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October 29, 2015

Kii and Kyocera Empower Employers with Healthcare Wearable

Kii and Kyocera are partnering to provide smarter health tracking. In order to give employers and healthcare providers a wealth of employee/patient data, the two companies will be releasing a cloud-connected healthcare device called “Daily Support.”

Daily Support will provide all of the standard data we’ve come to expect from wearable health devices, including calorie tracking, a pedometer, a sleep monitor, and the ability to differentiate between walking, running, taking the stairs, biking, or driving.

Here’s the catch: not only will Kii technology automatically stream all of this information directly to the cloud, but that cloud will most likely be controlled by the user’s healthcare provider, insurance company, or employer. That means that a user can access their health information from their phone, computer, or other healthcare device. It also means that an employer can do the same.

The device innovates beyond a standard health tracker, too. Using proprietary technology from the two firms, Daily Support comes with two very cool features: 1) it can estimate the number of calories on a plate based on a picture, and 2) it visualizes a user’s internal fat. The former will give fitness newbies a convenient edge that only experienced dieters used to have, while the latter seems to be more motivational than practical.

Kii and Kyocera are capitalizing on two intuitively compatible movements in tech and employee management: the healthcare wearable and employer-sponsored health incentives.

As the healthcare industry tries to reassert a norm after ACA changes, and with insurance providers heftily discounting healthier candidates, employers have a strong incentive to keep their employees fit. We’ve seen employers incentivizing and gamifying healthy activity, most notably with office weight loss challenges, assigned pedometers, and employers paying for gym memberships. Now employers will have far more data on their employees’ health, allowing them to further incentivize and more accurately track employees.

Some workers may balk at the idea of sharing workout, dietary, and lifestyle choices with their boss; but Daily Support offsets that breach of privacy by giving those workers a full suite of self-data that even other wearable trackers may not offer. I expect employers and insurance providers will now be able to scale healthcare costs far more effectively.

The companies have not released designs, price points, or other information yet. Consumers will also be able to purchase Daily Support for their individual, non-corporate use, if they’d prefer. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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