concept has been around even longer. Every time you watch a James Bond or Bond-like movie, you are looking at a lot of wearab… - 11/26/2013

How Smart Can a Wig Be?
You know, one of the fun things about wearable technology is that it can go beyond scope of computer or mobile technology. You do not necessarily need to be mechanically or even computer inclined to operate something that you wear. - 11/25/2013

A Fitness Tracker That Can Pinpoint Specific Body Part Movements
One area that we know that has already benefited from wearable technology is the world of health and fitness. There have been several wearable devices such as Misfit's Shine health monitor and Jawbone's new Wristband UP24. So, what makes the latest K… - 11/25/2013

Nokia Spinoff PulseOn's Heart Monitor Said To Be World's Most Accurate
For those at the point where a heart monitor becomes a necessary thing, accuracy in that particular device counts for quite a bit, especially as it's measuring the status of the human heart, the kind of thing that, without which, can mean the differe… - 11/25/2013

REVOLUTIONS SmartWatch Phone is Both Phone and Watch
The watch phone has been a staple of spy movies and comics since the early days. From Dick Tracy to Inspector Gadget, the idea of making calls by way of a wrist watch has been an enduring dream. It need not be a dream any longer. - 11/25/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
I think that in the olden days (what a way to start) people were healthier because they had less stress in their lives. My beard actually gets more of the black back into it when I'm nice and relaxed, about three times a year. - 11/23/2013

Woojer, the Wearable Audio Accessory That Lets You Feel the Sound
Woojer is a wearable device that is designed to allow its wearer to literally feel what they are listening to. This is accomplished through haptic feedback. Haptic technology, or haptics, is a tactile feedback technology which takes advantage of the … - 11/21/2013

Geco Mark II Offers Action Camera for Any Pair of Glasses
Mounted cameras for extreme sports aren't exactly new technology; just consider the GoPro line of cameras, and that will put that conclusion to rest for anyone who was holding it. Perhaps one of the biggest problems with mounted cameras is that the d… - 11/20/2013

Jawbone's New Wristband UP24 - Always Connected, Always Motivated
Several days ago, Jawbone announced new software and a new hardware option for its UP wearable tech fitness system - which is comprised of Jawbone's fitness tracking wristband, app and data services. - 11/20/2013

eBay Expanding its Connected Glass Shopping
eBay has big plans for its connected glass shopping after tests in malls prove to be lucrative. - 11/20/2013

Qualcomm Toq Out to Make Mark in Mobile Devices
The number, and attendant capability, of mobile devices-particularly wearable devices-seems to be increasing with each passing day, and more and more choice emerge for the mobile device consumer-to-be. - 11/18/2013

The Amazing Skully Helmet
A few weeks back I got a chance to see the Skully Helmet and if you are a motorcycle rider going through tech withdrawals every time you get on your bike this wonderful piece of motorcycle magic is for you. While some folks have compered this Helmet … - 11/18/2013

Pairs of Wearable 'TapTap' Devices Allow Two People to 'Touch' Remotely
While the world remains focused on Google Glass as the ultimate (so far) expression of wearable technology, a number of other interesting computing devices that can be worn on the body have debuted, if even only in the prototype stages. Google Glass,… - 11/18/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
It won't be long now until everyone really gets into shopping mode. Halloween just ended and the Christmas decorations are already out! That means that new products will be seen from many companies. So what better place to start this week than with s… - 11/16/2013

Wearable Tech: Do You Feel 'Stupid' Wearing It?
Wearable tech is here, and more is on the way, aren't you excited?! According to a recent poll, many of you are way up on the fence about it, indicating you probably aren't willing to spend your hard-earned cash on the pricey products just yet. - 11/15/2013

Does Apple Have His & Hers Designer iWatches up its Sleeve?
Well, the folks at DisplaySearch are at it again, offering up some interesting thoughts - or maybe we should say "amusing" thoughts on Apple future products. We do give them credit for noting these musings as almost absolute fact, but it will be nece… - 11/15/2013

Under Armour Will Pony Up $150 Million to Buy MapMyFitness, One of the World's Largest Fitness Tracking Platforms
Quite some time ago we downloaded MapMyRun - one of the ten or so collection of free and paid applications that comprise the MapMyFitness cloud- and SaaS-based platform and ecosystem. The app itself - in our case for iOS, is quite comprehensive. Some… - 11/14/2013

Wearable Smart Glasses Shipments to Reach 10 Million Globally by 2018
New research from Juniper Research suggests that smart glasses will not be a passing fad but will rather become a fairly sizable market. Based on the new research, Juniper is now projecting global shipments for wearable smart glasses will reach at le… - 11/14/2013

Pivothead Wearable Imaging Launches Next Generation SMART Eyewear and New IndieGoGo Campaign
Pivothead Wearable Imaging - a Gold Sponsor for TMC's upcoming Sport and Fitness Tech (FAST) Conference and upcoming Wearable Tech Conference - and the developer of a very cool video-cam smart glasses device and platform, the Pivothead Eyewear, is in… - 11/14/2013

Google Eyewear Now Available as Earware
Google is really trying to make Google Glass the ultimate must-have $1500 gadget. The company is now launching a set of new features to complement the computerized eyewear, although these new features are more for the ears than the eyes. - 11/14/2013

Skulpt Aim Hits Indiegogo for Wireless Measurement of Muscle Quality
When it comes to measuring fitness, there are scales and measures aplenty, and no one's quite sure just which one works best. Electrical conductivity, fluid displacement, scales and calipers, and even the both vaunted and derided body mass index (BMI… - 11/13/2013

NeuroMatrix and Its Wearable DPN Pain Management Solution for Diabetics
Painful diabetic neuropathy is a complication diabetics experience as high blood glucose or sugar levels begin to damage the nerves in the body. The effect of this complication generally manifests itself on the lower extremities, the legs and feet. - 11/13/2013

Is Restored Hearing Just A Baseball Cap Away?
While wearable technology is still just getting started, it's already generating a few unusual ideas. We've seen head-mounted displays like the Google Glass that show users where to go with augmented reality overlays of the immediate environment, not… - 11/12/2013

Wearable Tech Takes Over Apple, Apple Television Moved Back, Say Reports
While reports of a television with Apple branding have been in the works for the last few years now, some new reports suggest that the wait will continue for some time to come. While other reports suggested that the wait may have been coming to an en… - 11/12/2013

Graphene Ink News - Not What It Seems
Graphene is no doubt the super-stuff of the future. It's the most pliable, strongest, most conductive substance yet discovered, it's just one atom thick and now the ability to print it on fabric can open the door to vast leaps in wearable tech. - 11/11/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
This is always true, but when new technology comes on the scene, a lot more than just the scene changes. Sometimes other things are also affected by the technology. Wearable technology is one of those that has an impact on various areas. - 11/08/2013

Glass XE11 Update Makes Google's Wearable Tech Even More Useful
There have been those who look at Google Glass and wondered-often with at least some skepticism-how such a thing could ever prove useful to a normal person. - 11/08/2013

Fashion Meets Tech: Your Device is as Important as Your Outfit
Making a fashion statement isn't just about the latest pair of designer shoes or that new must-have handbag anymore - technology has taken hold of all the glitz and glamour as well. - 11/07/2013

Wearable Tech Has Promise But Must Find a Champion and Price Decrease
Before you get all excited about wearable tech such as Google Glass and Sony's SmartWatch 2, don't forget that tablets existed in the shadows before the iPad. We didn't all own iPhones until smartphones had been on the market for years, and the iPod … - 11/07/2013

Wearable Tech: Is It A Bust?
According to the Harris Poll conducted by Harris Interactive, which surveyed 2,577 U.S. adults online between September 18 and 24, the majority of people aren't going crazy over the idea of wearable tech. - 11/07/2013

