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February 23, 2013

Wearable Tech World Week in Review

Once again this week, we start with trying to get you to put on your Google Glass. Of course, you still can’t do that. But here is the next best thing. We have a video that was created by Google. The video is designed to give you a POV of how the glasses work.

It basically runs through a couple of scenarios showing you how the glasses can be used. It shows the standard fare of photos being taken and videos being created. It goes on to show how you can access something like Wikipedia for information, and of course the ever popular being able to access social media to “hang out” with your friends.

Next, we move further down the body to your wrist. EMBRACE+ is a bracelet designed to be both a fashion statement and keep you informed. Paul Hornikx and Rudi Beijnen launched EMBRACE+ on Kickstarter. The bracelet is still under development. They are trying to make the electronics section smaller, while at the same time trying to provide additional features.

Currently, EMBRACE+ comes in three designs named after gemstones, and allows you to customize notifications for incoming calls, SMS and social media apps. Based on a 100-notification/day count, the battery should last for about 10 days and can be recharged in 10 minutes from any USB port.

As much as traveling is fun, we’re going to hang out at the wrist just a little longer. Let us introduce you to the VEA BUDDY watch. Actually, we’ll introduce you to it soon. Right now, the VEA BUDDY Watch is just a concept; they’re currently trying to raise money through Indiegogo in order to get into actual production.

It is a universal Bluetooth-enabled watch that works as a secondary screen for your smartphone, and has been designed to work with all smartphones, as well as all tablets. You can basically keep your phone in your pocket and use the VEA BUDDY to show you notifications about calls or e-mails.

It’ll even allow you to control some features on your smartphone, such as, initiate a call or control music. It’s a very slick design and can you guess what else you can get the VEA BUDDY to do? That’s right, it’ll even tell you what time it is!

A downside to the whole package is that they are looking to sell it for $249.

Well this seems to be a day to just hang out in one spot and not move around too much. Continuing our excursion of the wrist, it seems that some new patent information concerning the iWatch from Apple was recently unearthed. According to AppleInsider, the patent, which Apple filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in August 2011, is for a "Bi-stable spring with flexible display" that conforms to your wrist, or other parts of the body.

The device, according to the patent, would have a continuous display and be able to connect with other portable devices, like the iPhone and even more basic handsets, via Bluetooth.

New research from ABI Research suggests that wearable computing devices will exceed 485 million in annual shipments by 2018. We seem to be getting to what can be considered a tipping point, where wearable technology becomes a mainstream reality. Josh Flood, senior analyst at ABI Research puts it this way, “The furor about wearable technologies, particularly smart watches and smart glasses, is unsurprising. But both technologies are very stimulating and some of the applications for the device are rather inspiring.”

In other words, the products that we are now beginning to see as we fully roll into 2013 are the sort that mainstream users are beginning to take notice of – and buy.

Finally for this week, we want to remind you about this summer’s upcoming new Wearable Tech Conference & Expo 2013. There will be a lot of new and exciting products to be scoped out there, as well as a two day conference program that will make you an insider expert.

Wearable Tech World is your one stop, all under one roof place to get all of the latest information about the wearable tech world.

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