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November 07, 2013

Wearable Camera Knows What You Like, Makes GIFs of It

Even though the wearable tech space is still in its relative infancy, there have already been some pretty fantastical applications and devices. For example, the Tikker smartwatch is a wearable device that supposedly tells you how much time you have left in your life. Now that’s pretty crazy, but there is arguably some crazier wearable tech out there. How about a camera that can detect and capture what your brain likes?

Developed by Neurowear, this device, dubbed the Neurocam, is basically a camera sensor that can be attached to an iPhone. The really odd part, and the part that makes it a wearable device, is the headband used to strap on the whole setup — iPhone and all — to the user’s head.

This may seem a little inconvenient, but it’s worth it because this allows the Neurocam to line up with the wearer’s line of sight to get an accurate idea of what he or she is looking at. Besides, the Neurocam that was presented at last month’s Human Sensing 2013 conference in Japan is nothing more than a concept. A proper commercial release would surely be much subtler in design. Indeed, a glasses-shaped Neurocam would be ideal. Perhaps the next version will work with Google Glass — but there’s no reason to believe that will happen just yet.

Once users strap the Neurocam to their head, the gadget gets to work in gauging their interest on a scale from zero to 100. If something really catches a person’s interest — which means passing the 60 mark on the Neurocam’s scale — the device will record a five-second GIF file to mark the occasion. Users can then review these GIFs later on to see what really catches their eye.

This feat of gauging interest is thanks in part to associate professor Mitsukura at Japan’s Keio University who co-developed the algorithm for quantifying brainwaves that lies at the heart of the Neurocam.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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