New Apple Patent Application Emerges - It is All a Wearable Tech Vision
When Apple finally delivers either its first piece of real wearable technology or, as may prove to be likely, it delivers not only wearable tech but also a grander scheme for how wearable tech will work within Apple's larger vision of the future, it … - 11/07/2013

Wearable Camera Knows What You Like, Makes GIFs of It
Even though the wearable tech space is still in its relative infancy, there have already been some pretty fantastical applications and devices. For example, the Tikker smartwatch is a wearable device that supposedly tells you how much time you have l… - 11/07/2013

iPhone 5S Sports Nike App
It seems that Apple just can't stay out of the news these days. The technology tycoon's iPhone 5S now acts as the platform for Nike's new app, Move. The sports equipment and apparel provider recently announced the official launch of the app, which wi… - 11/07/2013

Pebble Technology Delivers on iOS 7 notifications and the new Pebble SDK 2.0
The last time we covered Pebble the company had just brought to light a new deal to bring Pebble into Best Buy stores and to their website. We don't know just how many Pebbles Best Buy has helped to move, but according to Pebble the company has deliv… - 11/06/2013

Intel's Newest Plans Focus on Wearable, Small Devices & DIY Users
Intel is getting some new targets in its collective sights in the near-term future, and some of said targets are a little unusual for the company. But these new targets are part of some pretty substantial markets, and should ultimately provide exciti… - 11/06/2013

Mobile Augmented Reality Users Will Grow to 200M By 2018
Juniper Research's latest report titled, "Mobile Augmented Reality: Smartphones, Tablets and Smart Glasses 2013-2018" forecasts that the mobile augmented reality (AR) market, is set to increase dramatically. - 11/06/2013

Google Glass Should Be Watching Its Rear View: Competitors Emerge In the Field
It's hard not to look at recent events and draw the conclusion that the wearable technology market is on an absolute tear. The sheer number of new products coming out in the field is just too hard to ignore for any length of time. - 11/06/2013

Ticketed Google Glass Wearer Underlines Questions Surrounding Wearable Tech
Google Glass has been making headlines over the last few months for a variety of reasons. We have now seen the wearable tech make headlines in conjunction with the committing of a crime for the first time. The crime in question wasn't a particularly … - 11/04/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Adidas has been very successful with its interactive personal coaching and training platform, miCoach. The ability to gather a wealth of exceptionally useful data that coaches can put to real world use for training purposes is amazing. - 11/02/2013

Driving with Google Illegal? First Google Glass-Related Traffic Ticket Written In San Diego County
The California Highway Patrol representative who reportedly pulled over 44 year old Cecilia Abadie noted that it was "illegal to drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other means of v… - 11/01/2013

Stay Connected to Friends and Loved Ones with Bond Touch Modules
When you hear the word "Bond" associated with the city of London, you usually think of 007. In this case, the word "Bond" has nothing to do with Daniel Craig, Aston Martins or martinis that are shaken, not stirred. - 10/31/2013

Soft Product Recall for Google Glass Systems?
Granted, the Google Glass is still mostly unavailable to regular users-the program has been seen expanding in recent days to include a handful of close friends of original-era Google Glass Explorers-but there are some reports afoot that suggest that … - 10/31/2013

Fitbit, Fuel, Jawband and More: 250 Million Wearable Health Trackers By 2017
The wearable technology market in general is clearly on an upward trend, but trying to figure out just how far up that trend will go-or even can go-is proving to be a bit difficult. A new report from ON World, a global technology research company, ma… - 10/31/2013

A Glimpse at Google Glass Accessories: Unsurprisingly, They Are Pricey
Are you coveting Google Glass, the search giant's soon-to-be-mainstream wearable technology in the form of "smart glasses"? Better get ready to open your wallet, in more ways than one. - 10/31/2013

The New adidas Smart Run Smartwatch - It's Very Cool but the miCoach Platform is the Secret Sauce
The new adidas smartwatch, its Smart Run - slated to arrive for purchase on November 1, 2013, is a very impressive runner's tool. We caught up with Paul Gaudio recently to dig deeper into its key differntiators and value propositions. It's very cool. - 10/31/2013

Never Miss a Call Again: MEMI's Fashionable Solution
When news of Samsung's watch phone hit the streets, people were quick to ignore the cool James Bond aspects of the technology and go right to the drawbacks: It's expensive, has poor battery life, only works with one phone, and, most of all, it's ugly… - 10/30/2013

Wearable Tech: Animate Your Wardrobe, Literally
Hear ye, hear ye, fashionistas! Garments have gone digital. Computerized, animated womenswear is about to hit the sales racks. - 10/30/2013

A New Google Glass: Second Generation Glass Units to Include Earbud & More
Google didn't mention if there were any fees attached with the upgraded device, and reports suggest that only those who purchased devices before October 28, 2013 could get in on the action. But further reports note that those who are eligible will ge… - 10/30/2013

Google Readies Newest Role Atop Your Wrist
The reports suggest that the Google smartwatch in question will not only run on Android, but will also come equipped with the Google Now personal assistant system, which itself has a variety of features on hand like being able to answer questions or … - 10/29/2013

Wristify Bracelet Controls Whole Body Temperature
Known as Wristify, the prototype monitors air and skin temperature and, based on the needs of the person, the device will shoot thermal pulses into the wrist to cool or warm them. - 10/29/2013

Neurocam Allows You to Record Video Telekinetically, Sort of
In what seems straight out of a sci-fi flick, a new wearable device taps into your brainwaves and, based on your interest scale, will start to record video via your smartphone. - 10/29/2013

The AIRO Wristband: Telling You Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Yourself
While self-tracking devices are-indeed, much of the wearable technology market is-on something of an upward trajectory these days, said devices also seem to be improving at a pretty good clip as well. The new AIRO wristband shows us just how far thes… - 10/28/2013

Samsung Smart Glasses in the Works? Of Course, But for Now it is All Just Guesswork
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and several other websites (e.g. The Verge) have latched on to several supposed Samsung patent diagrams from a patent application that supposedly shows off a design of sorts for a Samsung effort at developing a pair of s… - 10/28/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We are all familiar with biometrics. It refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. The ones that we are most familiar with are using your fingerprint or eye retina to guarantee if it is really you. There are various de… - 10/26/2013

Bionym - Biometrics and Heartbeats as a Means to Password Security
Wearable technology has many uses, ranging from fitness and health monitoring to smart glasses and smartwatches. Some devices are more sophisticated than others - and provide sensors that can read and capture a variety of biometric measurements. - 10/24/2013

Is Microsoft Testing Eyewear Similar to Google Glass? Yes - But it is Hardly a Surprise
Microsoft missed the boat on mobile computing, it missed the boat on tablets, and a long time ago it almost missed the boat on the Web and Internet. That latter tidbit may seem odd to those who aren't Microsoft historians, but when Netscape first cam… - 10/24/2013

Five Obstacles to Taking Wearable Tech to Mass Market
The concept of wearable technology has been around in one form or another for quite some time. Doctors have used heart and pulse rate monitors that were worn on the wrist for years. The difference is in the technology. - 10/23/2013

Light Bohrd Lights Up the Night at Under Armour's 'Future Show'
Under Armour, a company best known for its moisture-wicking clothing, has crowned Chris Forgey, inventor of Light Bohrd, as the winner of its 2013 'Future Show' competition. - 10/23/2013

element14 Selects Two Winners of 'Get Closer' Wearable Tech Challenge
Back in August, element14 - the an information portal, collaborative community and electronics store geared toward electronic design engineers - announced that it had chosen eight competitors out of 121 entrants as finalists for its "Get Closer" Wear… - 10/23/2013

Wearable Technology: Boon to Productivity?
While productivity levels at businesses are already, by and large, doing well by most any standard, there's always room for some new technology to come along and automate another tedious process or otherwise remove it from the equation, allowing work… - 10/23/2013

