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February 15, 2013

What You Need to Know About This Summer's New Wearable Tech Conference & Expo 2013

TMC (News - Alert) and Crossfire Media revealed the inaugural Wearable Tech Conference & Expo 2013 only yesterday, taking place this summer from July 24-25, and we’ve already got the scoop on what to expect at this revolutionary new event, and what ultimately positions it as the only place where you can see all of the amazing, inspiring and downright unbelievable developments in this rapidly growing space under one roof.

According to the official statement released yesterday, “the event will define wearable tech, make the case for wearable tech as a bona fide emerging technology that synthesizes all things mobile, and will look ahead to the coming year.” But what does this mean, and what exactly makes technology you can wear a “bona fide emerging” one?

I was able to speak with mobility expert and TMCnet Senior Editor, Tony Rizzo (News - Alert), who divulged everything you’ll want – and need – to know about this not-to-miss show.

“It is very clear that wearable technology is now entering the first stages of explosive growth - based on both revenue (at least a $6 billion market within five years) and number of devices that are being created and effectively sold,” Rizzo explained. “The key to wearable tech is that much of it is wireless tech – devices and sensors communicate with, for example, other wearable devices and/or with smartphones, and in turn, are able to communicate vast amounts of real-time, moment by moment data up to the cloud. It is the ultimate mobile end point, and…it delivers on 'big data' that will be used to understand how we behave and interact with the world around us in ways that only mobile technology can measure.”

In the statement, Rizzo added that the Conference & Expo will serve as the perfect platform to discuss what lies ahead for this “disruptive technology,” as well as to tackle head on the “enormous mobile capabilities and opportunities” it presents – especially in a space beaming with unexplored or untapped potential.

Speaking of, for a technology that is still in its infancy that can apply to an umpteen amount of industries and purposes, there seems to be a never-ending supply of possibilities and excitement ahead. What does Rizzo predict for the wearable technology space? He says that healthcare has already stepped up to the plate, but there will of course also be fun offerings for the consumer market that will expand at an exponential rate:

Each industry is different of course, but anything related to personal health is already at the head of the class as the first major wave of opportunity - this will continue to be true in five years as well. Enterprise field service and professional healthcare will be next - although volume will be much smaller revenue per device will be much, much higher. I'm looking forward to augmented reality such as Google (News - Alert) Glass, that will tie into both smartphone wireless capability as well as other sensors and wearable devices. We can take that one step further and think of Google's driverless car as well - Google Glass might become the means to operating such a car. With wearable tech, you need to think outside the box for the opportunities.

Rizzo’s wearable tech motto is, “Try it on for size!” And why not? Not only will you be getting to see demos, features and a first, hands-on look at a wide range of products including but not limited to gaming, virtual reality, consumer health and enterprise use, but you’ll be able to get the inside story directly from the source on the “key technologies” that make wearable tech a reality – and more importantly, the highly-anticipated wearable tech that is soon on its way, such as Google Glass, Rizzo cites.

“The conversations will be exciting,” Rizzo promises, “and they will directly inform and shape our conference program.” Not only this, but it’s a great location, too. “I myself will be returning to my old haunt at NYU, where I went to school and worked for many years - Washington Square and Silicon Alley - it's the perfect place for Wearable Tech!”

He concludes, “I very much look forward to digging deep into the industry's own thoughts and ideas as our call for papers generates discussion and conversation.”

So now perhaps the most important question of the day: how can you participate in this year’s first-ever Wearable Tech Conference and Expo? Rizzo calls all industry folks to connect with him via LinkedIn (fastjazz), Twitter (News - Alert) (@fastjazz) and e-mail (trizzo@tmcnet.com), or by phone at 203-852-6800 x171.

Edited by Ashley Caputo

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