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February 12, 2015

JOT Automation Develops Automated Test System for Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are a rapidly-growing part of life for a lot of people. Between fitness trackers that help keep us all in stride, and more enterprise-focused devices that help provide information and the like in the field while keeping hands free to operate, there are a great many applications for wearable devices out there. With that in mind, it's not surprising that companies would be eager to get devices out onto shelves for users to purchase. But even that eagerness must be tempered by the need for quality, and to that end, JOT Automation has a little something in mind to help out.

More specifically, JOT Automation offers up the JOT G3, already known as a final testing system of note for smartphones, which is now being put to work as a testing solution of note for wearable devices as well, allowing companies to run several tests from one platform. With the JOT G3, companies can run tests on radio frequency (RF) material, as well as electrical systems, mechanical systems, touchscreen and buttons, audio, and even plug-in connections to help make sure everything works according to Hoyle, so to speak, before getting released into a wider radius.

There's little doubt that wearable devices are gaining ground; a recent Juniper Research study suggests that wearables will generate fully $19 billion in revenue annually by just 2018, and that in turn—according to JOT's business line director Mika Mammela—is going to drive a flood of companies into the market, each eager to claim a slice of that $19 billion in revenue.

Mammela elaborated, saying “We might witness even greater market potential. The cake will be big but there will be many takers. The market will be crowded with competition. Winners will have the capability to increase the speed of the product development process and the quality of its output.” Mammela also noted that consumers were expecting some very big things out of wearables: small devices with multiple functions, and reliability that was at the top of the peak.

That means that companies will likely have a greater demand than ever for the best in product testing, and if a platform like the JOT G3 can provide several tests in one platform, that's the combination that a lot of businesses are likely eager to see. Said businesses, meanwhile, will get to see exactly that when the JOT G3 arrives at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain running March 2-5.

Releasing untested, or poorly tested, products is an invitation to a lot of trouble that no business would likely wish to encounter. With consumers sufficiently fickle that even a bad experience with a store's mobile app would make many customers swear off the brand altogether, it's clear that even a small problem could result in a substantial loss of business, so being as ready as possible before a product goes live is going to be a recipe for likely success in the field. Naturally, not every flaw can be spotted and fixed before release—these things do happen, after all—but the more of these that can be found and addressed, the more likely it is that serious problems won't hit and the product line—potentially even the entire brand—is saved in the process.

JOT's G3 system may be just what a lot of businesses out there have been longing for: a platform from which a variety of tests can be run and the chances of a successful release can climb accordingly. Only time will tell just how far it goes, but this looks like a great package ready to make a lot of businesses very happy.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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