Wang Rallies the Troops at HTC and Possibly Plans to Have a Smartwatch
Samsung has been the thorn in HTC's side. This has made the laid back, mostly hands-off HTC chairwoman and co-founder, Cher Wang, take a much more proactive approach to her company. Normally she has left the management of the company up to the two me… - 10/23/2013

Nokia Smartwatch of the Future May Have Multiple Displays
A patent application submitted by Nokia from August of last year, but recently unearthed, discovers that Nokia is not shying away from shaking up the form factor when it comes to smartwatches. - 10/23/2013

Tesseract Mobile Brings Klondike Solitaire to Sony Smartwatch Models
The idea that a user could play solitaire on a smartphone is only a comparatively recent idea, but now it's about to get just a little wilder thanks to a new move from Tesseract Mobile, which makes two of the biggest names in solitaire for Android de… - 10/23/2013

Google Search Prepares for Wearable Tech
When Google changes its search algorithm, lots of people notice. But for Google, ideally the changes are seamless. - 10/21/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
It may be a year and a half since Nike's original FuelBand made its debut, but don't think that Nike has just been sitting around all this time. Nike has spent the last year analyzing information that it has continuously gathered since the FuelBand w… - 10/19/2013

A Rival to Google Glass
ChipSiP Technology is a Taiwanese company known for its System in Package, or SIP products. ChipSiP Technology systems in a chip are now used in big screen TVs, computers, wireless devices and smart home products, and the company has been developing … - 10/18/2013

Woojer: The Wearable Bass
Woojer's name is a play on the term woofer. Woojer is a wearable accessory the size of a matchbox that is designed to make listeners feel the bass. Angel funding raised $600,000 for Woojer early in 2013, which enabled Woojer to create a prototype fro… - 10/17/2013

Can Wearable Technology Improve Airline Travel?
SITA Lab-the research branch of SITA, a specialist firm in information technology for air transport-recently published a report running down some things that could be done using wearable technology to fuel a better airport experience. SITA Lab began … - 10/17/2013

Wearable Tech Market to Hit $19B by 2018
It's difficult to predict the future of a market still in its infancy like the wearable technology space. For research firms like Juniper Research, though, it still seems to be worth a try. Indeed, the company has weighed in on what it thinks the wea… - 10/17/2013

Adidas Unveils New Smartwatch for Runners
This week Adidas announced a new smartwatch that is geared toward runners. Adidas says the watch should be available on November 1 and will have a $399 price tag. - 10/17/2013

Microsoft Septimu Generates Mood Earbud Technology
We all know the mood ring, and some of us remember the mood bracelet. There's even a mood ring app for smartphones. But Microsoft is taking some of the greatest technology the 1970s could muster and bringing it into the modern era with a new Microsof… - 10/16/2013

New Nike+ FuelBand SE Announced Today at NikeFuel Forum Live Event
About 18 months after Nike announced the original Nike FuelBand, at a live event in downtown New York City this morning Nike followed it up by getting the word out on its new Nike+ FuelBand SE, along with new and updated capabilities to its Nike+ eco… - 10/15/2013

Sony SmartWatch 2 Sees US Release Alongside Xperia Z1, Z Ultra
Samsung may have been first to market with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which was responsible for boosting wearable tech Yahoo search queries, but Sony's own SmartWatch 2 has been in development for about as long. - 10/15/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
I finally saw my first commercial on TV for a smartwatch. It seems that Samsung is going all out to let people know about the Gear. I say that because, since seeing the commercial for the first time a little over a week ago, I have now seen it a lot. - 10/12/2013

Fitbit's Smartwatch 'Force' Features Fitness Tracker
This week, Fitbit made its latest smartwatch the Force available. The Force is the evolution of the Fitbit's Flex. Force offers users an OLED display and altimeter on top of the features that Flex offered. - 10/11/2013

Health Tech Player Basis Extends Series B Funding to Over $23 Million
Basis Science, the company behind the advanced Basis health tracker, raised a second tranche of Series B funding worth $11.75 million, adding to an earlier tranche worth $11.5 million that was originally announced in March of this year. This second t… - 10/09/2013

Blue Goji, MyFitnessPal Team Up to Make a Game Out of Fitness
Exercise is seldom fun or pleasant, except for those special few people who actually do enjoy the activity. Sure, a walk or a bike ride can be a nice way to relax, but getting up the strength to actually do so-and that's assuming the issue of adverse… - 10/09/2013

Aviator GPS from Garmin Worn on Pilot's Wrist
We are all familiar with the name Garmin, the satellite navigation provider. In addition to the small device that sits on your car's dashboard, the company also makes devices for runners, hikers, swimmers and, we cannot forget, golfers. - 10/09/2013

Tikker - How About It? A Watch that Counts Down Your Lifetime
Almost exactly two years ago, in October 2011 a movie called "In Time," starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, was released. As movies go this was in our opinion a really well done affair - on Netflix we're usually quite stingy with ratings,… - 10/09/2013

Vivante Tackles Wearable Tech with New GPU Core Release
Vivante Corporation is best known for its efforts in the area of M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT) - for example, its technology powers advanced driver assistance systems - but the company recently made a play for the wearable technology market wi… - 10/08/2013

Memoto Renamed Narrative Clip, Set to Release Nov. 1
While some are concerned over the state of privacy today, others seem perfectly happy to record and share nearly every moment of their lives, whether through tweets, Facebook status updates, Instagram photos or Vine videos. - 10/08/2013

Thuuz Sports Brings Pro Alerts to Google Glass
If you're one of the lucky few to have access to Google Glass and are a pro sports fan, then the Thuuz Sports app might be for you. - 10/08/2013

Attention Santas: FiLIP, the Smartwatch for Kids, Set to Hit Stores for Christmas
For Filip Technologies, it's going to look a lot more like Christmas than normal, as its semi-eponymous new smartwatch, the FiLIP, is set to hit stores in time to get in on the holiday shopping rush. - 10/08/2013

Sony's HMZ-T3W: The 3D Television You Wear
Movie buffs, sports fans and couch potatoes who want some big television but don't have a lot of space for it may be set to get just what's desired with the HMZ-T3W from Sony. - 10/08/2013

Royal College of Art Students Invent Headset that Gives the Wearer Super Hearing, Vision
Students at London's Royal College of Art have invented a headset and mask that, when worn, gives the user superhuman sight or hearing. - 10/07/2013

Would Carrie Bradshaw Wear a Smartwatch?
The future is in wearable technology, and many people believe that - despite Google's efforts with its Google Glass project - it will be smartwatches that we're all wearing in the near future. - 10/07/2013

How Many Smartwatches Can a Smartwatch Seller Sell if a Seller Sells iWatches?
Apple analyst and long-time Apple prognosticator Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray suggests that Apple might very well be able to sell as many as 10 million of them the first year they go out the door. - 10/07/2013

Is There a Gem of an LG...or Moto X...or Glass Smartwatch Hiding Up Google's Sleeve?
Supposedly Google will be announcing the new Nexus 5 and Android KitKat (v4.4) before October comes to a close. These are very likely things that will in fact happen. - 10/07/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
We have talked about flexible and curved glass devices several times in the past. At the beginning of the year, Samsung displayed a flexible smartphone at CES 2013, so we know that a couple of companies are working on such projects. - 10/05/2013

Leak Outs Existence of Fitbit Force Fitness Band
Fitbit has become well-known in the field of wearable technology of late thanks to its clear commitment to presenting exciting new options to better allow fitness buffs to keep track of workouts and even enjoy same at the same time. But the new Fitbi… - 10/04/2013

Wearable Tech Market Projections: WT Device Shipments Will Hit 64M in 2017
A new research report from Swedish analyst firm Berg Insight delivers significant insights on the projected growth of the wearable technology market. The report begins with a baseline that notes that worldwide shipments of all wearable devices were e… - 10/04/2013

