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August 08, 2015

Wearable Tech World Week in Review: Google Glass, Infertility, Security, More

What a week we had in the Wearable Tech World. We saw Google Glass rise like a phoenix from the ashes—this time all decked out for enterprise use—we were introduced to something called “Octocool,” and we found out that wearable technology can provide answers for women struggling with fertility issues. It’s time to “glass” the week that was.

 Starting with welcome news for all you unapologetic “glassholes” out there, Google has announced the release of Google Glass 2.0. This time around, the Internet titan is targeting healthcare, manufacturing and energy sectors. For one thing, the use cases of Glass seem to coincide with the demands of jobs in these sectors. As reporter Michael Guta also points out, adoption of new technologies in workplace often precipitates consumer use. On the surface, Google appears to be offering a new and improved product to a very specific type of user. But the company may have longer-reaching objectives at play here. Read the full article, HERE, and decide for yourself.

Next up, we took a look at a fascinating new use of wearable technology in the healthcare space. “According to the CDC, there are 6.7 million women ages 15-44 who have an impaired ability to get pregnant or carry a baby to term,” reports Stefania Viscusi. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that new wearable technology from YONO Labs aims to aid couples who are struggling to have children. Without giving too much away, the device fits inside of an ear, and relies principally on body temperature to help couples know when the time is right for baby making. Get all the details in the full article.

Another useful and exciting innovation in the wearable space came in the form of a router you can wear, developed by TeleCommunications Systems Inc. The router was developed with public safety officials in mind, who may need extra-range communication while out in the field. Reporter Steve Anderson has all the details in the full report.  

As Stefania Viscusi points in her article “Wearable Security: Are You Scared?” it’s not all fun and games in the wearable space. And as useful, interesting, and generally cool as wearable technology can be, these endpoints are opening up new ways in which the malicious can employ their malice. Read the full report to find out what new threats are creeping around the corner as the world adopts wearable technology.  

To finish on a note of levity, a company called “Octocool” has created wearable air conditioning. Needless to say, clothes don’t get much cooler than this. Read all about it, HERE.

And that’s that! It was another exciting week, but only one of many more to come. We encourage you to look through the full article list for a complete rundown of the week’s news, and to check back in early and often for all the news that matters in the Wearable Tech World.

Have a lovely weekend!

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