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April 20, 2015

Five Wearable Favorites for 2015

Smart wireless devices are no longer limited to phones. Everything from smart glasses, to wristbands, to watches have all been given the smart title, and they’re changing the way people live, work and play. According to a recent study by Juniper Research, 2015 will be the year of the wearable device. The following five wearables in particular are expected to have a big impact on the development of wireless devices.

Apple Watch: This one is a no-brainer. In addition to sheer sales expectations—with pre-orders already exceeding the two million mark—Apple’s new timepiece offers a variety of neat fitness programs and seamless integration with the iPhone via a “handoff” feature. Not to mention, recent studies suggest that advertisers will spare no effort in capitalizing on smartwatches. And lastly, as Juniper Research aptly points out, “it’s Apple!”

Intel’s Wearables: Unlike Apple, the chip-making gurus will be spreading themselves a little more thinly in the wireless device wars soon to take place in the kingdom of wearables. Various new chipsets are expected to power a wide array of wearables. Juniper Research also points out that Intel will have co-branding with Open Ceremony for the MICA bracelet, SMS Audio, as well as for smart headphones, and even smart eyewear with Luxottica. Lest we forget, Intel has also partnered with Google and Swiss watchmakers TAG Heuer to develop what may be a formidable competitor to the Apple Watch.

Google-TAG Heuer Smartwatch: About that Google-TAG Heuer smartwatch; it’s coming, and according to Juniper Research it will be one of the key drivers of the wide-spread adoption of wearable technology. In addition to providing the Apple Watch with some stiff competition, the smartwatch will bring Android Wear and Intel chips into the fray. It will be interesting to see how its sales stack up to those of its highly anticipated Apple rival once it hits the shelves.  

Microsoft HoloLens: It’s a bit reassuring to see smartglasses on the list—albeit somewhat frustrating for Google—in the form of the Microsoft HoloLens. One of the reasons Google Glass never achieved the awesomeness factor many had expected was due to lack of content driving it. But according to Juniper Research, with Augmented Reality (AR) on the rise, the HoloLens should provide a smorgasbord of delectable displays, “from watching football projected onto a wall, to playing Minecraft on the kitchen table.” It’s safe to say that smart eyewear is back in the wearable race.

GOQii Fitness: Who doesn’t love staying fit?—that is, with as minimal effort as possible. Fitness bands are doing quite well toward this purpose, which means we can soon expect to see several companies push forward aggressively to dominate the space. One such company is GOQii Fitness, which will be providing a “real” fitness coach to help interpret data collected by the wristband. The subscription-based service will ensure that users’ methods are personalized and working—and for a much better price than a “traditional” personal trainer might charge.   

2015 will be a big year for wireless devices, and the five players mentioned above are expected to lead the pack in their respective spaces.

Let the wireless device wars begin, and may the best wearables win! 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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