Apple, LG, Samsung - The Next Golden Age of Curved Display Mobility
Coming on the heels of our speculation yesterday day about curved screen iPad minis, both LG and Samsung are now making a lot of noise about upcoming new smartphones that are likely to feature curved display screens as part of their design makeup. - 10/03/2013

Polar Partners with Olympic Hall of Famer Shannon Miller
Polar is a provider of heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment technologies and is also the developer of the Polar Loop, which is the first activity tracker with heart monitoring. The company recently partnered with seven-time Olympic Medalist S… - 10/02/2013

Google Glass Gets Musical with Drumpants and Other Hacks
Perhaps one of the greatest things about a comparatively new technology like the wearable tech field in general, and Google Glass in particular, is that there can be so many new applications for said technology that weren't even considered when the t… - 10/02/2013

Wearable Tech: An Increasing Must-Have for Businesses
While wearable technology is a rapidly growing market-especially in terms of devices geared toward the consumer-businesses may not be so eager to bring in the technology for use in current operations. - 10/02/2013

Will the Wave of New Wearable Products Change Product Development?
The buzz around wearable technology has been escalating the past several months. In fact, wearable technology has moved beyond product concepts to actual products worn by consumers. - 10/02/2013

International Order for Exelis i-Aware Tactical Mobility Night Vision Goggles is Worth $28M
Exelis Inc. is an aerospace, technology and security company. It was created in October 2011. The company is a spin-off of ITT Corporation, which provided many communications, defense and water services. Today Exelis is a company that delivers afford… - 10/01/2013

Fitness, Sports, Wellness Markets to Drive Wearable Tech through 2018
The wearable technology market may still be in its comparative infancy, but this particular baby is growing by leaps and bounds. A new study from ABI Research shows just how far this market is poised to grow, how fast it will make that growth, and ju… - 09/30/2013

New Japanese Glasses Provide Augmented Reality Language Translations
It's perhaps the most daunting part of travel abroad: the idea of trying to learn a different language in sufficient quantity to perform the most basic functions. - 09/30/2013

ION Glasses Get Smart for Cheap
There are probably plenty of gadget enthusiasts out there who have looked, impressed, at the various promotional bits released around Google Glass and had an interest in picking up the device. - 09/30/2013

Market for Smartwatches Expected to Reach 373M Units Shipped by 2020
NextMarket Insights recently released a report stating that the smartwatch market will jump from 15 million watches shipped in 2014 to more than 373 million by 2020. - 09/30/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Let's start this week with a little word association game. When I say the word Nissan, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Generally, that thought will be of a car. Nissan is a car manufacturer and therefore makes cars. - 09/28/2013

Big Ad Dollars Expected to Be Spent on Wearable Tech
Piper Jaffray, one of the biggest Investment Banks in the U.S., recently projected that the market for wearable tech will hit $18 billion by the end of 2016. That is a massive jump from the $1 billion that was spent in 2012. The firm even believes th… - 09/27/2013

Xerox Working on New Wearable Technology Tools
Xerox may have become a household name on the strength of its copying technology, but the company itself-as expressed by recent work coming out of the Xerox Research Center Webster in New York-is showing that there's a lot more to Xerox than copies, … - 09/26/2013

Owlet Baby Monitor Lets Parents Track Their Newborns' Wellness
The Owlet Baby Monitor, also known as the smart sock, was created by a team of innovators and parents at Brigham Young University. The Owlet Baby Monitor keeps track of vitals like heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature, and the infant's sleeping hab… - 09/26/2013

For Rock Health, Wearable Tech is About More Than Exercise
Wearable technology has gained a lot of ground in recent months, especially from the perspective of the healthcare. Whether it's being used to gather and distribute information, or being used as a way to keep better track of an exercise regimen's pro… - 09/26/2013

O2 Recycle, Designer Sean Miles Explore the Potential of Wearable Technology
The new wearable technology now spilling onto the scene seems to be leaning ever closer to spy gear. - 09/25/2013

AT&T To Land the Pebble Smartwatch Exclusively in Stores
While the Pebble smartwatch is often held up as an example of just what a product can do on Kickstarter, it's making a move to mobile stores, and for now, AT&T locations will be the big winner, getting the Pebble smartwatch exclusively. - 09/25/2013

Wearable Personal Locator GTX Corp Sets Up Several Financing Moves
GTX Corp. is a major name in the field of both wearable technology and personal locator systems, and recently, the company took center stage as it completed a round of transactions designed to give the company more room in financing. - 09/25/2013

Nissan's Nismo Smartwatch Gives Carmaker a Wearable Tech Product
Admittedly, the thought of a company made famous for its line of automotive hardware bringing out a wearable tech product may not have occurred to a lot of people-it's almost like suggesting someone buy something from Ford's line of blue jeans or Fia… - 09/23/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Is faster always better? Well I guess that the answer to that question really depends on what you are actually talking about. When AT&T uses the phrase in its commercials, then the answer would be yes. Do I want faster service? Yes! - 09/21/2013

Bring Me My Power Belt: The Future of Wearable Batteries
Wearable computing is forcing companies to once again rethink battery packaging and technology. But it is also opening the door to more power options for both wearable and portable devices. You may one day in the not-too-distant future wear an "energ… - 09/20/2013

The Impact of Wearable Technology in Healthcare
Wearable technology isn't just a set of neat gadgets to have; it also embraces healthy lifestyles. Whether it's monitoring technology like Nike Fuelband, Misfit Wearables Shine or posture-enhancing technology like LUMOback, technology is making its w… - 09/19/2013

Wearable Technology Use Led by Fitness, Held Back by Privacy Concerns
Since the wearable technology space is still in a relatively nascent stage, there is understandably some doubt as to whether or not current interest in the space is anything more than a fad. History has proven time and again that such predictions are… - 09/19/2013

Will Samsung's Mad Dash Approach to Product Development Kill the Galaxy Gear before it Launches?
Just last week we took note of the rather significant differences between how Apple and Samsung operate. We noted that we consider Apple a long term and long distance marathoner and we likened Samsung to taking the "mad dash" approach to product deve… - 09/17/2013

Garmin Forerunner Watches Bring Predictive Capability to Wearable Tech
When it comes to wearable tech, the devices involved in the field have demonstrated time and again the sheer versatility and range of functions that can be brought to play in the wider field. But few devices have ever shown the ability to predict the… - 09/16/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Although in this week's Apple event, at which time it introduced the new iPhone 5S and 5C, there was no use of the words "wearable technology," it seems that there may be some hidden possibilities. It is possible that Apple has set the cornerstone fo… - 09/14/2013

Apple's New M7 Motion Co-Processor and Apple's Wearable Tech Marathon vs. Samsung's Mad Dash
Last Tuesday, Samsung unveiled both its new Galaxy Note 3 hybrid phone/tablet and the really new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Out intrepid colleague Rachel Ramsey hit up the Samsung event held in New York City that day, and provided the relevant d… - 09/12/2013

SensoGlove Digital Golf Glove Hits India
It's the world's first digital golf glove, and now, the SensoGlove from Sensosolutions is about to make an appearance in India thanks to an exclusive agreement between Sensosolutions and GTL Ventures, an Indian distribution firm. To get ready for the… - 09/12/2013

Head Mounted Device Market Expected to Skyrocket
While the furor for smartphones and tablets is starting to slowly but surely die down, consumers are looking for new devices to get excited about. That is one reason that a new report by Transparency Market Research says devices that have head mounte… - 09/12/2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear Boosts Wearable Tech Yahoo Search Queries
Yahoo searches have revealed a growing interest in wearable technology, thanks to Samsung's Galaxy Gear smart watch. Samsung just introduced the Galaxy Gear and while plenty of people have swapped wristwatches for cellphones, the new watch has inspir… - 09/12/2013

