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December 29, 2014

Connectedevice's Cogito Classic Lands Golden A' Design Award

Wearable technology has often been seen to grow along two distinct pathways. One, the technology side, in which devices give rise to a variety of new applications and use cases, offering things like fitness tracking systems and GPS systems and even messaging systems built right into wrist-mounted displays, sometimes slaved to mobile devices. The other is the wearable side, in which what the device does isn't quite as important as what it looks like. Sometimes we forget the one in favor of the other, and striking a blow for the wearable side is the Cogito Classic from Connectedevice Ltd., which recently took home the Golden A' Design Award in competition with other makers.

The Golden A' Design Award is offered up in the fields of jewelry, eyewear and watch design, and is given out only to top three percent-percentile designs. A set of criteria goes into the selection of such award winners, with points like overall ergonomics and engineering considered alongside functionality, “fun detail” points, innovation and overall presentation factored into the design equation. The awards are typically given out following the deliberations of a grand jury panel involving several members of different facets of the technology industry ranging from design scholars to media members, and those who win at the competition are offered access to a variety of media tools to get the word out about the winning designs.

The Cogito Classic, meanwhile, took the honors in the watch design category owing to several factors, including its combination analog and digital presentation, each with a completely independent battery to keep the system moving. That might sound cumbersome, but the watch itself manages to keep that battery life going for at least six months at a clip, a pretty impressive achievement from a standard CR2032 button cell battery. Beyond that, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device to display things like custom notifications, caller ID listings, and the current number of pending notifications in the system. This in turn restores a note of control to the user's life by allowing the user to more readily check a wrist-mounted display rather than checking an entire smartphone display for simple matters like who is calling.

While the Cogito Classic isn't exactly a bell-ringer in terms of smartwatch technology—a lot of other watches out there will perform similar functions or even more functions beyond those offered by the Cogito Classic—it is an impressive-looking piece of work. The combination of sound, if not particularly distinctive, technology packaged in an extremely wearable package makes it an exemplar in the field of wearable tech because it has simultaneously delivered on both fronts of the wearable package at once. It is both wearable—people will want to be seen wearing it—and it is technology, offering up many useful, if common, features. Wearable technology, in its truest sense, isn't just “technology that can be attached to the human body without a need for surgery,” it is “technology that people will want to wear,” and sometimes, in the rush to get out the biggest and most powerful new systems, we forget about the “people want to wear it” part.

Thus, Connectedevice's Cogito Classic shows us just what can be done when wearable tech focuses on both sides of its eponymous prospect; it's wearable, and it's technology. It's already earning awards for its wearability, and its technology isn't anything to sneeze at either.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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