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January 29, 2016

Big Game, Big Tech Collide with Virtual High Fives

We have witnessed a number of leaps in technology in the last few decades, and one of the most important is virtual presence. This technology often manifested in conferencing platforms which can transmit voice, video, and collaboration in real time across the world with exceptional quality. Now, virtual presences are making their way onto the professional athletic field.

Recently, prior to the National Football League’s AFC Championship Game, which was played at Sports Authority Field in Denver Colorado, CrowdOptic took the concept of virtual presence to another level when it enabled fans across the world to virtually share high fives with members of the Denver Broncos. The pregame ‘virtual high five’ ritual marked the launch of CrowdOptic software’s new broadcasting medium that is based on SmartGlass network cameras. This was set up by having fans present on the field before the game that were fitted with Google glass eyesets. Using the powerful networks and technology provided by CrowdOptic, the experiences of the fans were broadcast to virtual fans around the world.

This technology launch is a powerful way to introduce a fun, consumer-friendly use for telepresence technologies. Boasting a high-quality video and audio experience, CrowdOptic has delivered a way to broadcast live video feeds in real time. The company uses proprietary algorithms to enhance the experiences which dictate the best video feeds based on data analysis and other experience factors.

The applications for this dynamic broadcasting system are many as advertising, broadcasting, social media, security and other types of opportunities can be enhanced with real-time technologies. CrowdOptic is one of a handful of Google’s Glass for Work partners that are focused on producing enterprise solutions for the Glass products. The number of use cases that have emerged from this relationship go beyond entertainment and into environments such as laboratories, hospitals, and schools. 

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