Wearable Technology Goes Posh with Zegna's Bluetooth-Enabled Jacket
The definition of the expression "off the cuff" means with little or no preparation or forethought, not prepared. Another expression is "put it on the cuff" that means that you will take it now and pay for it later. We may have to add a new expressio… - 09/12/2013

Apple Ready for Wearable Technology to Come Into Its Own
The wrist is interesting, according to Tim Cook, but glasses, not so much. That's the word based on some of Cook's remarks at the D11 conference back in May, and it's a position that's interesting for a variety of reasons. - 09/12/2013

Qualcomm, Nissan, Samsung: Two Rights and a Wrong in Smartwatches
Samsung is best as a fast follower. The irony here is Apple, their most focused competitor, sucks at being a fast follower - but is far better at establishing a market. Apple drove the MP3 market with the iPod, the Smartphone market with the iPhone, … - 09/11/2013

Snapchat Micro Brings Discreet Messaging to the Samsung Galaxy Gear
Last week was something of a milestone for the wearable technology industry as the Samsung Galaxy Gear was officially introduced. While some may look at the Gear and see just another smartwatch, it's a little more significant than that. - 09/10/2013

Zapier Activates Google Glass Integration
Zapier, a service that automates actions between existing Web applications, has released integration services for Google Glass. - 09/09/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
It seems that the big news this week is the announcement on Sept. 4 of Samsung's venture into the smartwatch arena. As was expected, from all the accidental leaks that have been springing up over the past year, the Galaxy Gear will be available on Se… - 09/07/2013

Pocket Listen Arrives for Samsung Galaxy Gear
A year ago, Pocket users got something of a treat as the company rolled out Pocket Listen, a service that allowed users to better access Pocket lists while moving. Pocket Listen was an exciting new technology at the time that allowed users to better … - 09/05/2013

Introducing Nymi: A Device That Knows You by Your Heartbeat
As much as we would like to believe that passwords keep our devices and lives safe, there is no guarantee with a simple string of some combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to keep intruders out of our personal information. A password is not s… - 09/05/2013

Magellan Throws Its Watch into the Fitness Tech Game
We have seen a lot of startup companies enter into the smartwatch scene lately. Some of them allow you to answer a call and have a conversation through the watch. Others also have gesture control so you can hang up by waving bye-bye. We have seen mor… - 09/05/2013

Bionym's Nymi Wristband May Cause You to Rethink Biometric Security
When you think of biometric security devices, you may think of fingerprint readers or iris scanners. Then, if you've seen "Minority Report," your mind may go back to the way that Tom Cruise's character "borrowed" someone's iris to outfox a building's… - 09/05/2013

Nuance Lends Voice Tech to Samsung Galaxy Gear
Samsung's new smartwatch - officially announced Wednesday alongside the company's new pocket-stretching phablet, the Galaxy Note 3 - was a poorly kept secret. The Korean electronics giant has been pretty open about the device, called the Samsung Gala… - 09/05/2013

Samsung's Galaxy Gear Sparks Mainstream Movement Toward Wearable Technology
I was in Times Square for the live webcast of Samsung Unpacked, Episode 2, where I also had the opportunity to go hands-on with Samsung's move into wearable technology - the Galaxy Gear. Galaxy Gear is a smartwatch that is powered by Android and can … - 09/04/2013

Google Acquires WIMM Labs: Is a Smartwatch Far Behind?
We have been writing a lot about smartwatches lately. Is this a hint of what dad will want for Christmas? I know that summer only ended yesterday and it's way too early to be talking about Christmas, but it does seem that all of announcements concern… - 09/03/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
This week TMC hosted ITEXPO in Las Vegas. Among many other panel discussions, there was one that concerned new technologies and concepts that expect to be game changers. Included in the discussion was wearable technology. - 08/31/2013

Smartwatch with Gesture Control Receives Patent Protection Before Samsung, Apple Releases
At the beginning of this month, on Aug. 5, I wrote an article about a new smartwatch. This was another Kickstarter campaign that still has eight days to go. The Hands on Talk (HOT) smartwatch is the baby of PH Technical Labs. - 08/29/2013

iDevice's 'My Virtual Closet' Offers Shopping Assistance and More
For some people, clothes are little more than a convenient way to keep from getting arrested when going out in public. But for others, clothes are a much more serious matter of careful color-coordination and planning that can be a whole way of life. - 08/29/2013

Broadcom Looks to Enter Wearable Tech Market with WICED
Chip maker Broadcom has been branching out lately from smartphones and tablets. This can be traced back to its recent financial results for the second quarter, which state that wireless chip sales were slow during the period, while broadband, televis… - 08/28/2013

Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Set to Debut Soon
If you were unable to attend our first Wearable Tech Expo a month ago, one of the things that you missed was a smart panel discussion on the smartwatch phenomenon. We have seen several Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns created to launch new smartwa… - 08/28/2013

ITEXPO Panel Offers Commentary, Inspires Thought About Wearable Tech
This morning's ITEXPO Vegas opening panel was about the new technologies and concepts that are expected to be game changers. It offered analysis on a variety of import trends, and made me think of a few ideas of my own. - 08/27/2013

Augmented Reality Under the Skin: New Tattoos Get a Device Connection
While the practice of getting a tattoo has been both hailed as a convention-breaking form of personal expression and a way to guarantee never finding a job again, one thing has remained constant about tattooing for some time: the basic principle behi… - 08/27/2013

Owlet 'Smart Sock' Transmits Baby's Vital Signs to a Smartphone
The Owlet Smart Sock transmits an infant's heart rate, skin temperature, oxygen levels and sleep quality information to your smartphone. If your child rolls over and violates "Back to Sleep," or if your conniving mother-in-law puts your baby to sleep… - 08/27/2013

Can Wearable Tech Help Dogs and People Communicate Better?
We are not the only ones who can benefit from wearable technology, though, and by "us," I mean humans. Our four legged friends, more specifically dogs, can also make use of it. Imagine if wearable tech could give animals somewhat of a voice. OK, I'm … - 08/27/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Let's start off this week with something interesting that is going on in our own backyard. My brother Tony is in the process of creating TMC's in-house Wearable Tech World Labs. Ever since my days three decades ago at PC Magazine's PC Labs, I have al… - 08/24/2013

Jamming for Google Glass -- Where is the App for That?
For readers familiar with my interest in wearable technology and my belief that we have entered what I have called "The Age of Awareness," you know I am a non-apologetic fan of the possibilities the embedding communications in literally everything we… - 08/23/2013

Telepathy's $5M Bid to Take on Google Glass
Google Glass competitors aren't exactly new to the field-GlassUp, for example, is just one of the devices targeting what likely will be Google's major entry into wearable technology-but another new entry has made its presence felt, and brings with it… - 08/22/2013

Smartwatch Launches on Kickstarter from Omate, Works Regardless of Smartphone Integration
The Omate TrueSMart is more than a watch, more than just a Bluetooth accessory. The Omate TrueSmart is a genuine standalone smartwatch that can also work independently from your smartphone. If that is not enough, it is also water-resistant. - 08/22/2013

Wearable Tech Has Compelling Applications in the Construction Industry
Wearable technology is in that new and nascent stage. While thus far, most of the applications have been for medical patient monitoring or fitness, some devices that are still in the development stage - think Google Glass - will open the field to a "… - 08/22/2013

Wearable Technology Experts Discuss Market's Future
In terms of sheer numbers, the wearable tech industry is already valued at $4 billion, with steady growth bringing that figure to between $13 billion and $15 billion within the next five years. - 08/22/2013

Kapture Device Offers 60-Second Audio Buffer of Everything Around Wearable Technology
Many of us have likely been in a situation before where someone said something important that left us fumbling for a recorder and insistently requesting that whoever said it repeat the item in question now that a recording device of some kind is avai… - 08/22/2013

