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March 19, 2015

Apple Watch to Get Mango Health's Drug Prescription App

Slightly less than a year ago, a new startup called Mango Health raised $5.25 million in first round funding to develop the company’s enterprise business. What is interesting about this company is that most of its top executives come from a mobile and social gaming background.

The company launched its first mobile app two years ago. At that time, Mango was working with one of the top three integrated care delivery systems in the country, one of the top three pharmacy benefit managers and one of the top five largest U.S. health plans.

Mango is composed of a team of designers, technologists and clinicians whose goal is to help people lead healthier lives. The team’s expertise in game design means they can create experiences that keep people motivated to keep going and continue improving.

The app, which is designed to help patients stick to their medication schedule, is pretty easy to use. You enter the name of the medication and how often you need to take it and the app will keep track of all the various medications. It is easy to remember your medication, especially if you need to take multiple pills in the morning, but once the day progresses, it does become more difficult.

In addition to simply letting you know when it is time and clicking on a tab to let the app know that you have taken it, a valuable feature is that it will also provide you with all the information you need to know about your medications, which includes drug interactions or side effects. A gaming aspect that comes into play is that if you take your medications properly, you will receive points to unlock the chance to win gift cards and charitable donations in raffles.

Jason Oberfest, Mango’s CEO, is used to dealing with mobile gaming groups that tend to run in the tens of millions, so it is not surprising that a clinical trial, which ran over the course of one year, had a much smaller number of participants. With that in mind, the results were remarkably similar. Mango Health’s mobile app has a one-year return rate of 34 percent. That means that one-third of people who sign up are still coming back after one year.

DAU/MAU is a measure of engagement, simply showing the percentage of your monthly active users that engage with your app on a daily basis. According to Oberfest, Mango is seeing an average of 17.1 sessions a week per user, which indicates that Mango Health’s customer base is probably opening the app at least twice a day. Using the DAU/MAU rate, that means that three quarters of its monthly users are returning every day.

Due to the favorable results of the trial period, Mango will be developing the app with additional features such as the ability to track hydration, physical activity and then glucose and blood pressure monitoring. In turn, this makes it the type of app that can be used with fitness bands.

It is with just that thought in mind that Mango’s intention is to bring an app to the Apple Watch. The app will send time notifications informing you to take your medication. It will also show you graphs detailing you’re adhering to your prescriptions—features that are normally seen in the mobile gaming industry designed to keep your attention and follow the instructions.

Combining a mobile and social gaming background with wearables is something we are likely to see more of with Millennial mobile influence growing at a daily rate. This announcement confirms Apple's focus on heath-minded apps, something to watch moving forward.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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