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February 01, 2016

Behold the Wearable Chair Solution for Surgeons

For the past few years, we’ve seen a concentrated effort to find healthful solutions to prolonged sitting There seems to be far fewer options for people in professions that call for standing all day. However, that’s about to change. A new device is coming to market, and there’s only one way to describe it: the ‘wearable chair’. This device is called Archelis, and it’s been designed for surgeons that spend long period of time standing during the day. Manufactured in Japan, this product will be available sometime in the summer of 2016.

The unit looks like a pair of robotic legs, complete with movable joints at the ankles and at the knees. Adjustable straps attach the wearer to the support system, with large support areas centered high upon the inner thigh regions. Cast in a gray finish, the unit fits right in with surgical environments.

If successful, it appears possible that this kind of standing wearable chair solution could apply to workers in other industries. Flight attendants, bank tellers, sales clerks, restaurant workers, cashiers, pilots and factory workers are some examples where people must stand for long periods of time. These industries are keenly aware of the risks of injury and pain that accompany these lines of work.  Standing for hours each day can contribute to prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue, long-term back pain, and musculoskeletal disorders.

Healthy alternatives to the everyday working situations continue to be sought after technologies. When the Archelis solution hits the market this year, it could possibly join the variety of work environment aids that aid and support human posture. Whether it is the wellness ball, using adjustable desk, the Archelis, or a treadmill desk, there are technical innovations out there that are designed to suit your working needs and environment.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere

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