Why Wearable Devices Will Mean More BYOD
With Google Glass, iWatch, Misfit, Fitbit and TheNextBit, there is a pending boom coming in the consumer world of wearable devices that will have first and second order impacts on the enterprise. The obvious impact is happening already, consumers are… - 08/22/2013

Google Granted Patent for Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising
Several years ago, in May of 2011, Google applied for a patent, and last week the United States Patent office granted that patent to Google. Yes, it will most likely be used in connection with Google Glass, but when the patent was first submitted the… - 08/20/2013

Global Investors Like InteraXon's Brain Sensing Tech
InteraXon is a company that was formed in 2007 and is based out of Toronto, Canada. Three people came together to build a company to support their vision of a thought-controlled world. It sounds a little scary, doesn't it? I see images of large heade… - 08/20/2013

Crystal Shopper Makes Google Glass Users Smart Shoppers
Comparison shopping, especially in a slow economy, can be an art. Finding the best deal on the desired product or service is a skill some take very seriously, and with good reason. But with the ability of devices to access the Web from just about any… - 08/20/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
For those who were unable to attend our first Wearable Tech Expo, you missed some very impressive devices. However, one of the most important things that came out of the expo was not what is already out there, but the possibilities of what can come f… - 08/17/2013

Lower-Cost Tech Provides Home Safety for Seniors via Wearable Pendants
As more seniors want to remain in their own homes for longer, rather than heading to an assisted living complex or a nursing home, there is new wearable technology that makes it easier for that to happen. - 08/16/2013

Hand-Tech Camera Offers Improbable yet Impressive Technological Achievement
Wearable technology, as we know it, is still a young field. As such, a lot of great designs are starting to come out, though the time from design to development is something of a gray area. One such project is the Hand-Tech camera glove, a piece of w… - 08/15/2013

Google Glass Software Update Adds New Functions
Google Glass won't be available for most of us to pick up for some time yet, but one thing is quite clear: the device is looking to take quite a bit of ground when it does arrive. This is evidenced by several new features that have been included as p… - 08/14/2013

ICT Geelong Hopes to Commercialize Wearable Tech
ICT Geelong, an information and communications technology group based in Australia, is looking at the future of wearable tech and how to implement it in a commercial world. - 08/13/2013

Police Departments Leverage Wearable Tech to Keep an Eye on Officers
It isn't hyperbole to say that we are approaching a new 'Age of Awareness' based on the direction wearable technology is going. Indeed, the recently wrapped up Wearable Tech Expo had a number of cutting edge solutions and gadgets on display, from hea… - 08/13/2013

CuteCircuit Lights Up the Runway, Literally
It looks like science fiction has met with reality in the fashion industry. CuteCircuit, a company specializing in ready-to-wear and haute couture fashion, has added a little extra something to its line of clothing. It's not a new fabric or the lates… - 08/13/2013

Strong Balance Sheet Seen with Vuzix's Recently Closed Financing
In January at CES 2013, Vuzix introduced the world to its new M100 smart glasses. Last month at our Wearable Tech Expo in New York City, Vuzix was on hand to show us a warehouse day in the life of the M100. - 08/13/2013

Focus Headset Looks to Augment Brain Activity with Wearable Tech
There are many applications in wearable technology that can make the average person seem smarter. Quick access to search engines and websites on the go is a huge part of that, making the average user seem much smarter by making a command of informati… - 08/12/2013

3D Space Invaders-style Game Comes to Google Glass
On July 29, 2013 what has been called the first Google Glass game was announced. It is reminiscent of the old, very basic games that would come pre-installed on your black and white Nokia feature phone like Snake. - 08/12/2013

Sound Band Sending Good Vibrations
Headphones can be uncomfortable, whether in-ear like the Apple buds or over-the-ear like Beats by Dre. But a new style is bursting onto the scene that claims to "compliment, not complicate" your life and listening experiences: the Kickstarter project… - 08/12/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Samsung has been in the news lately. On Monday Samsung appealed a U.S. ITC ruling concerning patent infringement by Apple. - 08/10/2013

Next Generation of Wearable Technology Ushering in 'Age of Awareness'
We are moving toward what I think is a new category of communications that for lack of a better term can be described as "At-a-Glance." - 08/07/2013

Wearable Fitness Devices Hold Key to Getting People Healthy Again
The results are in and countless studies have proven that our country is suffering from an obesity epidemic. Instead of fighting the battle to get in shape, many of us merely pay lip service to exercise. Thankfully though, we are entering a time when… - 08/07/2013

Is D-Day for Samsung's Smartwatch Arriving on September 4, 2013?
When the company's Galaxy S4 was announced, Samsung began a "Samsung Unpacked 2013" campaign, along with a subhead that read "Episode 1." And now Samsung has announced that Samsung Unpacked 2013 "Episode 2" is headed our way, both at the IFA Technolo… - 08/06/2013

HOT Watch Allows You to Talk to Your Palm
Is it me or does there seem to be a rash of smartwatches popping out on the market all of a sudden? Not too long ago there was the rumor that Apple was possibly, maybe, sort of working on a smartwatch. Then we remembered that not only did Sony begin … - 08/05/2013

Battery Life for Google Glass Finds Extension
I think that with any type of wearable device, it is safe to say that everyone will complain about battery life. We have seen some recent improvements in batteries this year. There is a lot of work being down to make them smaller and more flexible, h… - 08/05/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
The expression goes there "ain't no rest for the wicked" but I can hardly call Plantronics wicked. My very first headset was a Plantronics and I have had a cell phone since 1998. Last week at our Wearable Tech Expo we saw a lot from the company. - 08/03/2013

iOS App Finally Gets E-mail Notification Support for Pebble Smartwatch
The general consensus is that while Android users can tie the Pebble smartwatch with a variety of smartphones, iOS users have been greatly frustrated. It seems that people have been put on hold until iOS 7 comes out just to get a couple of features. - 08/02/2013

First Gov't Certification for Wearable Communications Device Given to Filip Technologies
Every once in a while we see a simple, practical product that can deliver so much. Filip Technologies has done just that. On July 31, it announced the debut of its product by the same name, Filip. Not only is this a product that people can get behind… - 08/02/2013

Eye Wonders - Wireless Contact Lens Displays and Zoomable Contacts
Nanotechnology, microelectronics and our ongoing ability to make electronics ever smaller are leading us to all sorts of cool wearable tech. Most of that technology is currently wearable in some form or fashion though smart fabrics, under the skin se… - 08/02/2013

Is Your Next Watch a Phone?
While people have been trying to squeeze more into and out of the "traditional" smartphone, I've been wondering when someone would go minimalist and design a phone (well, voice device) around the watch form factor. PH Technical Labs is going to take … - 08/01/2013

Wearable Tech Pioneers TMC, Vuzix Discuss State of the Market
Vuzix Corp. was among the companies at the recent Wearable Tech Expo 2013. The International Business Times spoke with Vuzix, TMC's Rich Tehrani and Motorola about the current state of wearable tech, and the future of this growing space, at the event… - 08/01/2013

On Google Glass, West Virginia and the UK Have Something in Common
Google Glass is increasingly being regarded as one of the newest must-have technologies, and in perhaps the greater irony, it hasn't even been released yet, and won't be for some time. But on this point, the governments of both West Virginia and the … - 08/01/2013

'Smart Socks' Act as Virtual Coach for Runners
Sensoria Fitness is pitching its Smart Socks, which, when worn, transmit data to external devices to help runners reach their goals. The activity tracker analyzes where runners land on their feet, how they stride all while lessening injuries. - 08/01/2013

Reebok CheckLight Takes Guessing Out of On-Field Evaluations of Athlete's Head Injuries
High school and college football season will soon start. Normally, that means lots to cheer about. But the risk of concussions from sports-related injuries is a serious concern in football and other contact sports. - 08/01/2013

