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May 28, 2015

Lenovo Debuts Smart Watch with Second Screen

Some people might be drooling over the Apple Watch, but even as useful as it and other smart watches are, they have a major problem: a small screen.

Lenovo is changing that with the Magic View smart watch it has unveiled at its Techworld Conference in Beijing, according to TechRadar.

The watch has a second screen built into it, making use of some clever optics to hide it within a standard-sized watch. The user looks into it as if looking into a periscope. Lenovo said that it could project images up to 20 times larger than a standard watch face.

Some of the uses that Lenovo demonstrated include maps, video and photo viewing. Not only is the screen larger, it’s also much more private than a standard screen that is visible to everyone.

The concept has obvious applications to other mobile technologies. Smartphone screens are larger than screen for watches, but they are still claustrophobic when trying to show a lot of content. Mobile apps and mobile web development are an attempt to get around this problem.

Lenovo showed off a smartphone, the Smart Cast, that projects a second screen onto any surface, such as a table. This surface even responds to touch the way a standard smartphone screen does.

The use of a second screen is an interesting concept, but it still remains to be seen whether customers will actually want or need one. People usually glance at a watch before putting it back down again. Lenovo said it wanted to make using its watch more immersive, but how many people actually want to be immersed in their watches?

Smart watch applications seem to have this in mind. In Apple’s commercials, they simply show people checking their watches while getting directions and receiving notifications. The only reason people generally keep checking their watches is if someone else is late.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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