'Social Smartware' Headphones by Muzik Coming Soon
Is the new technology soon to be offered by Muzik just smart headphones, or are the headphones the latest innovation for the promising wearable tech sector? The company says the new devices will be the first "socially connected smart headphones." - 07/31/2013

The Smartwatch Phenomenon: Extraordinarily Useful or All Market Hype?
By now everyone has heard the term "smartwatch" and has a decent concept of what it should be. Our own Peter Bernstein moderated a panel discussion at the Wearable Tech Expo entitled "The Smart Watch Phenomenon - Extraordinary Useful or All Market Hy… - 07/31/2013

Plantronics Launches CS500 XD - Wireless Wearable Tech Without the Cross Chatter
Wearable tech pioneer Plantronics has had quite a few busy weeks of late. A month ago, the company announced the Voyager Legend UC, an upgrade to the now "legendary" Voyager Legend Bluetooth wireless headset, designed to work within Cisco UC environm… - 07/30/2013

Colleges to Get Loaned Google Glass Units in Filmmaking Experiment
Google Glass is rapidly developing as a way to do a lot of different things-find certain places, check schedules, search the Internet and so on-but the idea of Google Glass as a filmmaking tool is something of a new development. - 07/30/2013

DSP Group, Sensory to Offer Voice Activation and Wearable Devices
DSP Group, a provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications, and Sensory, a provider of speech technologies for consumer products, announced that today they have joined together in the development of a voice activation solution f… - 07/30/2013

Market Analysis Focuses on Fitness Apps, Wearable Tech
Market intelligence from Strategy Analytics tells us that OEMs like Android and BlackBerry need to up their game in the fitness app market. - 07/30/2013

Amazing Advances in Wearable Tech and Augmented Reality
The idea of augmented reality has been around for a very long time. During Thursday's session of the Wearable Tech Expo, we were treated to a discussion from Paul Travers. He is CEO, president and director of Vuzix, a company that manufactures and se… - 07/29/2013

UC Berkeley Engineers Develop E-Skin Material Capable of Responding to Touch
A material known as electronic skin or 'e-skin' has been developed by engineers at the University of California in Berkeley. A combination of thin plastic sheets, flexible wafer material and LEDs, e-skin not only lights up when touched, but also illu… - 07/29/2013

From Wearable Technology to adidas to M2M
Since late last year, we've had a major focus on the wearable technology space. As the conference chair for TMC's Wearable Technology Expo and Conference, we've had the uniquely interesting challenge of assembling a world class collection of wearable… - 07/29/2013

Wearable Tech Can Be Fun
The first niche that wearable technology has really found is in the health and fitness fields. We have all seen the large, clumsy wrist devices from the 1970s and '80s that were pulse and heart monitors. Wearable technology has been around for a lot … - 07/29/2013

Healthcare Wearable Technology and Bionics
TMC's president Rich Tehrani had what I consider a fireside chat with John Little who, along with Dr. Robert Greenberg, developed the Argus II Bionic Eye. Actually, John was and still is intimately involved on the R&D side. There were a lot of indivi… - 07/29/2013

Exploring Enterprise Wearable Technology
There are a lot of fun ways to use wearable tech, but there is a tendency to think of wearable tech as mostly a way of gathering fitness information. And in truth, it is safe to say that most of the products and devices currently on the market are de… - 07/29/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
Here are the top stories in wearable technology this week. - 07/27/2013

Highlights of Wearable Tech Expo
This week, TMC had its first Wearable Tech Expo in New York City. We saw a fantastic turnout. At the close of our two-day event, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani mentioned that the first wearable discussion was held in 2002. At that event there were about 50 peo… - 07/26/2013

BarEye App Makes Ordering Drinks Easier, Ties into Facebook
If you've ever had to contend with long lines at busy bars or night clubs, a new phone app may solve the problem. BarEye is a service that clubs can subscribe to that makes it easier for customers to order drinks, receive promotional offers and chat … - 07/26/2013

Wearable Technology is Becoming a Reality
From celebs on the street to high-school proms, our modern society has a love-hate relationship with wearing the exact same outfit as someone else; while we may find it embarrassing, we revel in the question, "Who wore it better?" That argument is mo… - 07/26/2013

Plantronics Keynote Address
On the second day of our Wearable Tech Expo, Plantronics was on hand to give us some insight as well as a few demos. One thing that the company is trying to do is become a device that you cannot live without. - 07/25/2013

The Cream of the Crop: Wearable Technology Demo Winners Revealed
The first day of the Wearable Technology Expo concluded with 18 demos from different companies on a variety of products - some healthcare, some sports, some water-resistant and some devices like watches and glasses. The winners from the demos were re… - 07/25/2013

Vuzix to Show Products, Deliver Keynote During Wearable Tech Expo
Running July 24-25 at the Kimmel Center in New York, the Wearable Tech Expo is set to show off an array of devices and upcoming developments in the field of wearable technology. Vuzix, one of the biggest names in smart glasses technology, will play a… - 07/25/2013

Nvidia Showing Exciting Plans for Wearable Tech at Siggraph
While Nvidia is a respected name in certain tech circles, particularly the field of graphics technology, its presence in wearable technology so far has been a bit on the light side. But that's about to change according to recent reports that suggest … - 07/25/2013

NFC Ring is the Simple Wearable Tech Solution People Want
The NFC Ring is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter - and has already more than doubled its funding goal with a month to go - and has received a lot of attention for its simple premise: a ring with an embedded NFC chip. With the NFC Ring, users… - 07/25/2013

Kite Patch: Wear It, Keep Mosquitoes Away for 48 Hours
While summer nights can be downright pleasant - a merely warm, sometimes even cool, evening can be wonderful to be out in, especially after a long hot day - the problem often changes when the sun goes down. When the sun goes away, the mosquitoes come… - 07/24/2013

Opening Keynote Address for TMC's First Wearable Tech Expo
Today was day one of the first Wearable Tech Expo. We had a great turn out. The mixture of people that showed up today covered all age groups and people types. Tony Rizzo started today's festivities by talking about his experience and being on the cu… - 07/24/2013

The Do's and Don'ts of Wearable Technology
adidas has been working with the MLS to develop miCoach Elite, a wearable technology system that can help coaches and trainer's get the most out of each player - what Hassonjee says is among the biggest challenges that all coaches face. The system us… - 07/24/2013

New Study Puts Wearable Tech Market at $4.6B in Value This Year
It's no secret that we love our technology these days, and we're sort of attached to it. However, in the near future, it's probable that we will literally become more attached. The global wearable technology industry is taking the world by storm, and… - 07/24/2013

The Three Things That Will Make Consumers Want Your Wearable Technology
Wearable technology such as Nike FuelBand, Google Glass and the Pebble smartwatch are in the early stages of making their way to mass consumer adoption. Don't take the words "early stages" too lightly, though - wearable technology is already a $750 m… - 07/24/2013

LUMOback CEO Monish Perkash Sees a Strong Future for Wearable Tech
There's no denying that wearable technology is on track to be the next big thing in tech. To put it into simple numbers, Transparency Market Research expects the wearable tech market to reach $5.8 billion by 2018, when it sat at $750 million in 2012 … - 07/23/2013

Google Buys Stake In Himax, Puts Teeth in Google Glass Investing
Google Glass technology is poised to change a lot of the way we do quite a few different things. From going shopping to going out to eat, pretty much anything we do outside the house is going to have a role for Google Glass to play. Perhaps sensing t… - 07/22/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
A look back on the week that was in wearable tech. - 07/20/2013

Reevu Introduces 'I' EYE Integrated Intelligent Helmet
Let's face it, one of the really exciting things about wearable technology these days is the diversity of shapes, form factors, and places and reasons for it to be worn. Much, if not all, of the attention in the past few months has been around Google… - 07/17/2013

Potential Google Glass Applications for Healthcare Settings
While most wearable technology devices have been developed with a clear application in mind - think fitness statistics, vital sign monitoring and wrist bands that display your text messages - others are likely to be cool technologies waiting for appl… - 07/17/2013

Will Wearable Tech Have a Place in the Enterprise?
We have been reading a lot about wearable technology these days. Thus far, the lion's share of the news is about wearable devices for medical monitoring or fitness. A few of them are for entertainment purposes such as gaming. - 07/17/2013

Simple QR Code Enough To Take Out Google Glass
While the possibilities inherent in the mere idea of Google Glass are well known, and seem to be increasing as more and more users spend time with the devices, there's a little less thought given to the potential vulnerabilities of such a system. But… - 07/17/2013

Big Day for CrowdOptic: New APIs, Incoming Patents
CrowdOptic recently had a lot on its collective plate, as it not only announced that it received notice of a U.S patent allowance for mobile focus awareness systems, but that it was also bringing out a suite of development tools for other developers … - 07/17/2013

HzO's WaterBlock is Wearable Tech's Newest Protector
Wearable technology has a lot of great potential applications. Glasses with augmented reality displays, wristwatches that offer all the power of a smartphone a user never has to touch, and several other devices are all part of the mix. - 07/16/2013

Ineda Systems: Wearable Technology Will Become Central to Users for Day-to-Day Connected Experience
TMC recently caught up with Balaji Kanigicherla, founder, CTO and VP of engineering at Ineda Systems, a developer of low-power system on chip (SOC) technology for use in both consumer and enterprise applications, to discuss the state of the wearable … - 07/16/2013

What Happens When Dogs Get Access To Google Glass?
The idea of handing over a sophisticated piece of hardware like Google Glass to a dog sounds like a recipe for a chewed-up piece of plastic, yet the idea of a dog with a Google Glass system is starting to catch on in some fronts. While dogs aren't li… - 07/15/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
There has been a lot of talk lately concerning the issues of privacy. The National Security Agency (NSA) has acknowledged in a new classified briefing that it does not need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls. Microsoft reportedly h… - 07/13/2013

Gaming and Wearable Technology: The Ultimate Virtual Experience
Wearable technology is a massive trend making its way to enterprises and consumers alike, and it's only in its early stages. I'm sure you've heard of the big names in the space right now, particularly Google Glass and Pebble, and rumors of Apple, Del… - 07/11/2013

New Poll Finds Wearable Tech Not Part of Many Wardrobe Plans -- Yet
IT staffing firm Modis released some unsettling new figures for anyone working in the wearable technology market space: a large portion of Americans just plain aren't interested in wearable technology. Though the news isn't all bad-a fairly large por… - 07/11/2013

Samsung Wearable Technology Includes a Watch, Computerized Clothing
With all the attention being placed on wearable technology by innovators like Google and Apple, it was only a matter of time before other big names decided to throw their hat in the wearable tech ring. In this case, it seems Samsung is interested in … - 07/11/2013

Google Glass App Developed to Save Lives after Cardiac Arrest
Google Glass has drawn a lot of fire recently from privacy rights advocates for its facial recognition technology and ability to collect and respond to data it captures in the wearer's visual field. Its ability to capture data passively makes it more… - 07/10/2013

Google Glass: Big Brother's Best Friend or New Asset for Citizen Journalism?
When you think about where technology has taken us in the last century, there always seems to be a common connection between how each new piece of tech helps revolutionize an industry and push the world as a whole into the future. - 07/10/2013

Can Wearable Technology Save Dell?
When Michael Dell, his M&A partners and Dell's board first announced their plans to buy up Dell and take it private, we were - and we remain - significantly skeptical on many fronts. We haven't followed every bit of maneuvering the interested parties… - 07/09/2013

Beyond Fitness Bands: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Wearable Tech
Wearable tech has been making headlines in the healthcare community lately due to its ability to help people become healthier. Although most of the news has focused on the sudden prevalence of fitness bands - technologies like Nike Fuel Band and the … - 07/09/2013

Tesla Car Owners Have a New Friend in Google Glass
It's probably happened to just about everyone out there; park the car, get out, go into a building and then spend the next several minutes or longer fretting about whether the doors are locked or how the gas levels are doing or even just trying to re… - 07/08/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
There has been a lot of speculation and lots more rumors about Apple actually coming out with a smartwatch. Several weeks ago, we told you that Apple was looking to patent the term iWatch in Russia. Essentially, Apple is looking to trademark the term… - 07/06/2013

Pebble Brings Its SmartWatch to Best Buy in Exclusive Deal
Well, this is certainly interesting and surprising news. It appears that Pebble Technology, the small Kickstarter-funded company behind the Pebble smartwatch, has struck an exclusive deal with Best Buy that will target bringing the device to market i… - 07/02/2013

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses Win Best AR Hardware Innovation 2013 Award
New York-based video-eyewear company Vuzix Corporation recently received the Best AR Hardware Innovation 2013 award for its M100 Smart Glasses at the Augmented Reality (AR) Summit in London. The M100 glasses are the world's first, commercially availa… - 07/01/2013

Let Others See What You Are Looking at with PairAsight
Usually when someone mentions "smart glasses" everyone immediately thinks about Google Glass. There has been a lot of press on the Google glasses, however, there are other companies that are working on smart glasses technology. One such company that … - 07/01/2013

Apple Looks to Trademark iWatch in Japan
A few weeks ago Apple made a move to "patent" the term "iWatch" in Russia. What that means is that Apple is supposedly looking to accomplish the same thing as trademarking the term. Following on that, it turns out that Apple is now also looking to "t… - 07/01/2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review
A lot of the focus of wearable technology has been in the fitness and health industries. There are many products that monitor how we do a lot of things. Vital statistics can be sent to your smartphone to keep track of your progress. They can also be … - 06/29/2013

Recon Jet Available for Pre-Order at a Special Price
It's hard to top the buzz that Google has created with Glass, but the Recon Jet system proves it's not necessary to do so. Like Google Glass, the Recon Jet, which recently became available for pre-order, is a pair of glasses with technology enhanceme… - 06/28/2013

British Airways to Use E-ink to Help Luggage Reach Its Destination
Lost luggage is a huge problem for travelers, and especially when all those clothes involve wearable tech. But a new reusable luggage tag made with E-ink could be just the solution travelers needed, and it's about to be tested at British Airways. - 06/28/2013

BodyMedia Brings Back 'Word of Mouth' Through E-Mail Marketing
Last March, BodyMedia teamed up with the hit NBC show "The Biggest Loser" to promote its FIT armband. - 06/27/2013

Glove Prototype Provides Mobile Communications Capabilities for the Blind-Deaf
A German researcher and doctoral candidate at the Design Research Lab at Berlin's University of the Arts , Tom Bieling, has developed a prototype computerized glove that translates text into impulses to help people who are both deaf and blind to comm… - 06/27/2013

Sony Announces New Android-Powered SmartWatch 2
The other day, we took note of Sony's efforts to build more awareness of and interesting new capabilities for its Sony SmartWatch, with Sony focusing on looking to build out its developer ecosystem. Yesterday, at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai, Son… - 06/26/2013

The State of the Art in Wearable Tech - The New $10B to $50B Market That Impacts All of Us
Wearable technology (WT) isn't simply about gadgets. Sure, today you might think of Nike's Fuelband or Jawbone's UP or Pebble's smartwatch or any of today's new fashion-centric wearable tech outfits as being state of the art. In some ways, yes, these… - 06/25/2013

Plantronics Unveils New Enterprise Wearable Technology at Cisco Live
Long time audio communications champion Plantronics - we kid you not, it has doing this for 50 years - has pioneered numerous trends in audio technology over those years. From unified communication solutions to Bluetooth headsets, the company deliver… - 06/25/2013

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